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"Are you ready?" Alice's sweet voice pierced through my thoughts, and I looked up at her anxiously.

"Yes." I said, biting my lip. "But I'm still nervous." I admitted, looking back at my reflection in the mirror. My hair was swept up into a loose bun and my veil fell to the small of my back. My dress, the dress that I had fallen in love with at the dress ship, clung to my curves but fell delicately around my body, skimming the ground even though I was wearing high heels.

"Oh. Do you…um, do you want me to go get my mom?" She asked, and I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

Alice disappeared, closing the door behind her. I breathed deeply, looking at my reflection in the mirror again. It had been two years. Two years since my divorce was finalized, two years since Edward and I became a real, official couple. And now here we were, and it was our wedding day. And I was nervous and scared to death and anxious.

I knew that Edward was nothing like Jacob, not at all. But the small, irrational, stupid part of my brain was still scared that history would repeat itself. I wanted to marry Edward, and I had since he proposed to me eight months ago. But now, getting ready and seeing myself in a wedding dress…all I could think about was how my first marriage had failed so terribly and painfully.

I continued to look in the mirror until the door opened again, and Esme walked in. "Honey, what's wrong?" She asked, walking up behind me and fixing the back of my veil.

"Oh, Esme, I'm just scared." I whispered, looking over my shoulder at her. "I know Edward will never, ever voluntarily hurt me. But there was also a time when I thought Jacob would never hurt me.

Esme stiffened up slightly, and then squeezed my shoulder. "You don't have to worry about that. You know you don't, honey."

"I can't help it." I whispered, my eyes filling up with tears. "I love him so much, Esme, I do. But there is this little part of me that is so scared, even though the rest of me knows that there is nothing to be scared of." Esme nodded, taking my hand in hers.

"It's okay." She murmured, soothing me. "Don't you remember when you were little, and even then you and Edward were inseparable? Your father and Carlisle used to joke that you would end up married…your mother and I would always just laugh at them…but here you are, about to be my daughter in law when I've always thought of you as my daughter anyway." I smiled at her sweet words, remembering.

"When we were, like…seven or nine, Edward and I would always go out into your backyard and look up at the sky at the stars…and he would always take me up to the treehouse, saying he could beat me up because he was bigger." My smile faded slightly, and I wiped at my eyes. "He never did, of course."

Esme nodded serenely, continuing to hold my hand comfortingly in hers. "I remember when you dared Edward to kiss you, and when he tried, you ran away from him." She laughed softly, shaking her head. "You two kids were so funny." She trailed off, her eyes piercing into mine. "I remember when Edward finally realized how special you really were." Esme said, her voice dropping to a whisper.

My eyes widened slightly, but I remained silent so that Esme would continue.

"You weren't a little girl anymore, and Edward saw that. And I think in some ways, you grew up a lot faster than he did." Esme straightened my veil again, not looking at me anymore. "And that's when you both started drifting apart." She whispered, and I stiffened up. "Carlisle and Charlie always joked about you getting married." She repeated, shaking her head and finally meeting my eyes again. "I don't think any of us ever believed you'd really fall in love. But I'm so glad you did."

"It was almost too late." I remarked. "I was so lucky Edward took care of me when I needed him. I remember when we would play in creek beds and ride in that old truck he drove…and I remember when we had our first fight. I remember not knowing what to do, because Edward was my best friend. That was the night he slept in his truck at my house because he refused to leave until I let him apologize." I ducked my head, sniffling slightly at all the memories I held.

These were happy memories, and these were happy tears.

Esme laughed, shaking her head. "I remember…I grounded him when he finally came home. He said it was worth it."

"And then…after all that time, we got our friendship back. And more." I said, and my smile was one of true happiness. "It was hard at first, when we got together." I revealed. "Stressful. Hectic. Moving back to Forks was really the best thing for us. We both missed you all, and missed where we came from." I said, finally looking away from the mirror.

"I'm glad you did." Esme said. "I don't know, but I think your hometown will always have a special place in your heart, especially one as small as Forks."

"He proposed to me where we used to play when we were little." I said with a smile. "And now…the whole town is here for our wedding."

Esme nodded yet again, looking at her watch discreetly. "Yes, they are. Because they all know and love the two of you."

Just then, Alice poked her head back into the room. "Is everything okay?" She asked, biting her lip worriedly and looking from her mother to me with a concerned look on her angelic face.

"It's fine. You can tell them I'm ready." I said, squaring my shoulders. I took Esme's hand again as Alice left, looking my future mother in law in the eye. "Thank you, Esme, for being here when my own parents can't be here with me." I whispered, and Esme hugged me tightly. "I love you like you're my own mother already."

"It's not a problem, Bella. I love you as one of my own." Esme said. "Your parents would be so proud of you, Bella. They loved you so much."

I blinked back more tears, and then there was a knock at the door. Carlisle walked in, a smile on his face. "He's waiting for you, Bella." Carlisle said simply, and that was all it took for my tears to stop. Esme kissed my cheek and wiped my eyes, commenting that it was a good thing my mascara was waterproof, before leaving the room to go take her seat at the front of the church.

Carlisle looked down at me for a moment as I fussed with my veil, flipping it forward to cover my face. "You look beautiful, Bella." Carlisle said, offering me his arm. "I'm glad you and Edward got things sorted out."

"Thank you." I said, a light blush coming to my cheeks. "And I'm glad too. You and Esme and Edward and Alice took care of me when I had no one else, especially after my parents…died." I said, hoping that I wouldn't start crying again. We stood behind the doors leading into the sanctuary, and Alice was waiting there as well. She marveled over me for a moment, but when the music started up suddenly she took her cue to walk into the church and down the aisle.

I waited with Carlisle for our cue, clutching tightly to his arm. "Your dad was my best friend, Bella, and one of the best people I've ever known. I'm proud to be walking you down in the aisle in his place." Carlisle said, and I instantly gave him a big hug, reaching under my veil and wiping at my eyes again. "Alright, that's us." He said, and that was it.

Despite my anxiety and nerves, it felt so impeccably right in that moment, I knew this was what I was waiting for. Faces turned to look at me- faces I had known for most of my life. As Carlisle and I walked forward I saw some of Edward and I's teachers from our school days, our friends from school, people in town that we knew through default, as well as all the other people we had met along the way. I could see Esme already crying in the front row, wiping her eyes with a handkerchief. And when I met Edward's eyes, finally, all I could see was him. And the rest of the wedding was a blur of love and happiness and unity.

I said I do and he did too.

"Take me home." I whispered in my husband's ear, holding him close as we swayed back and forth to the slow music filtering through the speakers. We were in our little bubble, even though we were surrounded by people.

Edward sighed, kissing my forehead. "Not yet…I'm not ready to let you go quite yet." He said, drawing me even closer so that he could prove his point. "After all this time, you and I…" He squeezed me again, and kissed my neck gently. "We're together." Edward finished simply, and I just held on to him in agreement.

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