Authors Note: This story belonged to my best friend but she gave up on all of her stories and gave them to me. I have the first three chapters almost ready for here. They are not different from what she wrote, the rest of the story will be all me though. I am going to update as much as I can but I just got these stories yesterday and I had already started one of my own, but I'm hoping to update at least once every two weeks.

Warnings: Slash. And language.

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"For the last time I do not think of you as anything more than a sister." This would be me calmly rejecting one Ginny Weasley at the dinner table in front of her family. After hearing this you may think I am the bad guy here, but before you can judge me you should probably know what all is going on. Well ever since the final battle a few months ago Ginny has been continually trying to get me to go out with her. It started out innocently enough with her just hinting at the fact she wanted me, but for the last few weeks it has been way worse. Every time she caught me in a room by myself she would bring up the subject of us. I would just polietly tell her no and leave the room.

Tonight though it seems Ginny thinks that I will say yes to her if she asks me infront of her family. I kind of feel bad about rejecting her but it would not be good at all if I just strung her along and didn t even love her the way she thinks that she loves me. I wish I could love her because I know the Weasleys want me too, but the battle changed everything for me.

"Well I love you way more than a brother. Why wont you just go out with me, I know you really want to?"

"No I do not. Listen to me Ginny you are just not for me. The final battle has changed a lot for me and you are just too young."

"I m only a year younger than you."

"I don t mean age, I meant with knowledge. I need someone who can understand me."

"I can understand you perfectly. I just don t get why you don t want me. I am beautiful, smart and fun to be with. I can t understand what else you could want."

"Yes you are but that just isnt enough for me. I know for sure that you are not really in love with me. I think you are just in love with my name. What you need to do is get over me and move on to someone who actually loves you."

I wasn t expecting it to happen and it took me a few minutes to realize it did. Ginny punched me, yes punched not slapped. And it hurt too; I guess it s because she is in quiditch and all. When I unfroze she wasn t even in the room and all of the Weasleys were shocked still. I got up from my chair and just walked right out of the kitchen and through the front door. And just like I thought none of the Weasleys followed me, they were probably still too shocked.

I walked for what I m thinking was about ten minutes before I came across a big tree. I sat down at the base of the tree on the side pointing away from the Burrow. Sitting under the tree I started thinking about how everythings been since the final battle.

After I killed Voldermort everybody has been treating me like I m the biggest hero ever born. Except for the people who had family and friends die, those people hate me and blame me for it. I myself like the people who hate me more than I like the people who think of me as a hero. Mostly because the people who hate me leave me alone and don t try to talk to me all the time or ask for my autograph it is so annoying when people do that. I mean I can t even go outside without basically getting mobbed by my adoring fans.

I think that I need a vacation to get away from the wizarding world, maybe even England itself. I just can t handle all these people now and then there is Ginny. I would be all good at the Burrow if she wouldn t bother me all the time, I get enough of that now with the girls who say they love me all the time. And the only difference I can see is that Ginny is like my sister and the others I either barely know or don t know. So I guess I need to leave England for a bit until everything has calmed over, because it will be so awkward living here with Ginny now.

"There you are mate." Ron Weasley my best friend since the train ride first year said to me, when he saw me sitting underneath the tree. I could tell he was just going to walk right on by before he looked over at the tree. "Hermione I found him." He yelled back from where he came from.

"Oh Harry we have been looking everywhere for you." My brainy buddy Hermione said to me as she pulled me into a hug. She is my other best friend since first year. "Oh look at your nose it has blood all on it. Here let me fix that." Hermione said as she took out her wand and fixed my nose.

"You know that my family really thought you and Ginny would be together."

"Yeah Mrs. Weasley wouldn t stop talking about how she would love to have you for a son."

"So she would only think of me as family is I married Ginny, its nice to know people care about me." I yelled as I started walking away from them.

"Wait a second mate, we all care about you it just kind of surprised us all really."

"I can t stay here you know."

"Sure you can, you can just stay away from Ginny for a while."

"No I mean I need to get out of England for a bit."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Hermione I m sure."

"Well then I guess we can ask the Weasleys if they know a good place for you to go, since I m guessing you want to go by yourself."

"Yeah I do, but where ever I go you guys can visit any time."

"Well then lets go and ask my family."