Hi .my name is Isabella swan . I live with my dad Charlie here in Forks. My mum Renee and my brother Emmett live in Phoneix Arizona . My family is very lucky except for me . My dad is a very rich and powerful man he is the owner of big companies and one of the richest man in America .My mum rennee is a world wide famous fashion designer and she earns millions just like my dad. My brother is only 14 but he already is the high school the football captain. He is also very handsome and many girls find him cute. But i am 12 short, fat , wears big round glasses and you can say i look like a beachball . I've got frizzy hair and pale skin too pale. In other words i am UGLY.

I got my food from the cafeteria and started to walk towards an empty table near the bin. I kept my head down so i could ignore the dirty looks people were giving me. Suddenly i felt to pairs of arms push me down . I lost balance and fell . The custard from my cake was all over my new white top and my glasses were smashed. I groaned and saw 4 pairs of feet surrounding me. I looked up and stared into a pair of green emerald eyes. Cullen . Edward Cullen. ''WATCH WHERE YOU FALL SWAN '' he said. Rosalie the blond girl backed him up '' yeah we don't want your germs near us or you cause your dirty yourself'' Alice the short girl with spiky hair spoke up'' come on guys don't talk to her she's a waste of everyone's time '' Jasper the blond's twin brother put an arm round her and said '' go commit suicide swan'' a velety voice muttered hope someone rapes you oh wait no one would cause you're a ugly swan. '' they spat on me and walked off . I couldn't bear it anymore . I left the cafeteria running and crying . It was the last time i stepped foot in that cafeteria for a long time.

Charlie told me to go live with my mum since he couldn't bear to see me unhappy and hopefully Phoneix will be a fresh start for me . It was . My mum helped me . Ever since pubrty kicked me i changed. Reduced weight . Better eyesight. My skin was perfect . I was actually a bit pretty . I have even done some modelling for my mum . Yep .i know hard to believe right?MY BOTHER EMMETT AND I ARE VERY CLOSE I am 16 now . My mum wants me spend some time in forks now and that's were i'm going to forks . Bigger , better and prettier than ever.

Ugly duck turned into a beautiful swan.