Author's Note: Happy Birthday Shinaria! I got behind, but I usually get there. Eventually. Anyway, she asked for hurt/suffering!Sam and wouldn't you know, I found it. The word for the E/O Challenge was "fold".

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. I only rent.

Word count: 100 (I don't do obeying, mind, but I listen to reason)

Warnings: If you're afraid of snakes, this is not for you.

Background: It's not readily apparent, I know, but Dean is buried in a cave-in and Sam is working to get him out, hoping he'll hear that they're out there.

Rock Steady

Sam lifted another heavy rock, leaving warm blood-smears behind, and kept talking. "Remember that summer we spent in Arizona? The sky so blue it almost hurt… so blue it… Remember? Can you see it?" Sam's next rock came down hard on the rattlesnake only his sixth sense had noticed, then tread heavily on the coil while reaching for the next boulder.

The men they'd saved from the goblins worked hard too, to get half their rescue-team clear from the cave-in debris, but occasionally folded to wipe the sweat from their brows.

Sam never stopped.

Not working.

Not talking.

Not hoping.