Authors Note: Okay everyone this chapter is done in kind of a third person view (like somebody watching everything happen)(Which is third person right?) because it is the Edward/Jacob first fight of the story. I hope the last chapter wasn't much too boring for you. I hope this one is actiony enough for you all. I think that is all and if not I will just add it to the bottom.

So enjoy the chapter.

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Edward went down the stairs when he smelled the awful smell of a wolf. This wolf being one pissed off Jacob Black. A human Jacob Black was glaring at him as he opened the front door. And then I am going to dance around that fire so happily like a good stereotypical Indian.(1) Edward didn't even get a chance to think 'what' before a fist came flying at him. He of course used his vampire speed to stop the punch and grab the wolfs arm. Let go you stupid bloodsucker so that I can rip you to pieces.

"Ah mutt what the hell is wrong with you. Coming to my family's house and attacking me for no good reason."

"I do have a reason, you stole Bella."

"What are you talking about?" Edward honestly had no clue what Jacob was talking about and his mind was so mad that the only thoughts there were violent ones about a certain vampire.

"Oh don't act so stupid. I visited chief today and he said that Bella left and that she left a note here. You and your bloodsucking family of leechs obviously turned her into one of your own."

"Before you come around blaming somebody you should probably find out all the facts first." Edward said in a super calm voice that was so calm it could only spell out danger and anger. Of course that didn't do anything to make Jacob stop and think that maybe he really didn't know the full story.

"I already know all of the facts."

"No you do not."

"Yes I do.

"Listen here mutt cause I am only going to say this one more time. You have no clue what happened and maybe you should find out before you start being all violent towards someone."

"Okay then tell me what happened."

"There is no reason for me to tell you anything but if it makes you go away then I guess I will tell you." You better. "You know shut up and let me talk."


"Bella was inside her room a few nights ago and the Volturi came to her. They offered her death or vampirism. She took the latter and left with them. She left me a note because she knew I was going to be coming in the room sometime that night, to be with her." What did the letter say leech. "The letter said.


By time you read this note I will already be on my way to Italy and already becoming a vampire. The Volturi came by saying they would turn me into a vampire and I couldn't say no to them. You know my dream was to bcome a vampire so I wouldn't have to get old, I just couldn't wait for you to do it. I don t want my dad to worry so much so could you tell him that I took my college money and decided to travel around

Love and Goodbye


"The love and goodbye is diffidently Bella. Well I better be going."

"Whatever I really don't care just leave."

Jacob walked back into the woods and changed back into a wolf in the woods. Edward heard Jacob think before he left, guess the leechs aren't bad after all.

1. When I was writing that I thought it sounded a little insensitive but I wasn't trying to do that. It was just meant to make fun of how everybody always thinks Indians do.

Okay everybody I am so sorry about the complete lateness of this chapter. But as I am still in high school and it isn't summer yet I have trouble keeping up with everything. I hope this chapter kinda makes up for it though and that nobody is mad at me because you know I really hate it when authors don't update in forever. But as the reader you don't know what is happening with the writer until you become one.

Oh and just so you know I hate this scene so much because Ive never done a scene like this so I had trouble with it.