Born To Make You Happy

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Author's note: This is my first Sess/Kag story. Check out the prologue. =)

~ Prologue ~

She fought with a reason, fought for those close to her heart. Her eyes shone with anger as she wielded a weapon of determination and wore a shield of truth.

Sango stared out the window of her plane as their flight got ready for its takeoff. The flickering lights of tall buildings far away, reminded her of tiny jewels.

A jewel...

That's where everything had started.

She felt a small tap on her left shoulder. "Mom..." She turned and smiled down at her 6-year old daughter, Sachi. "Are we there yet?" Sango heard Miroku chuckle at their daughter's innocent curiosity from the other side.

Sango shook her head and bent down to place a brief kiss on her forehead, "No pumpkin, it'll be a while before we get there."

Sachi had a thoughtful look on herself as she considered this. After few seconds, Sango felt another tap on her shoulder. "Mom...How long is a while?"

Miroku couldn't hold it anymore as he started laughing out loud, turning few heads in the process. Sango smiled and brushed few hair strands away from Sachi's eyes and locked it safe behind her ear. "It'll take about 8 hours." Sachi considered this as she held up her ten fingers and started counting.

Sango and Miroku watched their little angel trying to figure out how long 8 hours were and smiled lovingly at each other.

Kohaku, Sango's younger brother, now in his early twenties yawned from Sango's other side, "Sachi, 8 hours are a long, long time."

Sachi stopped counting and stared between her dad, mom and Kohaku. After few seconds, she sighed in defeat and slumped back into her seat. Miroku seeing his daughter upset bumped his shoulder to hers teasingly, "What's wrong?"

Sighing in disappointment she answered, "It's boring."

Miroku chuckled. "And what can we do to make it a little bit less boring?"

Sachi's eyes shone with excitement as she sat up in her seat and turned to face Sango, "Then mom, can you please tell me a story?"

"A story?"

Sachi nodded her head, "Mom said she couldn't tell me why we were going to Tokyo because it is a long story. Since we have a long time until we get there, mom can tell me that story."

Sango looked between Sachi and Kohaku, who also looked somewhat interested in the story. She sighed in defeat as Miroku gave her his puppy eyes. Although he was once part of this story along with her, he loved hearing it nonetheless.

She stared out the window again, getting a faraway look she always got when she remembered her...

"A long, long time ago, there once lived a powerful priestess named Midoriko. She was a beautiful lady with hair like coal and eyes so pure like honey. She lived in a small village and protected it from any evil creeping outside of the village walls. Those who saw her fight with spiritual powers not only to subdue demons, but to purify them as well said only one thing.

"She was a legend.

"One day a youkai named Lord Tadao was passing by the village when he saw Midoriko fighting six youkai by herself. He was mesmerized by both her fighting abilities and her beauty. It was a love at first sight for Lord Tadao. Without a second thought, he joined Midoriko's side to defeat the youkai.

"Midoriko, not expecting anyone to aid her in the battle, much less a powerful and handsome youkai, also developed a soft spot for the Lord. They stayed together for a long while even after they won the battle. Midoriko fell deeply in love with him, just as he did with her.

"When Lord Tadao felt the time was right, he mated and marked Midoriko as his. The news of their Lord mating a powerful priestess travelled through lands faster than the wind. And soon it reached the ears of his childhood companion, Inutaisho.

"Lord Inutaisho was thrilled to hear the news and travelled with his mate and their young pup Sesshomaru, to Lord Tadao's lands to congratulate him. As days passed by Midoriko became pregnant with Tadao's pup. The two lords celebrated the whole night and decided to get their children betrothed if the said pup was a female.

"Midoriko and Tadao lived happily together as months passed by. They waited patiently for their daughter to be born, as Midoriko felt it to be a female.

"A month before their daughter was going to be born came a great battle. Wanting to aid her mate, Midoriko dressed herself in miko robes and old armor, and wielding only a single sword, she began battling countless demons.

"She fought hard and with determination to win with her daughter in her womb. The battle raged on for 7 days and nights, until finally the many demons she fought formed into one, a great demon. When by the end of the battle the great demon got her into its jaws, Midoriko felt something powerful stir from inside her womb. That something was Shikon Jewel or Shikon no Tama. Midoriko imprisoned herself inside of the Jewel along with the great demon. When—"

"Wait a second." Sango stopped in the middle of the next sentence when she heard Kohaku interrupt. "Didn't you say Midoriko was pregnant with a daughter? What happened to the daughter when she sealed herself and the great demon? Did she seal her daughter in the Jewel too?"

Sango smiled at her brother.

"That's what we are going to see. This is the story of legendary Midoriko's daughter named Kagome..."

Kagome Higurashi, who became a legend herself.

Author's Note: I hope you guys liked the prologue. Let me know if I should continue or not. If you are interested I'll upload the first chapter soon.