B pov

I lead him into a closet and turned the lights stood far away from each other as possible. He was nervous ,he looked at me before sighing and starting his story.

'' First of all , I want to apologise to you Bella, I really should not have treated you that way and should not have said those horrible things I did … no one should put up with that. And I know that you probably hate my guts right now and I don't blame you but after you left Rosalie kinda went mental and started screaming at me and that was when I woke up. I realised what I had done.'' He looked at me now and asked'' do you remember when we first met?'' of course I did .How can you forget that moment you met the love of your life even if he turned out to be a bully .I wanted to say yes but I didn't want him to think that was an important part of my life. I looked at him emotionless and replied ''no''.He was hurt that I didn't remember but he continued on with the story .'' It was science, I was new to the school at that time and the teacher assigned you as my science partner. When I came and sat next to you ,you looked at me all smiling and happy and said ''' Hi, I'm Bella ,whats your name ? ''' '' Even though you were just introducing yourself what I saw in your eyes was kindness,purity and love. You see Bella , before I came to this school , In my old school I was best friends with this girl called Jane .And she was just like you , her eyes too showed kindness,purity and love. But you see she was an act , she only did that to get all my secrets before showing it to the whole school. What's worse was that I fell for it .Even though that didn't mean I wasn't popular or anything it hurt me Bella. I opened up to her in trust and she broke it. So when I looked at you that day you reminded me so much of her I was so blind .I only saw her when I saw you. I made you miserable just like I wanted her to be. After you left the cafeteria that day I went home only to Rosalie shouting and screaming at the others. When I walked through the doors she was the wake-up call I needed. I was too late to realise my mistake since you had left already. ''

By now he was crying. Tears came down those emerald eyes. '' I am so sorry Bella , please forgive me , I don't mind waiting a thousand years'' he whispered .I was weak at that moment. I could not believe the boy that had tormented me before was the same boy before me now. My heart was so weak now it was vulnerable .I felt pity ,the same pity one would feel watching a innocent lamb be hurt. I turned my heart to WAS EDWARD HURT ME .HE BEAT ME .HE HATES ME . I looked at him and spoke for the first time after entering the closet .'' Look Cullen, if you honestly think I am going to believe that sob story of yours ,think again. As if. do you think I was born yesterday to believe that you hurt me because I reminded you of a random weirdo that hurt you.? Seriously were you blind to realise I was not her ? I can see you're only doing this to get in my pants and let me tell you that is never gonna happen and neither am I ever going to forgive you.'' with that I walked off with my head held high in the air. I've wanted to do this for a long time so why is it I don't feel happy. I quickly shook away that thought. If he really did feel sorry for me he would've done what Rosalie did.


I Was so upset I went straight to my room and locked myself inside before crying myself to sleep. When I woke up I realised I had anew mail. I opened it up to find Rosalie. Rosalie was the nicest. Though she bullied me ,she only did it cause they forced her to. At first I didn't believe it but then I saw the hurt in her eyes when she did. Also I saw them asking her to. She refused but they kept insisting. It was a video message. I clicked play to find Rosalie seated in the bedroom she shared with Alice. She was crying.'' Oh Bella , I am so sorry for what I said to you today forced me Bella. Gosh I hate them but my brother likes them and I have to stay with him. I am so sorry for what they did Bella and if you hate me for what I said I understand.'' She was now in tears as she turned of the camera. I sighed. I typed an email to Rosalie saying I forgave her and she was only friend there and I would not be coming back to school . I sent that email .That was the last email and the last time I ever logged on to that account. I left everything behind.

As I walked to the parking lot , I realised Edward's eyes mirrored Rosalie's. They both had the same emotions swimming in them. But should I trust him ? Is he really sorry? Is anything he said true or a lie ? Who is this new Edward ?


I sat in the closet for who knows how long. I had just poured out my heart to Bella and she threw it back at me. This was not the Bella I knew before. The old Bella would have cradled me in her arms and forgave me but this Bella scoffed at me and my thoughts. I did not get angry at all. This new Bella was not my Bella. This new Bella was not Bella. I had bullied her into becoming this . I looked at myself in disgust and wished so much I could go back and change the past. Still sad I walked out and went to the parking lot to be greeted by a bubbly Alice. I started the car and closed the windows when I heard Lauren scream my name and run towards me. My family knew when and when not to mess with me. I pulled the car to reverse and drove out of the parking lot to home. The whole ride was silent. When I reached home I went straight to the piano room and started playing after locking the door behind me. My emotions flooded as melodies. Each note representing each tear that fell for my Bella.

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