This is my first True Blood story – here is a brief background;

The main characters are Eric Northman and O/C Lillie Carter

Sookie Stackhouse doesn't exist, although Jason does.

Lillie is just a 'normal' human girl and has no powers, she is 28, small and slim, blonde with green eyes. She's been a resident in Bon Temps for a little over two years now – she arrived just before the vampires "came out the coffin" and into the human world. Lillie works at Merlotte's and lives in a two bedroomed house about a 20 minutes walk away.

Apart from the vampires there are no other known "creatures" in existence at this point.

OK – well, I hope you all enjoy this chapter and please take the time to review – good or bad I want to hear it......

Chapter 1

Another hot and humid day in Bon Temps and Lillie Carter had just driven in her yellow Datsun, which had certainly seen better days, to work. Today's shift began at 2pm and Lillie knew she wouldn't be leaving much before twelve thirty.

Sam Merlotte – her very sweet natured boss and owner of Merlotte's was out for the day, but on the up side, she was working alongside her Arlene, Amy and Tara – who were friend's before work colleagues.

"Heya Hun!" Arlene grinned at Lillie as she entered Merlotte's. Merlotte's – with it's same old customers and familiar surroundings – Lillie felt sometimes as if her days and nights just merged into one. Considering the time of day the place seemed pretty quiet. Lillie grabbed her small, black apron from behind the bar and with her hands behind her back she tied it up, neatly around her waist.

"Hi Arlene, everything OK here?"

"Yeah, it's been real quiet". Arlene continued in her southern drawl. She was in her mid-forties with cascading, red hair and a slim physique. Her fourth Wedding to a decent guy called Carl, was taking place in just over a months time.

Lillie hadn't lived in Bon Temps for long – just over two years now. Her birthplace and the place that she had spent her twenty six years was California. She had lost her parents in a flash flood, and her Engagement had ended, and those unfortunate circumstances had brought her to Bon Temps.

The money which she had received from her parents and her savings had been enough to buy the small house in which she now lived. It wasn't anything special, but to Lillie it was home.

Lillie had fitted into Bon Temps well and most of the employees and patrons of Merlotte's had said that they couldn't recall what it was like without her. She was a sweet person who would have done pretty much anything for anyone.

Her love life was non-existent – this was her choice and and one she was happy with. Many regular customers and guys passing through had asked her out but she declined each offer.

"Right, I've decided where I want to go for my Batchelorette party!" Arlene stated, later that afternoon. Tara was serving behind the bar and Amy and Lillie were either waiting for their customers to finish eating so they could clear the table or waiting for Merlotte's cook – Lafayette to finish up his dishes so they could be served.

"Should we be worried?" Amy smiled. Amy was was 26 and was an attractive girl with dark, brown hair. Unlike Lillie she had been on many dates with local men and continued to do so.

"Well, I'm not sure.....I want to go to that vamp bar in Shreveport – Fangtasia I think it's called".

"Whoa!!! I'm 'not' going to any vampire bar!" Amy was quick to state.

"What the hell d'ya wanna go to a vampire bar for??" Tara, replied in amazement.

"Fangtasia??" Was all Lillie could manage. She was more than a little surprised at Arlene's venue choice, as she had made it pretty popular knowledge that she wasn't at all keen on vampires, not that any had stepped foot in Merlotte's, or even Bon Temps for all anyone knew!

"Who would call a vampire bar Fangtasia?!" Lillie now smiled, the name seemed to get funnier each time she said it!

"They sell t-shirts and and caps....and I kinda want one..." Arlene said, pathetically.

"Can't we just go get you the shit you want and be done?" Amy said.

"Can we just go for an hour....please?" Arlene has now resorted to begging. Lillie put up her hands defensively. "I'm not really fussed – I'll go!" She declared.

"Thank You Lil!" Arlene smiled,. She had a good friend (and occasional babysitter!) in Lillie and she knew it.

"OK – fine, I'll go but not cause' I want to!" Tara said. All three waitresses looked to Amy.

"OK, OK – I'll go, but I'm staying for an hour and that's it!"

"We shouldn't tell Sam about this". Lillie said. "Y'know how he worries".

"He only worries about 'you'!" Tara winked.

"He does not!" Lillie replied, sharply.

Almost every resident in Bon Temps knew Sam had feelings for Lillie – all except Lillie that is.

The rest of the day and evening was un-eventful and Friday evening came around quickly.

Lillie had made arrangements to meet at Arlene's with Tara, Amy and a couple of Arlene's girlfriends.

Most of the day, Lillie had spent deliberating over what to wear to Fangtasia, and had eventually decided on a white 50's style halter neck dress, which was decorated with bunches of small, red flowers. The bust area was rouched and cupped her already generous sized breasts perfectly. Her outfit was completed with red, round toe shoes and a red, bead bracelet which Lillie adored as it had belonged to her mother. She had decided to wear her shoulder length, blonde hair down and she curled it into waves, her make up she kept simple – mascara, blusher and a pink lip gloss.

Once she was ready, she took a look at herself in the full length mirror – she was 'always' self critical of herself. Did she look OK for a vampire/tourist bar? Did she look like vampire bait? Lillie wasn't sure, but it was almost eight o'clock and she was already running late so she grabbed her red clutch bag, left her home and climbed into the cab which she had pre-ordered earlier in the day.

During the short journey to Arlene's, Lillie suddenly began to feel a little nervous – she felt butterflies in her tummy and I guess you could say a little nauseas. She mentally scolded herself and decided that if she really felt uncomfortable there, she would leave and Arlene would have to get over it!

It had turned nine when the girls arrived at 'Fangtasia'. Just seeing the word lit up in blood red bought a smile to Lillie's lips. 'So cheesy!', she thought.

Arlene had already began drinking earlier in the evening and was already fairly tipsy when they arrived.

The exterior of the bar did nothing to make any of the girls feel more comfortable to go inside. The entrance was only a small doorway, with a red canopy above it. All down the front were blacked out windows. The door was open as wide as it could be and was quilted with black leather. Amy took a look of disgust – it reminded her of the inside of a coffin.

The girls joined the queue of around ten people. Lillie was surprised at the variety of different people – there were of course the 'Fang bangers', who were people who actually enjoyed being used for their blood by vampires and if sex was on the agenda too, they were in heaven! There were couples, people with a 'lot' of tattoos, a lot of people dressed all in black and girls like her. As the girls moved up the line, Lillie couldn't help but notice the woman at the door. She must be a vampire Lillie thought – the owner, maybe? There was no mistaking the fact that she was gorgeous – tall, slim with dirty blonde coloured hair, which was perfectly pinned up in a small pleat. She was dressed in a skin tight sleeveless, leather dress, with a bust that rivalled Lillie's. Her outfit was completed with elbow length, matching leather fingerless gloves, pointed, black heels and a slick of red lipstick.

As the girls nervously neared the entrance, the woman at the door stepped in front of Tara.

"Can I see your ID?" She asked, well more demanded, Lillie thought.

"Err..yeah, sure. I haven't been Id'd for a while". Tara remarked, as she rummaged through her bag.

"I can no longer tell human ages". Came the reply from the woman. As Lillie looked to her she smiled, falsely, revealing her fangs. Lillie heard Amy take a breath at the sight of the sharp, ivory points. Lillie did feel her heart skip a beat, but not in a fearful way, which she was surprised at.

The girls were authorised to enter 'Fangtasia' – and they did so with trepidation. All except Arlene as she had already had far too much to drink already.