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Sarah woke up to light shining in her face and her alarm blaring. With a grumble she rolled over and lurched out of bed, bleary eyed and not particularly looking forward to work. She made her bed in a daze, carefully smoothing over the navy blue bed covers and depositing a couple fancy silver decorative pillows on top, only slightly askew. In the bathroom she brushed her teeth, vowed to buy a new brand of toothpaste as soon as possible, and eventually pulled a brush through her hair. Despite the fact that she vowed to pay more attention to her daily wardrobe, Sarah found herself yanking on the shirt she found first and a pair of pants that didn't clash too terribly.

She finally exited the bedroom to head into the kitchen for some coffee and cereal to revive herself with. She started up the coffee first in her little single cup coffee maker, then moved over to the fridge. The milk was almost empty so she gave it a tentative sniff to make sure it was still good. Satisfied it wouldn't kill her, she dumped it in the bowl with her Captain Crunchberry cereal, tossed in a spoon, and grabbed her steaming cup of coffee before she headed into the living room.

She found the Goblin King lounging on her sofa looking particularly content with himself. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

They had grown relatively comfortable with each others presence. Sarah had come to accept his random appearances, but the familiarity had also given her enough knowledge to know that the particular expression he wore was one to be wary of. She told him good morning, as though his sudden presence was nothing surprising, sat next to him on the sliver of couch he had left open, and proceeded to eat her cereal. He smiled and returned the greeting.

Sarah turned the morning weather on to fill the following silence. When she was done she turned it off again and stood up to head back into the kitchen to clean out her cereal bowl.

"A moment of your time, precious thing?" Sarah tried not to snort at the little nickname. She wondered if he just used it to annoy her.

Keeping her voice light she responded from the kitchen, "Sure, I've got a minute or two before work."

She didn't know when he appeared behind her, or how, but suddenly his voice was within inches of her ear as he whispered silkily, "I may need more than a moment, truthfully. You see, you are to be held hostage by the Goblin King for the next thirteen hours or so."

She felt his hand on her arm and inhaled sharply with surprise. She spun around and away from his touch to glare at him with an expression she reserved for him when he was being particularly ostentatious. Without thinking she brandished her milky cereal spoon at him as she spoke.

"What on earth are you talking about?"

He smiled in a smug, predatory sort of way and gave her a very pointed looking over. With a flush Sarah looked down to realize she was now wearing an elaborate dress made of emerald green silk. Her suddenly empty hand went up to pat her hair, which was teased up into the kind of elaborate style that should have taken a costumer at least an hour and a half to pull off. It even had sequins and lace braided into it. She looked up just in time to see him whisper her name and feel herself be transported against her will.


Dana was convinced she was born in both the wrong time and the wrong gender. She insisted her friends call her "Dan" because, despite the fact that Dana was a gender neutral name, she determined that "Dan" drove the point across much better. She was 14 years old and her mother hoped desperately that she would outgrow the whole 'tomboy' phase. Preferably -before- the child chopped off the long beautiful blonde hair her mother had been forcing her to grow since she first sprouted hair at all.

Dan refused to wear dresses or skirts and often crafted swords out of tree branches. In her free time she banished imaginary monsters and saved damsels in distress. It never occurred to her to want to be the damsel and wear the pretty outfits. She appreciated pretty outfits well enough but much preferred them on those she saved, not herself. When people pointed out the inconsistency in her logic they were promptly ignored. Occasionally, when she felt playful, she would try to challenge them to a dual.

One night, Dan challenged her grandmother to a dual for insisting she wear a frilly white dress to her cousins wedding. It wasn't a particularly playful challenge, however. Her grandmother had even purchased the offending dress and, to top everything off, Dan's own mother was insisting she wear it as well. At the issuing of her challenge, Dan's mother banished her to her own bedroom like a naughty child and it was everything Dan could do to ascend the staircase regally and -not- slam the door shut.

The dress sat on the bed, taunting her. She had been told she could not leave the room until she was wearing it. Life was not fair. Not at all. Rather than put on the offending garment, Dan flopped into her computer chair and reached for her favorite book. If they insisted she wear the dress to leave than she just wouldn't leave.

She smiled down at the book. It was red leather, worn from much usage, and had the word "Labyrinth" sprawled across the cover in gold letters. There was no author or publishing company but Dan had never been observant enough to notice that. She did, however, have the entire story memorized from cover to cover. It was her favorite fantasy, after all. The entire story was about a young girl who had been given special powers to protect the innocent. The girl spent the entire story running through an enormous labyrinth fraught with peril to save the beautiful princess from the wicked King. At the end of the story the hero overcomes the King and declares herself his equal. The valiant hero then grants the beautiful princess her freedom and they live happily ever after.

The book was rather vague about happily ever after part, but books always were and Dan was beginning to fill in the gaps herself. She was on the last chapter again and she mouthed the words to herself as she read, a smile tugging on her lips. Her mothers voice broke the trance, demanding she get ready or she would be left alone for the wedding, the reception, and she could most definitely plan to stay in her room for the next month.

Dan weighed her options and finally let out a defeated sigh. She changed into the lacy white confection. She refused to take her hair out of the practical braid she always kept it in, though, and made a point of putting on her slightly over sized combat boots. Her mother detested the boots but knew well enough than to try and separate them from Dan. She had learned the hard way that her daughter would suffer endless groundings and go completely barefoot in protest if her favorite boots were taken from her.

Dan looked herself over in the full length mirror that had resided on her closet door since she was a baby. She wrinkled her nose at her reflection and said quite wistfully. "I wish..." She considered. What did she wish for?

"I wish I really was the hero." and after considering her impending evening she added as an after thought. "Right NOW!"

Her reflection stared back at her with an expression that perfectly displayed the dejected way she felt. She let out the long suffering sigh of mistreated teenagers everywhere and turned to head out the door. She put her hand on the doorknob and was knocked out of her thoughts by a scream. All of the hairs sprang up on the back of her neck and she whipped around to run to the window.

She nearly hung completely out of the window and watched as the most beautiful woman she had ever seen was seized by a man. The woman had clearly been the one screaming. She had long flowing dark hair and large eyes. She wore one of the most elaborate dresses Dan had ever seen and was currently trying to struggle against the man who had grabbed her. And he was a sight all himself! He wore leggings that bordered on indecent and the most asymmetrical leather coat Dan had ever seen. His blonde hair was teased to a surreal pouf and everything about him screamed "otherworldly".

Dan stood rooted in her window, unable to move momentarily as she watched the blonde man drag the beautiful woman into what could only be a portal tucked between two trees in her front yard. Dark indistinguishable shapes followed the pair and Dan forced herself out of her paralysis. She pushed herself from the window and practically flew out of her room, down the stairs, and out the front door. If she had been paying any attention at all she would have heard her grandmothers particularly negative opinion of her boots and her mothers surprised "Oh" that she had actually put the white dress on.

She didn't expect to see a portal when she got outside. The fact that it was still there had barely registered when she plunged through it.


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