Hmmm…. What to say about B…? She's persistent; I'll give her that much, always trying to save me from myself. She always tried to help me… until I messed with Angel then she stabbed me. Even then she didn't really want to kill me. If B really wanted to kill me I'd be long dead, I've accepted that. I pretended I didn't understand why Angel wanted her over me, but it made perfect sense. She's Buffy, nuff said.


I wanted her. I couldn't have her. I tried to suck the world into hell. She kicked my ass. It was kinda hot. I still want her. I still can't have her.

If I ever get out again I'll try a different approach, the whole torturing you until you give up thing didn't seem to do anything for Buff. Go figure. I don't want to kill her. I don't want to hurt her. I want to want to, I should want to, but I don't. I love her. She's Buffy, how could I not?


She saved my life… over and over again. You have no idea how many of my dreams she starred in when we were in high school. And college. And now, but I digress. Every town has one girl that's untouchable. One girl that's sweet and funny and quirky and feisty. Multiply that girl by about a thousand and you have HER. Or you have something close to it anyway. I don' think there's a formula for her. She's for too… Buffyish to be so easily explained.


The first time I met Buffy she threw me up against a wall. It was odd and startling. I think I might be the only guy that's met her and hasn't attempted to get in her pants (except for Giles but that just goes without saying) which is understandable, but I prefer red-heads. The first time I saw Buffy after sleeping with Veruca, my life flashed before my eyes. Later, before I left town I asked why what I had done had been worse than what Willow had done. I knew it was I just wasn't sure why. She explained that A Willow kissed Xander, I had sex with Veruca. B since Willow and I had slept together… it made something different. One of those girl code things. And finally C once Willow and I got back together if I ever screwed up again she would… do things that I am comfortable repeating. Buffy isn't like other girls. Buffy is Buffy, and Buffy often frightens me.