Author: Denigoddess2001
Saga: None
Title: Inspired
Disclaimer: Don't own Gargoyles. They belong to Disney. Damn! No infringement intended.

From One of Grace and Light dedicated to He who walks in Compassion and Courage
A small sonnet from Demetrius to his Eternal Archangel


His voice is like the gentle Scottish Gale
Upon the hills of Wyvern
His eyes are verdant as the Highland Heather
One of distinction, he is discerned.

So I have waited a thousand years
To see his face and form
To feel his touch upon my wings
For our love to be reborn.

I unfurl my wings and take to flight
The wind currents now I ascend.
With my last breath I whisper his name
With talon and wing shall I always defend.

So through mists of time and shadows of death
I walk through valleys far
And hold him unspoken, yet always loved, in heart
As I wish upon that same bright star.

As stars rain to earth and the skies burn bright
Upon Gaia do they cry upon.
I mourn for thee no longer, My Hunter
As I lie once more in the arms of Wren...and Orion.