"So…" Chouji started, looking at Shikamaru sleeping in his Tuxedo that matched the one he was wearing himself.

"So what?" said a sleepy Shikamaru, cracking one eye open to look at Chouji.

"Are you going to ask her?" Chouji asked, hoping that the answer would be yes.

"Ask who what?" asked Shikamaru, sitting up slowly from his laying position on the leather couch, to look at Chouji properly. They were in a medium sized room that was a plain tan color, like most of the buildings were in Suna. The room had a brown door on one wall that was made of plain brown wood and on the opposite wall there was a glass sliding-door that led out to a balcony with a view of the entire city of Suna, it was the Kazekage building.

"Ask Temari to marry you, of course! You're already twenty and she's getting to be, what, twenty two? She probably wants to start settling down right about now," shouted Chouji, irritated that he had to practically spell it out for Shikamaru.

"Oh… that," sighed Shikamaru. He had been dating Temari for two years and they were living together but being the lazy ass that he was, Shikamaru had never gotten around to proposing.

"I don't know… It's too troublesome to think about. If I did propose we would have to plan a wedding and all that other stuff that is just a drag…" Shikamaru started looking at the tile patterns on the ground of the room that they were in. He was thankful that there was no one else in the room to hear the conversation.

"Well, you better hurry! That one guy, what's his name? the one on her ANBU team? Oh well, anyway, he has had his eyes on her. I keep seeing him looking at her in a way that suggests that he wants more than friendship from her when they are on missions in Konoha."

"Well-" Shikamaru started talking but was irrupted by the object of their conversation.

"Hey, are you guys almost ready? The wedding is about to start!" Temari had popped her head into the men's dressing room. She was wearing a beautiful burgundy colored dress that was made of satin and was strapless. The bust of the dress was covered in little fake jewels that started to fade in numbers as the dress continued down. Shikamaru had to shake his head to get the naughty thoughts he started thinking about out of his head and finally answer her question.

"We're coming, you troublesome woman!"

"Do you want to get hit?"

"Not particularly, no because the pain would be too troublesome…"

Temari shook her head at his craziness before she left them to make sure the other bridesmaids were ready, since that was her job as Maid of Honor. She still couldn't believe that her baby brother was getting married, and to Haruno Sakura no less! She was so excited, especially because that would mean that they would be on their honeymoon for a week and Kankuro left on a two week mission in the Land of Waves right after the ceremony. That would mean it would just be her and Shikamaru in the huge mansion, they were going to have lots of fun.

She smirked deviously.

Shikamaru watched her leave and couldn't help but sigh as he thought about how lucky he was to have such an amazing woman that was his, maybe he should start thinking more about marrying her. He started to think back to everything that had happened to the two of them.

He and Sakura had been sent to Suna on a mission. Sakura was to help out at the hospital and Shikamaru was getting papers ready for the upcoming chunin exams, then he was to wait until Sakura was done and escort her back, not that she needed it, they were both ANBU members. He was to become a temporary Suna nin while he was waiting on Sakura.

Sakura and Gaara had already been dating for a while, although it was incredible to all that were around them that this romance had even started. Sakura had gotten over Sasuke without a word to anyone. It had been three years, when they were seventeen, since they had been forced to take Sasuke out after he tried to kill Tsunade, and everyone had thought that she had never gotten over him. What everyone didn't know was that she had, with Gaara. He had been in town for a meeting with the Hokage the day when Sasuke attacked and he even helped in the battle against Team Taka. After the battle had been fought and Sasuke lay dead on the ground in front of the Hokage tower with Naruto standing above him, Sakura ran off with tears in her eyes. Gaara went after her and no one knew about it but they started sending letters to each other after that and then ended up starting to date each other, even though they could only see each other every once in a while. Then Sakura got assigned the mission to help out at the hospital and they got to spend more time together and Gaara realized that he didn't want her to leave. Then he asked Sakura to move to Suna and live with him and of course she had said yes. All she had to really do was move her stuff into his room, now theirs, because they had already been staying at the Kazekage Mansion for the last three months, then she was transferred to Suna.

Naruto wasn't very happy that he was losing his best friend, but he had Hinata and they were trying to have a baby so everything was ok with him. Tsunade was a little sad about losing her disciple that was like a daughter to her, but everything worked out for the best. After that, Shikamaru decided that he would ask out Temari and she had said "I thought you'd never ask!" then since the mission was technically over, he had to leave, but Temari asked him to move in with her and then Shikamaru was also transferred to Suna permanently.

That all had happened about a year and a half ago and in that time, Temari and Shikamaru's relationship had grown exponentially. They fought, but who didn't? It just made them that much stronger as a couple.

Then came the exciting news that Gaara and Sakura were going to get married. Gaara asked Shikamaru and Kankuro to be his best men and Sakura told Temari that she was going to be her Maid of Honor. Temari agreed, on one condition: if the bride's maid dresses were hideous then Sakura had to do all the cleaning in the mansion for a month. Sakura, of course, didn't pick out a terrible dress and Temari was happy.

Shikamaru was snapped back to the present by Chouji, who was smacking him lightly in the face.

"Whatcha thinkin' about?" Chouji asked with a tilt of his head and gave Shikamaru a funny look.


"Well, obviously it was something because I was slapping you for a good five minutes!" Chouji asked with a little chuckle.

"Well… I was just thinking about my last mission to gather infor-"

"Don't lie to me! C'mon we're best friends! I think I know when you are thinking about a certain wind sorceress!" Chouji said pointing an accusing finger at Shikamaru, who just shook his head.

"Yeah, well… whatever… We better get out to our groomsmen positions or I'll have to face the wrath of two pissed off kunoichi later."

Chouji nodded his head in agreement, thinking of how mad Sakura could get if even one person accidently ruined her wedding day in even the smallest way. He shuddered at the thought.


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