Sorry for this filler guys, I'll get to work on Precious Metals, I swear.

"What are you looking at?"


"C-walks? What's that?"

Red pushed his seat backwards and leaned over to Green.

"Dancing. Footwork. Gettit?"

He flicked Green's forehead and went back to his laptop, loud rap music playing to whatever he was watching.

"....What the hell was that for?"

"Your stupidity."

"You're the one who stayed up in Mt. Silver for who knows how long."


Green groans, exasperated.

"Red, why are you so interested in 'c-walks'?"

"They're fun."

"...You mean you can c-walk? As in, you can dance?"


Red shuts his laptop down.

"If you're so interested, why don't I show you?"

He stands up and walks out the door without another word.

Green follows, intrigued.

"Here we go..."

Out on the pavement, Red positioned himself and turns on his PokePod.

As the music started, all he did was move his feet backwards and forwards.

"Is this all?"


Suddenly, the music's rhythm went up and Red started to move faster, crossing one leg to make a part twist with his heels, and then back to the forwards and backwards again.

"Ho-ly shiny Mew."

Red didn't reply, he just went to the beat of the music, and then moved his front leg left and his right on his heel, shortly being followed by his back leg.

Green whistled.

Red stopped.

"That's all I know for now."

"Pretty badass. I see what you mean now."

"I know."

Red walked back to where he was before.

"You're doing a small hop here and there you know. Right now."

"I know."

"You really like c-walks, don't you?"

"I know."

"Why won't you like me?"


Red faced Green.

"Learn to c-walk."

Green sighed. He had no time to learn how.

And Red knew that.

"You asshole."

Red kept walking forwards toward his room, ignoring him.

"See you later."

And he slammed his door shut.

Green buried his fingers in his hair.

"That douchebag."

He turned around and started walking the opposite way.

"...I heard that."

Red's face was next to Green's, his whisper right next to Green's ear.

It was so sudden Green nearly had a heartattack.

Red quickly gave him a peck on the forehead and turned back to his room.

He shut the door.

"What the hell? How'd you..."

Green covered his ear.

"Damn it Red, I can't figure you out anymore!"

A voice came from Red's room.

"Learn how to c-walk."

Yeah, sorry for the cwalk talk.

I love them, but i can't cwalk for my life.