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Anthony William Johnson age 6

"What does that mean? They want me alive, who are they?" These thoughts bombarded me as I looked at the walls last message. With that I walked over to my bookshelf and grabbed the History of Silent Hill. I leafed through the pages until I reached page 1,025. The chapter was titled "Mediums of Silent Hill" Not understanding the significance of the title I went over to my desk and picked up the dictionary to look up the word medium. As I looked at the definitions before me the one that made the most sense was a person thought to have the power to communicate with the spirits of the dead or with agents of another world or dimension. After reading the dictionary, I was now ready to face the section of the book. I picked up the book and began to read.

"Even though Alessa was a powerful medium in her own right, she was not the first medium of Silent Hill. That honor if you could call it back occurred 150 years ago when the Order had much influence within the town. That changed after four powerful families made a pact with their God to not be under the Order's influence. They formed a small town and lived in peace and prosperity unaware that another one with powerful influences of a different kind joined their town secretly. He lived in a corner of the town that very view people visited. He was a medium and had the power to communicate with the various spirits and other entities. That was not his only power however, some said he had dreams that predicted the future. There was a terrible price of the prophetic dreams. They would lash out at the medium and affected him in his daily life. Eventually the dreams became too much for him and he died. The real mystery about this man is his body was never found; however what little we know about this man was written down by his son."

The last sentence struck a chord in my brain. "Finally things are starting to make sense. If I am right then I will confront the mystery, and finally have peace of mind." When I obtained this new resolve I turned to the wall to begin testing my hypothesis.

"I know who you are, " I said confidently to the wall.

"Really. Maybe I gave you too much of a freebee." The wall wrote quickly.

"You are the spirit of the man of whom I just read about!" I shouted unable to contain my excitement.

"Very good, very good Anthony. I was worried you would not figure it out. After all as you make more discoveries you will find your path to become trickier and trickier to navigate" The wall replied.

"How so?"

"Well for starters the gene that allows for this ability is recessive, therefore you and I are related." The wall wrote back with emphasis on the word related.

"What?" I shirked in an ear piercing pitch.

"You understand me, even if you don't want to" The wall wrote back.

"That is not possible, not possible. If this were true then wouldn't my dad have the same abilities I have?" I asked in a confused voice.

"He had it with him and so did his father and his father; however because it was recessive it did not show and as such they did not have the abilities you do. That does not mean they could not pass it down to you" The wall wrote.

"Then that means…"

"Yes you are the next medium, and as such you are necessary to keep alive" The wall wrote in what I could only assume was an angry manner.

"Why?" I asked as clueless as ever.

"I gave you one freebee, this one you will have to figure out on your own." The wall wrote.

"Wait!" I shouted at the spirit inside the wall. "This is too weird." I thought bitterly. Realizing I was not going to obtain any more information right now from either the book or wall, and the other important realization I was starving. With that I descended the creaky stairs, and went down to the kitchen to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I have a special tradition when I make one. I spread the creamy peanut butter on one side and the strawberry jelly on the other. I then poured a tall glass of 2% milk, and went to the kitchen table to eat. I slowly took a bite of the yummy sandwich. "There is nothing so tasty then a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk," I sighed contently to myself as I ate. A few minuets later the phone rang and I went to pick it up.

"Hello. May I ask who is calling please?" I said into the phone.

"Hey Anthony this is Elle? How are you?"


"Why weren't you at school today?" Elle asked cutting me off.

"Well, I wasn't feeling well this morning and now I feel fine." I answered.

"That's good to know. Listen the reason I called is my mom is going to be home late and I am babysitting Nora. Since Nora wanted to have a tea party I invited Alex and Cassandra over as well. The problem is Alex is sort of whining about being the only boy there, so if you feel up to it please come over." Elle said.

"I feel fine for someone who nearly died, besides my parents left me alone for the day, so they probably think I will be fine." I thought to myself. "But what happens if Elle asks me about my sudden illness? Or worse what if I accidently run into spirits on the way over there? I can't afford indecisiveness. She is probably…"

"Anthony are you sure you o.k.?" Elle asked me breaking me from my internal monologue.

"Oh yeah…I-I-I'm fine." I stammered. "I will be over soon, Tell Alex not to worry" I said in an excited voice.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!" I heard ecstatic yelling in the background.

"Just a second…Alex were you standing there listening to my conversation the whole time? I heard Elle ask.

"Uh…well…you know bye now." Alex said.

"I will see you soon then Anthony." Elle said hanging up the phone, and I could only assume she began chasing him round the house. With that I went up to my room to get my house key. I poked around my dresser until I finally found it. With that I picked up the key and was heading out of the room until I heard it, the cursed drip, drip, drip of the wall writing me a new message.

"Have fun Anthony" The wall wrote.

"Oh you are too kind." I replied sarcastically.

"Humph whatever, oh and Anthony do be careful. You never know what you may run into." The wall wrote quickly.

"Why do you care so much?" I asked.

"After all, I am the spirit your great great grandfather so believe it or not I still care about you." The wall wrote.

"I still am having trouble believing that." I responded.

"Whether you do or do not is immaterial, the truth will always be there" The wall wrote as I was leaving the room. As I walked down the stairs I began thinking over what the wall has said. "It makes sense. The spirit inside the wall seems to know what I am going through. Also, if it is true that he is my great great grandfather, he does pay more attention to me then my parents do. But, do I really wan that kind of attention?" I wondered. I left the house at that moment and began walking through the driveway to head to the town. The wind encircled me, as a gust blew causing my hair to stand on end. I kept walking forward ignoring the wind and the rustling of the leaves. Even though nobody was on the street, I still felt like I was being watched. This paranoia caused me to quicken my pace. As I increased my speed, I could still hear the conversation I had with the wall playing in my head, "You are the next medium. They need you alive." When the flashes finished I found myself at the doorstep of the Holloway's. I tentatively knocked on the door. I waited a few moments until,

"Hey Anthony" Elle said as she opened the door.

"Hey Elle, so tell me is Alex still alive after you caught him listening to our conversation?" I asked .

"Oh don't be silly of course he is. Well now that you are here we can finally get started."

"Wait you waited for me?" I asked in a confused voice.

"Of course, it wouldn't be fun wifout everyone." Nora's voice came from the other room.

"Thanks." I said coming into the room.

"Anthony what are you doing here?"

"Cass-ssnd-dra. We-e-ll my parents told me to have a relaxing day to get better" I answered.

"So then why are you here when you could be at home?" Cassandra asked in a confused voice.

"My house is not the most relaxing place" I responded while glaring at Alex who was making a smirk and trying to keep from laughing. Cassandra looked at us like we were crazy, and Elle just shook her head and sighed. A few seconds later in the other room the four of us heard,

"Tea is redy, plese come in" Nora announced. With that the four of us entered the dining room in which the table was set up for a tea party.

"Plese sit were your nametag is" Nora told us.

"O.K." We all said. I turned out to be sitting next to Cassandra while Alex was sitting next to Elle and Nora was sitting at the head. With that each of us took up our tea glasses and began to drink.

"Lovely" I said with a contented sigh. Turning to Nora I asked, "What kind of tea is it?"

"Beary" she responded.

"Lovely choice." I commented.

"Hey Alex, you are going to share those cookies with us right?" Elle asked.

"Of course what makes you think I wouldn't?" Alex asked as he put more cookies on his plate causing Elle, Cassandra and even Nora to give him the evil eye. When I saw Nora attempting to give Alex an evil eye I burst into laughter. As I was laughing my arm accidentally bumped into Cassandra.

"Cassandra, I –I-I'm sorry about that" I told her as I was trying to get myself back under control.

"Don't worry about it" she responded with that wonderful melodious voice. As she spoke I could feel myself beginning to blush and I quickly turned away. A few seconds later, I turned to Elle. As I regained my composure, I thanked her for inviting me over.

"You don't have to thank me" Elle responded.

"Yes I do, this is exactly what I needed. A relaxing afternoon with my friends" I responded. And it was true, while I was there I focused entirely on the tea party and not the fact I almost died yesterday, what, I am or the visions I saw.

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