Week 1: Upheaval

Day 1

Nico had no idea why Mr. Thorn called him and his sister into his office. Bianca doesn't get into trouble, and all the rulebreaking he did was confined to sneaking out of the dorms at night to devour Mythomagic strategies. He has no idea why when he gets out, either. All the guy did was glare at them and ask some cryptic questions.

When they got out, they saw Bianca's weird friend Grover practically hopping in the hallway. Then he left them muttering something about danger and help and soon.

Nico wondered if the world around him had always been this crazy.

Day 2

Nico didn't like dancing; for one thing, it made Bianca cranky. Then there was how he wanted to do something a bit more useful with his time, like seeing if, as per rumor, Carl Benson from the sixth grade had a Hades figurine. If he just got his hands on that…

He'd be unbeatable, no question about it.

So he told Bianca he wanted to skip out and join his friends in the dorms ("We have to discuss strategy!"). Bianca got annoyed, and told him Mr. Thorn wanted them at the dance and that was it. She stuck to it, even after Nico explained how vital it was he got the figurine.

Big sisters never understood things.

Then, Mr Thorn came and dragged them away like a couple of kittens.

Day 3

"We're demigods!" Nico told her, excited.

"Umm, yeah," Bianca looked nervous, "Nico, I-"

"That's so cool! I'm not even human! And Percy's like the Son of Poseidon," Nico's grin occupied his entire face, and he repeated it in awe, "Son of Poseidon… Bianca, that's SO cool! I bet he can talk to fish and sharks and...I really have to ask him!"

She caught him by the collar and dragged him back before he could make a break for the other demigods.

"I joined the hunters."

That gets his attention.

"What? Why?"

"Because- because it's- it doesn't matter, Nico. I'll still be around, and you'll have that camp place to go to and learn fighting and stuff-"

Nico scowled.

"I'll visit often."

He didn't budge.

"You'll be with Percy and Thalia!"

"They're not you."

She looks guilty for a moment, then shakes her head.

"But I'll be there too."

"You'll be with them."

"I'll be with you too, Nico. Brother and sister, remember? Just because you won't see me all the time doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you-"

His scowl deepened and he shrugged her off, walking to the others. Moments later he's caught up in the glow of the sun god, and he forgets about that bit of news for a while.

Day 4

Camp was cool. Everything was cool. So much so that Nico forgot- almost- that Bianca had joined some all-girl group.

There were pegasii (who were skittish around him, for some reason), naiads, satyrs and more kids he assumed were demigods. There was also a centaur (who claimed to be the Chiron, and who was he to argue?) and a real-live Olympian.

Dionysus regarded his beaming face with some amount of suspicion as Thalia literally dragged Percy out of the big house, and he wondered if he'd missed something here.

"Kid been claimed yet?" Dionysus drawled, looking at Chiron.

Chiron shook his head, tearing his eyes away from the door. Nico wondered what could make a three-thousand year old centaur so worried.

Dionysus hit him with a piercing look completely at odds with the rest of his stance, but he didn't say anything. Nico decided it was just slightly creepy.

Day 5

Staying in the Hermes cabin was an novel experience. For one thing, he developed the habit of constantly checking his pockets to see if all his precious Mythomagic figurines were there after about half an hour in the company of the brothers Stoll.

Food was good. Much better than the gagworthy things he got from Westhoover.

There was also some capture-the-flag thing, where he was playing against Bianca because she was with the hunters. It was awesome. Percy was being something of a wet blanket, though, and it's not like he had even the tiniest ghost of a chance after Zoe Nightshade came in. But who cared? He was playing with people who could do magic; heck, he was, apparently a mage of some sort. A warrior mage. He had a sword!

If only the people he played with at school could be here now.

And then this creepy mummy came in and delivered a prophecy. A prophecy! Heck, this was even better than that time when-

Well, it was just better. Almost as good as the time when Artemis turned a helicopter into crows!

His life was so getting cooler.

Day 6

"You're WHAT?!"

Bianca winced, "Look, Nico-"

"You can't go! It sounds dangerous!"

"I'll be fine," Bianca insisted, "I'll have Zoe and Thalia along. I'm pretty sure they'll be able to handle anything. And Phoebe is no slouch, either. We're not even going to get lost with Grover's tracking spell and all that. I'll be fine."

"But what about the prophecy?" Nico asked unhappily. There was no arguing with her when she got that tone of hers, but maybe he could wheedle her into staying here somehow; he was supposed to be good at whining.


"It's dangerous!"

"Nico," she bent over so their faces were on the same level, "Weren't you listening to what the others said? Our entire lives are going to be dangerous from now on, and it's not going to help things if I just stand around and do nothing. Lady Artemis is in danger, and if I can do anything to help her, I will."

Nico really, really wanted to protest, but he couldn't come up with any real counter-arguments. Unfortunately, Bianca noticed that too, and she smiled, kissed his forehead and walked away.

Something about her retreating back made his chest rigid with fear.

Day 7

Camp was still cool, he was sure, but Nico had a hard time remembering it. He'd even let the Stoll brothers flick one of his figurines.

She's okay, she's okay, she's okay, he chanted in his mind, Bianca would be good at anything she wants to do, and there's Zoe, who's just scary. And Thalia and Percy, who're really powerful, and Percy even promised to take care of her.

The last thought was about the only thing that penetrated his worry. Percy Jackson, the guy with the giant glowing sword, was going to protect his sister. He knew he'd do it, because he risked his life for them back when they didn't even know him.

Everything was going to be fine. Bianca was going to come back. Lady Artemis would get saved, the bad guys would get their butts kicked, and Bianca would probably end up being some sort of high-ranking huntress.

Everything was going to be fine.

Author's Notes: Alas, the poor kid…anyway, this is going to be (predictably enough) a fourshot. I'll see if I can get the next one done by tomorrow.

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