Just a sweet, valentines one shot :) Jisbon! Obviously :P It's very short and sweet, but i hope you like it. I'm on a writing roll today!

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Valentine's Day. It's all fun and games for people madly in love with someone who's equally as in love back, but its like, designed to make people who are single feel bad. Not that it had really bothered her before, but... it was today. For some extremely unknown reason. It didn't have anything to do with anyone more... specific. Not at all. She knew what she couldn't have.

Ironically, today they'd investigated a dead girl, she'd only been 22, and had been engaged. It was her fiancé who had killed her. Because she hadn't made the arrangements she was supposed to for some aspect of the wedding... he'd beaten her to death. So much for love.

Just before she opened her office door, Jane approached her, it was just the two of them left now, everyone else had gone home – it hadn't been the easiest case. "You okay?" He asked softly,

"I'm fine, I'm glad we caught the son of a bitch,"

He nodded, smiling a little, "Me too... err, you haven't been in your office yet, have you?"

"What have you been doing in my office?" Her eyes narrowed suspiciously as she watched him.

He smiled at her, "You'll see,"

"If this is some kind of jo-"

"It's not a joke," he said, still smiling, "I'll see you tomorrow," he said, and to her surprise leant in and kissed her softly on the cheek, "Happy valentine's day," he said, walking away, still grinning cheekily she watched him leave with a bemused expression on her face that she seemed to especially reserve for Jane, completely unintentionally, of course.

Oh god. What had he done? Feeling quite dizzy all of a sudden, she cursed herself, this was stupid - he'd just kissed her on the cheek, for god's sake. She shouldn't have such a reaction, he was just playing games with her, and it was working. Just like it always did. She thought about the past year or so, had it really been that long? Since he started working with them, since they starting spending more and more time together. Since that smile... since he started to irritate her. She smiled, it's amazing the memories you can have of someone you've only known for a year. As much as he annoyed the hell out of her, she couldn't imagine not working with him now or not seeing him every day.

Deciding it was time she stopped thinking about him, before her mind to places she knew she couldn't go to... she walked into her office, curious to know what he'd done. Instead of any of the horrific images that had come to mind when she thought about practical jokes, Jane, and Valentines Day combined, all she saw was a single rose on her desk. It was yellow, with petals that merged into a beautiful pinky, red colour. She smiled at the sweet gesture, went to sit down. Picking the rose up, she admired it, it was beautiful, in full bloom. She had always loved roses. She knew all the colours had different meanings, but she didn't know what this one meant. Curious, she opened her laptop, and typed the search into google. Meanings of roses...

She scrolled down the page a little, red, pink, white, yellow... yellow with red tip. She smiled and a single tear escaped as she read the meaning:

Friendship, Falling in Love.

This changed a few things.

I liked the idea of a yellow with red tip rose, instead of red, because i think they're still falling love, more than in love :) But i hoped you all liked it! Pleease let me know and review! Be kind and loving, it is valentines day, it can be my present, reviews, far better than roses or chocolates! :P