She's… Buffy


I wanted to be just like her when we were little. I still kind of do sometimes. Even before she was the slayer, she was still different. She was still…Buffy. I always say that she sucks in the sister department but that isn't really true, when our parents were fighting or I had a bad dream, I would come in her room and she never got angry; she just smiled and pulled the covers back. I'm jealous and resentful, that's a little sister's sacred duty, but deep down I still know that I couldn't ask for a better sister, best friend, or protector; and come to think of it she's a way a better mom than our real one.


Buffy is… well she's like… she's just…Buffy. She pretty much defies explanation. If she were like everyone else she would've just done what Cordelia said instead sitting by me at lunch. She always said she wanted to be normal, but Slayer or not I don't think Buffy could ever be normal, she's so much more…Buffy. I have to admit, I get jealous sometimes. Boys just fall in love with her and she's totally oblivious to her charms! She's strong, really strong; but there's more to her success than that. It's like she has this endless reserve of power but she only uses what she needs. She may have died twice but no one has ever beaten her, she chose when she went down.


When I first saw her, I said and I quote "can I have you"! I mean… what?! I remember all the times she's saved me; praying mantis lady stands out the most; but the thing is no matter what she ALWAYS saved me, and most of the time it was my own fault I needed saving in the first place but she NEVER held it over my head. I fell in love with her then and I'm still not over her, I tried to find someone else but no other girl was like her, let's face it no other life-form could ever match up to her. She's just so…Buffy. She's confident and quirky and witty and a bunch of other stuff we haven't invented words for. I don't deserve her; I know that I'm not an idiot. Okay I am an idiot, but what I was saying is that no one deserves her. No one on earth could ever be good enough for her, because she's not like us, but she's Buffy, which means not loving her isn't physically possible.


When I first met her I was shocked. She wasn't what a slayer was supposed to be at all! She was rebellious and un-disciplined and far too 'witty' for my tastes. She mocked me endlessly, and looking back I was clearly out of my mind to try to control her, but I was foolish then. I thought I was older and wiser than her. I was only half right. She spouted out wisdom without knowing she was doing it. I remember the one and only time I tried to forbid her to do something her answer was a very sassy "and you'll be stopping me…how?" I had absolutely no answer to that. I soon came to realize that the reason Buffy didn't fit the bill for a slayer was because she wasn't one. She was THE slayer. She was Buffy.