Author's Note: Happy Birthday Supernoodle! I'm sorry I'm late, I was counting on a twist in time to get me there, but alas! She requested a battered Dean after a fight and I found just the thing. If you don't like it I get to keep it. The word for the E/O Challenge was "twist".

Disclaimer: It's a twisted world where someone else owns what I cherish…

Word Count: 100 (nothing twisted here)

Warning: A bit bloody.

Twisted, Not Shouting

Adrenaline and endorphins flooded Dean's system as he was breathing hard and his heart racing like mad. The poltergeist was gone, but his body wasn't interested in calming down. It took three tries to get to his feet and then he stumbled towards the exit, cradling his bloody, twisted left hand in the crook of his right arm. Just glancing at it made him light-headed, and he still had to straighten the fingers before the shock wore off. Or he'd never be able to. "Learning by doing", Dean thought and meant to chuckle, but it sounded terribly like a sob.