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Chapter 30

Lillie made her way home after she had eaten breakfast. She made sure that she gave Sam a huge hug to say 'Thank You' for all that he had done for her.

Sam sighed as he watched Lillie drive away. On his return to his trailer, he unintentionally made his way to the bedroom. He hadn't allowed Lillie to make the bed before she left. He sat down on the part of the bed where she had slept, just an hour or so ago. He continued to brush his hand across the barely warm sheets. Without hesitation he picked up the pillow and brought it to his nose and inhaled where she had been. It smelt of Lillie – her clean hair and the comforting smell of her perfume. He couldn't let her be drawn into the World of vampires. She was worth more than that. Sam decided there and then that he could and would offer her everything she would want. He was now more determined than ever to make her realise that it was him she needed.

Lillie enjoyed having the day to herself. She deliberately kept herself busy ; washing and ironing mainly, but she also managed to fit a little gardening in.

She had a relaxing soak in the bath before getting ready for Merlottes.

Sam had sent her a few text messages during the day, checking that was okay and asking her to contact him immediately if she needed to.

As Lillie grabbed her bag, ready to leave for the evening, she caught her reflection in the mirror that hung over the fireplace. She knew she had put a little more make up on that usual and she had curled her blonde hair. Deep inside she also knew that the one reason that she had made more of an effort than usual was in case Eric came to see her. As she stared back at her reflection, she thought about how she would face if the Sheriff didn't come to see her? Her stomach flipped slightly at that thought. She was pissed at the vampire, but the thought of not
seeing him again bought more than a bad taste to her mouth. But, Lillie forced a smile, opened the door and left the house. She 'needed' to get to work ; she needed to do something 'normal' and more importantly she wanted to have her friends around her and, in particular, Sam.

Merlottes was busy when Lillie arrived. Lafayette was cooking in the kitchen, Arlene was dashing about the place and Tara and Sam where behind the bar.

After storing her bag and putting on her apron, Lille joined the business of the bar and began by taking an order from a table of two women.

Before she knew where the evening had gone it was past eleven and the bar had emptied considerably.

Sam had allowed Arlene to go home and after Tara had cleared and tidied what she could, she too had left for the night.

Lillie cleared up and Sam had told Lafayette to go home.

"Lil, you okay?" Sam asked, as he was emptying the cash register of the nights takings.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Came her somewhat void toned reply. In all honesty, she was surprised that she had not heard anything from Eric. Now anger had started to set in and she felt more pissed that the vampire hadn't contacted her.

"You don't sound fine." Sam said. "Drink?" He added, holding up a bottle of Jack Daniels.

"Y'know what, Yes, I will have a drink." She replied. Sam's smiled did not go un-noticed.

"Let me put this in the safe. You take the bottle and go to my trailer – we'll sit on the porch. It's a nice night and we need the fresh air." Sam almost beamed.

Lillie did as Sam asked and he wasn't long to join her, taking a seat in one of the tattered, wooden chairs on his porch.

Lillie had put her feet up on the little wall surrounding Sam's abode and she sipped her drink – feeling it burn all the way down from the tip of her tongue to the depths of her stomach.

The pair remained silent for a short while – Lillie enjoyed the view of the starlit sky and Sam enjoyed having the girl he loved right beside him.

"Eric hasn't been in touch." Lillie eventually broke the silence.

Sam felt a pang of hatred immediately, at hearing just the vampires name.

"Did you expect him to?" His blue eyes looking into Lillie's green ones.

"I don't know? I guess I did." She replied. Sam sensed the disappointment in her tone.

"I am..." Sam started, but was suddenly interrupted.

"You guessed right." Came Eric's almost smug reply to Lillie.

Lillie did not move from the chair, but Sam couldn't help but put this drink down and stand up.

"I assume you've calmed down and we can talk rationally this evening." Eric continued, not taking his gaze from Lillie.

"Calmed down maybe, but not sure I really want to discuss anything with you." Lillie calmly replied, taking another sip of her beverage.

"You may as well be on your way vampire. I don't think there's anything for you here." Sam said, standing firm with his hands on his hips – almost a protective action displayed for the girl next to him ; who had now also put her drink down and stood up.

For a moment, Lillie contemplated going somewhere with Eric for him to explain his actions, but she had a much better way of letting him do that in an environment that he would 'hate.'

"Anything you want to say to me can be said in front of Sam." She replied.

It didn't go un-noticed how handsome Eric looked against the darkness of the night ; tight fitting black trousers, black boots and a very smart leather jacket with his usual trademark back vest underneath. His hair almost seemed to gleam under the twinkling stars.

Although, Eric didn't want to discuss any matters in front of Sam, he didn't lose his smile.

"Very well." He replied, not even acknowledging Sam's presence. "I'm guessing you left Fangtasia in such a hurry because you 'assumed' I was fucking that cheap whore who I took back to my office." Lillie noted how calm Eric's demeanour was, unlike Sam who shifted at the vampires statement.

"Was I supposed to think something different?" Lillie replied, trying her hardest to shadow Eric's calmness.

"I have to show my authority, and since I hadn't fed from you I needed sustenance."

"You're letting him feed from you now?" Sam said, sharply.

"No, I'm..."

"Our relationship has nothing to do with you Merlotte – the quicker you get it into your head that Lillie is making love with me and not you, the better it will be for everyone!" Eric said, baring his teeth.

"Have you driven here?" Lillie said to Eric, confusing the two men with the change of conversation."


"I can't drive as I've had a drink. Take me home and we'll talk." Lillie said.

"Lil, I think you need to consider this." Sam said, turning to her with pleading eyes.

"Sam, I'll be fine. Eric and I do need to talk. Thanks for the drink." She said as she moved towards him, placing a soft kiss on his stubbly cheek. She was sure she heard Eric take a sharp in-take of breathe at the kiss.

With that she stepped off the porch and stood in front of the very large vampire

"Well? Are you going to take me home or not?" She said.

"As you wish." Eric smiled and in vampire speed, too quick for Sam to see, Eric pulled Lillie to him and the pair shot into the night sky.

For several moments, Sam stared at the spot that Lillie had just seconds ago left. He sighed, sat back down and poured himself a large glass of Jack.

As Eric landed softly at Lillie's front door, he released her small form.

"Jeez, my stomach hates that way of travel." She turned and fished in her bag for her keys.

"Can I come in?" Eric asked.

"Can I stop you?"

Eric followed Lillie inside and to the kitchen.

"True Blood?" She asked, opening the fridge.

"Did you say 'your' blood?"


"Then True Blood it is."

As Lillie retrieved the bottle from the fridge, she could almost hear Eric smile with his reply.

Lillie poured herself a home-made glass of lemonade and sat at the kitchen table. Eric shadowed her and sat opposite.

"Well, what do you want to discuss?" Eric began.

Lillie noted how his large form made her furniture appear to be too small for him.

"The blood thing and feeding – I'm just confused to how I feel with all this?"

"And, what do you suggest?" Eric replied.

Lillie remained silent for a few minutes.

"I would like a break from all things...vampire...from you."

"You don't sound so sure?"

Eric was right, she wasn't sure. "That's why I need to have some time away from you, to see how I feel."

"How long?"

Jeez, he was relentless at times.

"I don't know? Maybe a few days, a couple of weeks? Just till I get my head around all of this.

"Sounds fair." Eric continued, leaning so far back in the chair he occupied that Lillie was worried that the back wouldn't take his weight.

The silence that ensued was awkward and put Lillie on edge.

"So you want me to leave?"Eric finally spoke, ending the silence and allowing Lillie to let go of the breathe she didn't even realise she was holding.


Eric remained deadpan in both his tone and expression, not giving any feelings away.

"I give you ten days. If I haven't heard from you by that time, I will be in touch."

Lillie nodded and folded her arms across her chest. As much as she wanted to ask Eric to stay , or for a last kiss, she didn't. As he left his seat so did Lillie. The Sheriff stood mere inches in front of her and in just a moment he leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to her cheek, and without saying another word he left, leaving Lillie tenderly touching her cheek where his lips had just been. She wondered if this might have been the worst decision of her life...