Title: Box of Chocolates

Author: sandal onions aka seiriot (on dA)

Summary: Ciel hides a box of chocolates under Sebastian's bed.

Rating: K

Warnings: Pointless fluff~

For a Secret Valentine Exhance contest at the SebastianCielFC on dA. :3


It warmed the demon's heart to know that the young master truly cared for him. It wasn't as if Ciel had slipped out any kind of confession of love or caring, no, it was the mysterious box that was hidden under Sebastian's bed. How the kid had managed to slip anything under his bed without him noticing, was a mystery to the demon. But it wasn't as if he wanted to know after all, the box had captured his attention completely.

Young master was indeed very kind under his cold appearance, the box was covered by a gift wrap with a kitten paw pattern on it. A small grin formed on his face as he unwrapped the box, revealing what was inside.

A box of chocolates wasn't what he expected to be in the box but that's what he found. The goods were packed in a heart-shaped plastic box, and had a small note glued on its cover.

'I'm certainly not doing this because I love you or whatever, just had some extra chocolates left and decided to give them to you since you're doing a good job as my butler. Happy Valentines!

-Your master'

Sebastian's grin grew wider. Young master could be so transparent sometimes.. it seemed that he was the one who had to take the first step. He grabbed a pen and scribbled something on the reverse side of the note Ciel gave to him, folded it and put it to his pocket, getting ready to go to Ciel's room.

The young master was already sleeping as he entered his room. Sebastian walked as quietly as a shadow and finally placed the note on Ciel's bedside table.


Ciel grabbed the tiny bit of paper, the same one he had written his note to Sebastian, wondering what it was doing on his table. As he reversed the small bit of paper, he saw Sebastian's handwriting. His eyes widened a bit and his heart pounded slightly faster.

'Young master, am I wrong or are you in denial? You seem to be attracted to someone here, I can see. You baked those chocolates by yourself, otherwise they wouldn't be so deformed. But I know that the person you like, enjoyed those chocolates, no matter how misshaped they are.--

The boy didn't hear the door open, or someone entering the door. Before the boy knew it, someone was standing behind him, close enough for Ciel to feel the person's breath on his neck.

You aren't alone with that feeling, young master. Your affection is not onesided. Ciel, I..'

Suddenly that person wrapped his arms around Ciel's waist and pulled him against a broad chest. That person was bending in and touched the boy's earlobe with his lips, making the boy blush and shiver. Hands shaking, Ciel ignored the touch and continued reading the note from Sebastian.

'I love you.'

The boy knew who the person behind him was, the demon himself. He relaxed in Sebastian's arms and let his butler hold him.

'Ciel... I love you.'

'I.. love you too.'