Chapter 1. Shit!

Harry stared outside at the snow. He really wanted to go out there and have fun but the Professors didn't want him to go outside because of Sirius Black on the loos. He felt so, so down, he hadn't been outside for so long and he really wanted to go outside. Closing his eyes for a few minutes he suddenly opened them with a grin. He knew how to get out onto the grounds. Making his way swiftly to the dormitory he went up to the third year rooms. Arriving he went to his trunk and got ready. Putting a pair of wormer pants on, he then fallowed with Weasley sweater. After that he put a winter cloak on and then his boots. After that he put his scarf around his neck and grabbed his broom. Getting his invisibility cloak on he put it over him and then climbed onto the broom. Gently opening the door he flew outside. The wind blew against him making him gasp, but it felt good to be outside again. Going, he flew around the grounds and then arrived at the lake. Getting of his broom he quietly walked towards the edge and looked out over the lake. He heard noise behind him and was about to turn around when suddenly everything went black.

The Professors were going crazy as they looked for Harry Potter, his trunk had been searched and they found that his broom wasn't there. They feared the boy had disobeyed them and went outside.

Professor Lupin was searching by the lake when all of a sudden he found a set of foot prints there. He sniffed around and closed his eyes. Harry had been there and so had another person with a sent he was all too familiar with. Sirius Black had Harry Potter.

Hurrying op to the castle, he searched for Albus. Finally he found him and told him his findings.

"Harry was outside by the lake, but so was Black. I don't think Harry was able to get away." He whispered tears fighting to break free of his eyes.

The darkness was starting to clear as Harry woke up. He felt worm but still didn't know were he was. Finally he opened his eyes and gazed at the crackling fire in surprise.

"You finally woke up." whispered a ruff voice making him jump up and turn around to see a man in the corner. The man looked horrible, he was dirty, had long waive black hair all knotted and he wore dirty rags for clothes. His face was haft covered by a beard and Harry could see his tattoos. As he looked into the mans eyes his vision blurred and a memory appeared in his mind.


It was late afternoon yet the sun was still shiny brightly. A young red haired woman sat on a blanket outside a little baby boy with her. The woman smiled at the black haired baby as he wobbled and fell onto his bum. He started to whimper and then cry but a strong voice stopped him.

"Prongslet no need to cry."

A man appeared he was handsome and had long black wavy hair that went to his shoulders and soft blue eyes filled with laughter.

"Uncle Paddy!" squealed the exited baby trying to get to his feet. The toddler made it and soon was wobbling over to the man. Once he arrived the man gathered him in his arm and gave him a kiss on the forehead making the toddler giggle.

"Hello Sirius." Said the young red haired woman, walking over to both of them.

"Hello to you to Lily." Answered the man, giving her a one armed hug.

End of memory…

His vision returned to him and Harry soon found that he had fallen back but had been caught by the man. He looked up into the once laughing blue eyes and whispered the name that came to mind. "Uncle Paddy…" The man's eyes widen as he whispered the name and Harry could see a small smile on his lips.

"Prongslet…I…you have to believe me…" he whispered hoarsely. "I didn't betray your parents I would never do it, your mother, your father were the best people in the world." he said eyes brimming with tears. "I'll even make a Wizarding Oath, on my magic."

"What's a Wizarding Oath?" asked Harry confused.

"It's something somebody does to make somebody trust them." He answered. "I, Sirius Orion Black, here by stat on my magic, that I was never James Potter and Lily Potter's Secret Keeper, I was never a Death Eater and that I did not killed those twelve muggles or Peter Pettigrew. I never committed the crimes I was accused and sentence to Azkaban for." He said raising his wand hand and placing a hand on his heart. All of a sudden a white glow surrounded him.

"What…what could have happened if you would have lied?" whispered Harry.

"I would have lost my magic." Answered Sirius, looking strait into Harry's eyes.

"Why…why do people think you did it then if you didn't do it I mean…" whispered Harry shaking his head. How could somebody send an innocent man to jail?

"I was your father's best friend I was suspected of being the Secret keeper because James wouldn't have chosen anybody else." He answered eyes filling with sadness. "Maybe if I would have been their secret keeper then I and you would perhaps still have your parents." He whispered bowing his head.

"You tried Paddy…" he whispered kneeling in front of him.

"But it's my fault you don't have your parents." He said eyes burning with anger.

"No! You didn't kill them you didn't tell Voldemort were they lived, you didn't do anything of the sort!" screamed Harry, tears falling from his eyes. "You wanted to protect them." He whispered sobbing.

Sirius looked at Harry in shock then quickly pulled the boy into his arms rocking him from side to side.

"Please stop blaming yourself Paddy, I want the old Paddy back I want my Paddy." He whispered tears falling from his eyes as he clung to Sirius.

"I'll try Prongslet." He answered closing his eyes.

Silence fell over them as they just staid like that then Sirius started to talk again.

"You can't go back to Hogwarts, it isn't safe there." He said. "I need to train you but the only way I can is if we leave England could you, could you do that?" he asked looking at the boy.

"Yes." Whispered Harry eyes wide with hope and not even a shred of hesitation in them.

"Then let's go." He answered smiling.

Albus Dumbledore sat in his office with Remus Lupin and Minerva McGonagall in front of him.

"Have you told the Ministry Albus?" asked the Head of Gryffindor.

"Yes they have sent Aurors out but I don't think we will find Harry or Black." He whispered eyes filled with pain and worry.

"Do you think he killed him Albus, I mean…"

"Yes I do Minerva, Azkaban is known to have made people mad after five years it is very possible Sirius Black is crazy and that Harry is dead." Answered the Headmaster.

The two professors soon left leaving the Headmaster alone. He looked out over the grounds letting a tear fall from his eye.

"Oh Harry, why did you not listen? Why did you go on the grounds?" he whispered shaking his head.


Ok people this is a new idea I came op with a while back. Hope you continue to read because it will get longer hopefully. I'm not used to writing big long chapters.