You guys are so going to kill me. I'm so so so sorry! SORRY I SAID NO NEED FOR THE SHOOT GUNS! Hey that almost missed my head. (caworing behind fake rock)

I suppose you now know what I'm about to do and it's hurting me inside but I realised that I don't know where the hell I'm going with this and I'm really sorry. I've decided to put A Family Bound on hold. NO I am not ABONDONING IT! I have lost track of it and I want to start a re-write to improve on the grammar although isn't perfect has improved. I also want to finish other stories before I continue with anything else. Don't worry this isn't the only story I'm putting on hold. I plan on finishing my two favorites first, Dark Times and Past Present future. Each are coming along very well if I might add and I have gotten a request for a story that is quite unique and that I'm sure I'll be planning out for a few weeks or even months.

When I do restart this story I will have you all know and it will be better then this one.