Ok! The last chapter! It's sad because this is the fastest update I've been able to come out with since I started this. Anyway, here it is! It's short, and it's supposed to be that way since it's the last chapter.

"We're home!" Sakura called into the huge mansion as she and her new hubby pulled their luggage through the door.

She had to admit, while loved her honeymoon with Gaara, she was happy to be home. She was worried about a few patients in the hospital and she knew that Gaara didn't trust his secretaries to run his office for a whole week with him and his brother gone. Needless to say, they had a great time but were happy to be back where they belonged. As long as he was by her side, she could be happy anywhere.

"In the kitchen!" came Temari's distant reply, from somewhere in the back of the huge home.

"Hey! Did you miss us?" Sakura said as she pulled Gaara by the hand down the hall. They passed pictures of all of their friends, all the good memories that they had with each other.

"Troublesome woman, stop being so loud," Shikamaru said as said woman came in with Gaara still being pulled behind her.

"What happened to you?" Gaara inquired in a monotone voice, slightly rising what could be considered an eyebrow. Both had stopped as soon as they came in the through the doorway, staring at the two curiously.

Temari was in the process of wrapping Shikamaru's wounds. He ended up having cracked three ribs and breaking two, there was also a slightly deep gash on the left side of his stomach. He had been pumping chakra into the wound to keep it from bleeding too much and causing him to pass out during his conversation with Temari. Not a good idea.

Since he had almost passed out anyway by the time they got to the park, Temari made sure Ino only healed the wounds that could cause serious damage if untreated, and he'd just have to heal the old fashion way since he had waited for so long to tell her he was hurt and in pain. That would show him.

"Troublesome people being troublesome," Shikamaru muttered, wincing as Temari poked his side in a particularly sore spot.

Temari just rolled her eyes as she finished patching up his wound. She then proceeded to show off her left hand to Sakura to show her the ring she had bought the day before with the Nara. It wasn't anything to big, she wasn't a material girl, but it was a decent size. The ring fit perfectly around her finger in a simple silver band. The diamond part of the ring had a small circle of smaller diamonds surrounding a bigger diamond.

Sakura's eyes got big as she started to jump up and down with excitement along with Temari. They both started to squeal in girlish delight.

Gaara rolled his eyes and smirked as Shikamaru covered his ears and muttered a "troublesome."

As both girls started to calm down, Temari asked, "You'll be my Maid of Honor, right?"

"Only if the dresses don't suck," Sakura said in return as they both started to walk out of the kitchen and down the hall towards the front door. They had a lot of planning to do.


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