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Missions: A Message

Sabena leans against the closed door behind her. She closes her eyes for moment. With determined face she walks to her room. But she not enters. She just stands in front of the door. She inhale and then said "I know you don't like to wait. Can we start now?" the door opens and a masked man came out.

He is taller than her. Wearing dark green robe and dark boot, half face covered by mask but she knows the man has good looking face. His hair is dark brown and through his mask, she sees light blue eyes shining in warm but mischievous ways. He is smart -- she knew it for sure. "Shall we?" he asks Sabena to lead the way.

Both walk to the chamber where Levi, Jet and Droy were in before. "I won't be long. Just a couple minutes" said the man. "It's up to you. But I wont be here when you came out" replied Sabena. "What, you gonna leave me here?" tease the man. Sabena just smile and open the door. "Bye" she said shortly and spun then leaves. The man enters the chamber and shut the door. Less than an hour, the door open and he came out with nothing in his hand.

Gray walk past the hill quickly. He left Wendy and Charlie behind. He needs to hurry while Wendy's little step can't follow him quickly. Sure Charlie can fly but she won't be able to carry Wendy all along. Gray felt bad about this though. He just wants to go alone but since it was Makarov's order, he takes Wendy with him. Also, he wasn't going on a mission. He's here to meet someone.

They; Gray, Wendy and Charlie are in Garuna Island. A day before, a half burn magic crane landed in Gray's hand. From the color and material, Gray suspected it was a message from Leon. The suspicion seems correct since the burnt only left "…… Garuna………..Deliora………important…….you". Who else beside Gray and some mages in Fairy Tail Guild beside Lucy, Natsu, Erza and Makarov know about Deliora's incident in Garuna Island. From it conditions, looks like someone tried to burn the message before it can reach Gray; which makes Gray think it must be something important.

What did Leon do in Garuna? Their last encounter dealing with nirvana had proven that Leon is friend and why someone tried to destroy this message? Is he in danger? Many questions flew in his mind. He knows Leon is strong but it doesn't mean he can't hurt or beaten up. Besides, the guild has problem itself. Many incidents occur and the guild had amount of mission's request to overcome the problem. He can't leave now. Not when they need back up as much as possible. But still, it bothered him.

He struggle with the desire to jump off and went to Garuna Island as fast as he can or stayed and help his comrade. But when he looks up and his eyes met Makarov's, he knows what he will do. It never been spoken but Makarov gave his permission to leave. So Gray went and Makarov told to takes Wendy with him in case Leon was hurt and besides, it was not a mission so it won't be dangerous for Wendy who still inexperience in battle.

The journey itself was done well until they got shoved by tidal wave which crushes their boat and sent them landing in opposite side of the island which makes them more far from the ruin that Gray's last visited with Natsu and Lucy. They had walk for almost a day and Gray had told Wendy about their last adventure in Garuna Island. Helping the villager who though their self as human, about Deliora and their clash with Leon. He even promised to takes Wendy to visiting the demon villager after he met with Leon.

"Are we there yet?" Wendy's voice wakes his mind. Gray stops and he just realize that she looks tired. Wendy, not get the answer, set her gaze to Gray.

"Uh? Is something wrong? We're not lost aren't we?" asked her with slightly frown in her feature. Gray smiles to see that expression. "What!!?" asked Wendy. "Nothing" replied Gray. He scanned around and sees the ruin. It is not far from their stop but still far enough to Wendy.

"You see that ruin over there?" said Gray while his hand aiming some point. Wendy can't see from where she stands but Charlie gives a nod saying it's there.

"I need to go there as soon as possible but I can't take you" before Charlie and Wendy went to protest, Gray continued his speech. "I know you've tired and need a rest. I won't force you to walk and I know Charlie can't carry you until we go there. Beside, we don't know what have waited there and I don't want to risk our life by getting ambush while you possibly can't fight" he stops to take a breath.

"What kind of man are you? Leaving two ladies here alone" yelled Charlie

"Correct me. A little girl and her talking flying cat" said Gray. "Look. This is for your sake. Besides, I won't just leave you like this. I will make protection for you both"

"Protection? What do you mean?" asked Wendy. "And do we need that?" added Charlie.

"Dunno. Just in case. This is new magic I've learned recently. I never use it before but I can guarantee it's safe and able to protect you from any attack" said Gray

"Any attack?" said Charlie in her sarcasm voice.

"I don't have chance to test it okay? But I'm sure it strong. Just believe me" replied Gray. It's true he doesn't test it yet but he believes in his ability.

"Lets give it a try" Wendy looks in his eyes and he know she believe him. Charlie doesn't say anything but if Wendy wants to try it, she will too. "What should we do then?" asked her.

"Just sat and relax. And Charlie, you don't need to flying around. Just be near Wendy. I will set "barrier" around you" replied Gray. Wendy looking a comfortable spot to sat and soon Charlie was beside her. Gray takes couple backward steps. He makes presume distance and concentrate.

In a minutes, a dust of ice appear and it moving around Wendy and Charlie, surrounding them. Then it concentrates and an ice shield appears parts Gray with Wendy and Charlie. At first it was a shield but then it grows higher, wider and thicker. It stops growing and soon Charlie and Wendy found them self inside a small dome of ice. The dome is beautiful. The material of ice glowing and the sunlight reflection made Wendy and Charlie see the colorful roof.

"It's beautiful" as Wendy sees the entire dome with awe expression, Gray just smile and return to his concentration. "It's not finish yet" as Gray said that, the dome's thicker ice become thinner until it becomes transparent and suddenly it disappear. The small dome disappears and nothing left. It just three of them stand and no trace of anything happens.

"Huh? I though we just inside a dome aren't we?" confused Wendy while she looks around.

"Indeed. We still inside it" said Charlie wile her hand touch something icy. Wendy looks at Charlie's direction and sees something glitter in her hand. She walks and stands beside Charlie and takes her hand in front and touches something cold and hard. Then she saw the glitter again. At that point, knowledge rise in her mind and she cried in disbelief

"This is invisible ice dome you made!! Awesome!! I don't know you can made kind like this"

"And it's strong. I'm sure about that. And even if this dome can't stand the attack, I will be here to save you soon so you don't need to worry." It feels good to have someone flatter you. Really.

"Eh, you will be here to save us? How come? How you will know if the dome can't stand the attack?" confused, Wendy and Charlie exchange looks. "I mean, we are here while you are there and we apart so how you will know?" she continued.

"See this?" he shows something in his hand. Charlie and Wendy not sure about what they see. It seems like a thread. White thread. Almost invisible but if you squint enough you will see the thread came from Gray's left palm and down to the invisible dome. Gray opens his palm so Wendy and Charlie can see it. As Wendy came closer, she forgets about the invisible dome and got her head bump. "Ouch..." she gasps and rubs his forehead. For second she feels she saw the thread change its color.

"See, when you made contact with the dome, this thread become darker. I just realize it when Charlie touch it at first, then you, and when you got your head bump into it, it became more darker than when you touch it" he explains.

"So... if the thread becomes darker than it just shows, you will assume that something or someone tried to destroy this barrier? And you will come to rescue us? Not bad" add Charlie.

"Glad you understand it. Now I must go. You just relax here. I'll be back as soon as possible" Gray starts to run after he said that. He needs to hurry now since he can leave Wendy and Charlie without fear being in danger. He just don't know someone had watching them from very start and heard everything.

"Charlie just watch Gray going in hurry. "Why he is so hurry? We're not in a mission or kind like that.." before she finished, Wendy cut her out "because he wants to meet his friend and he worried about him". Charlie just shrugged his shoulder. "Whatever. Besides, I don't have anything to do with his friend" Wendy smiles and said happily "just wait here then if he had finished his business we can go around this island. I want to see demon's village and meet the villagers there. It will be fun". Charlie just gives shortly "okay" then she sat besides Wendy. She just hopes they can leave soon because she felt uneasy for something she even doesn't know why and what for.

Gray doesn't feel walk anymore. he run as fast as he can. Something uneasy about the ruin when he came closer make him fastened his pace. He just hopes nothing bad happen to Leon. After all he is "brother" to him. Only he and Leon who left from Ur's life and only he and Leon who had precious memory about Ur. The tension somehow made gray's habit of shirtless forgotten.

Closer to the entrance, Gray sees someone standing and blocking the entrance. He slowed down his pace. Upon closer, he recognizes the person is Leon. He seems waiting for him. And he's okay too. No sign of wound or injury he might get and no sign of battle. And he already sees Gray as he walks closer, Leon just said "did you bring it?"

It only five minutes but Charlie had already bored just staying here. She sign and hope Gray will back soon because she bored. Wendy, in other hand sat in quiet and she seems drowsy. The air around them is cool while actually it rather hot outside but after all they are inside ice dome. Ice makes the air cool and refreshed. Charlie caresses Wendy's hair while she watching the little girl yawns.

"Did you realize it?" mumble Wendy in his sleepy state

"What?" asked Charlie

"Gray use his magic without using his voice and he use only one hand"

"Such a smart little girl to realize that, aren't you?"

A smooth calm and deep voice startled both. Wendy and Charlie see a man with black robe and cape standing near them. They can't see his face and they don't know who he is. They can't felt his presence before and not even now. They can see the man but Charlie can't felt his aura.

"He just a shadow. Don't worry" whisper Charlie

"I'm not worried" it's true. Somehow, Wendy doesn't felt the man is a threat.

The man just stands there. He doing nothing. Just watch them. Then suddenly he spoke.

"Hey little girl, will you help me?" his calm voice wakes Wendy as she just unconsciously nod

"Tell that boy he must doing better than this and also, you better not waste your time for sight seeing. He needs to prepare. I really appreciate if you told him this. Thank you" as the word spoken, the man vanishes into smoke and he completely disappears with his last word.

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