He watched the couple from the building tops. Slightly disappointed when the damn blonde stopped his lovely boy's hand. Jack is being an idiot, if he wants that, why not just take it, that's what I always did with him anyway…The man smiled and flitted over a few blocks, coming to the Inn he favorites. Then again, Jack was an odd one, never really that assertive; he did put up a good fight though the man laughed at the numerous memories of his lovely little rebel.

The man sat in one of the red velvet chairs and took off his boots. This was going to be interesting, having to compete for his fledglings love, not that the little blonde bitch was much competition, sure he was pretty, even beautiful by human and vampire standards. But weak. Jack was his first and foremost. He killed the blonde's sister just to see what Jack would do. He wondered what would have happened if he had indeed killed the Blonde, would Jack have fallen in love with the sister then. He doubted it. If and ever Jack had thought of his old life it had always been about the blonde. Of course, Lyle would have to drag him into bed and erase those images from his mind. He loved it when Jack thought only of him, sometimes for days on end afterwards.

He had found Jack about a month or so after he had left the Blonde and his sister. He had been scared by the sudden feelings for the other boy and was afraid of the immanent rejection.

Terribly dense boy… The man thought as he closed the curtains and went over to the bed, lying down with a huff. He had taken Jack in as a pet at first, but realized quickly he cared a great deal for the dark haired beauty. He waited to turn him though. A twelve year old body would have plagued him for eternity if he hadn't waited; he also wanted Jack to experience all of the…pleasures of life before experiencing it as a preternatural being.

So he had waited until the boy turned fourteen, showing him every pleasure imaginable. This quickly insured that the boy became completely infatuated with him. Then, unable to wait he had turned him. He knew the spell would be broken then, but the boy had surprised him, and ran off before he could deepen the want form him.

That had been rather cumbersome, and so he killed the girl to lure Jack out of hiding, and then the blonde stepped in and he was set back again.

He doubted the two had had sex yet, the human had only known Jack was alive for two months, and Jack was a bit more patient then himself. Not to mention the boy still seemed rather reluctant, still unsure of his feelings for the ivory beauty.

It was about six hours until the sun rose. He would wait an hour for Jack to return the annoyance to its room and then he would seek him out, and start the rekindling process.

"Oh dear Jack" he said to the room "You wont want to leave my side ever again"


He and Ben returned to the Inn and Jack was currently waiting for Ben to finish his bath. He smiled from the couch as the young man came back into the room his hair still slightly damp and his skin flushed from the heat. It was a truly breath taking sight, the boy was in an oversized button up shirt that came to about the middle of his thighs and nothing else. He smiled sheepishly at Jack who stood and walked over to him, slowly examining the sight before him.

Ben shifted, slightly uncomfortable under the lustful stare the fledgling was giving him. He relaxed slightly when Jack took him into his arms again. He rested his head against Jacks shoulder, realizing for the first time how much taller Jack was now.

"You got taller" Ben voiced his thought with slight surprise as he looked up at the still smirking Jack.

"Indeed I have," he paused for a moment, stepping back to examine Ben again in the light of the numerous candles. "You look so beautiful…" he murmured to himself. Ben blushed and stepped away from him, turning and walking to the bed. It was nearly one-thirty in the morning. Jack couldn't help but stare at his ass as he walked, and smirked to himself.

Ben climbed into the bed and looked at Jack for a moment.

"Um…" he began quietly, his face coloring. "Would you…stay with me, until I fall asleep." He asked, twisting the sheets in his hands. Jack smiled and crossed the room to quickly for Ben to see, climbing in beside him and slipping his arms around the young man's waist.

Ben jumped at his sudden proximity but quickly relaxed. He lent up, much to Jack's surprise and lightly brushed his lips to Jack's, who caught his face before he could lower it and kissed him again, this time much deeper.

"Good night, love" he murmured in Ben's ear. The young man blushed and whispered back.

"Good night, Jack" before lying against Jacks chest. Jack pressed his face into the top of the blondes head, loving the feeling of the silky and still slightly damp locks of this one whom he loved with all his heart. Ben was soon breathing easily and Jack was tempted to stay and watch him, but he knew he had other things to attend to, such as starting the search for the other he loved.

"No need, dear boy" said a silky voice from one of the chairs facing away from the bed. Jack tensed and tightened his grip on the young man who still slept. The figure rose from the chair, a daisy in hand and turned to him fully, a smirk played across his lips. His beautiful blonde hair tied back in a red silk bow. He was dressed in all black and white, otherwise.

"What are you doing here?" Jack couldn't stop from asking, or the slight fear that was eminent in his voice.

"Still as dense as ever I see, if you recollect, which you should, I asked you to meet me here. Though when I told you bringing your little toy would endanger his life, I thought you would have left him in England." The man sighed as he walked towards the bed.

"He would have come anyway, and I wouldn't let you do anything to him." Jack growled, which caused Lyle to smirk.

"My, look at you, territorial already, you know that kind of just makes me want to take him from you…or maybe I'll take you both…you have good taste in men, boy, he's radiant." Lyle said this as he reached the side of the bed and attempted to stroke Ben's face. Jack swatted his hand away and spat.

"Get out, right now" he gave the man a heated glare. The man started laughing softly and put a finger to his lips as the boy in Jack's arms stirred slightly, snuggling closer to Jack through the sheets. The exchange of the vampires had been to quiet for a mortal to hear, but Jack's sudden venom had been a bit louder.

Jack couldn't help but smile softly at how adorable his once friend was being. Lyle didn't feel the same, Lyle felt one dominating emotion, and that was lust. Jack could suddenly feel it emitting so strongly, that he moved Ben and himself away from that side of the bed.

"I mean it, you bastard, get out. Right. Now" he growled. He wouldn't have this being ruin Ben's peaceful sleep.

"No, I wanted to talk to you, and after seeing what a lovely choice you've made, I want to stay and talk with him as well." Jack visibly bristled. He needed to get Lyle away from Ben. The man would not be gentle with his beloved and he wasn't about to let him be anything with Ben. An idea came to his mind and he quickly masked it.

"If I go someplace with you, will you leave him alone for now?" Jack asked quietly. Lyle raised an eyebrow, interested.

"That depends what I get to do with you when we get there" he said, seduction dripping off of his tongue. This time Jack was the one who couldn't suppress a shiver, and Lyle didn't miss it.

"Fine, anything you wish…you are technically still my master" he whispered, looking down at the sleeping boy.

"That's the attitude" he heard from his side. He sighed and carefully moved out from under Ben, and off the bed. If it was to get the lusty man away from Ben, then it was worth it. He knew very well that thoughts of himself would quickly over rule any others about mere humans in the mind of this man. Lyle smirked and took a hold of Jacks hands, swinging him out of the room and locking the balcony doors behind them.


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