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~ His Acknowledgement ~

He nods, a movement so soft, so quiet

He knows it's a mistake...

But He doesn't care

She has earned it all

His acceptance...His acknowledgement


His golden eyes were wide with surprise. Never in his entire life of countless years had he seen anyone move so fast!

"I am sorry." He heard Higurashi chuckle. "I don't think I heard you properly. Can you repeat who is a sissy again?"

The Inuyoukai didn't even bother masking the look of pleasant surprise on his face when his senses registered the purifying power that caused Horyenki's bodyguards death.

A miko...


"I am sorry." Kagome chuckled, pressing her two daggers further into the neck of shocked youkai at her mercy, "I don't think I heard you properly. Can you repeat who is a sissy again?"

She turned her attention to the hundreds of youkai standing before her, "Make a single move and your leader dies." No one could doubt her words, her seriousness, her clear warning.

The dragon youkai trembled for few seconds.

Kagome smirked. She didn't need so called superior-youkai-senses to know what the dragon youkai was feeling. It was pretty evident.

The trembling got more vigorous.

Kagome was taken aback when she realized that the dragon youkai wasn't trembling in fear.


He was laughing. Chuckling slowly as the daggers pressed against his neck didn't allow him much of free willed movements.

"What kind of twisted sadist are you?" Kagome said in annoyance, pressing her daggers further into his neck to stop his annoying chuckles. "Laughing at the time of your death?"

"Who said I am laughing at my death?" The youkai hissed as the words left his mouth, causing his neck pain due to its movement against sharp dagger blades.

"Then what are you laughing at, bastard?"

"Laughing at yours and your ignorant boss's death, you low breed," Horyenki said with malice dripping at his every word. "Do you think where my late dear friend's ever-so-perfect son is concerned, I would leave any stone unturned? Do you think I wouldn't have expected this outcome? And do you possibly think I wouldn't have thought of its counter-attack? Do you think I am stupid to be defeated at the hands of such inferior being as yourself?"

As the last words left Horyenki's mouth, Kagome watched in bewilderment as the large wooden doors that had closed upon their arrival into the mansion opened.

There they were...Fighting for their lives, trying their hardest not to lose against hundreds of youkai surrounding them...Her colleagues, her companion, her team who she had come to call "friends" in these past few days.

She could see Sango fighting with all her might, using her massive boomerang made of purified demon bones with most amazing skills that only she knew. Alongside of her was Miroku, using his spells and creating illusions to confuse the enemy so that Inuyasha and Sango can use it to their advantage.

Kikyo was working behind them all, chanting spells and prayers to raise an army of dead around them all. They weren't many in numbers but the few that did raise, were doing a wonderful job of protecting her friends from any direct blow from the enemy youkai.

Kagome couldn't help but notice that her friends were wearing out. They all, except Inuyasha, were humans after all. They didn't have the energy to keep up with such numerous amount of youkai attacking them all at once. She knew they wouldn't last long. They needed help.

"Oh that is not all." Horyenki interrupted her deep thoughts. "Look." He pointed at the screen behind them. Kagome turned in a swift motion, yanking the dragon youkai along with her. There were her friends, fighting just like they were doing outside of the mansion walls. Then all of the sudden, the camera zoomed out, her friends looking smaller and smaller by each second. Few seconds later, all she could see were clouds. The camera then changed its point of view and turned left. Kagome held her breath. There was another batch of hundreds of youkai floating in the air above the clouds. They were waiting...

"If you kill me, they will know. That is their signal to charge. Your companions don't stand a chance. They all will be killed. Are you willing to put their lives in danger just so that you can kill me, you pathetic human?"

The blue-eyed miko was no longer listening to him. He was the least of her concern right now. Her friends' lives were in danger and she felt as helpless as the day of her mother's murder. A low shiver crept through her spine as her old wound opened up once again, smelling as fresh as ever. Kagome found it hard to breathe...Her breaths coming short and quick. Flashes of her mother's dead body in her arms filled her mind. All she could hear was her mother's piercing screams as she was stabbed again and again until every bit of energy had left her body. Sesshoumaru's beautiful yet malice grinning face shadowed her memories now.

"Higurashi!" Came a sharp voice through her hypervigilance, bringing her out of her traumatic anxiety episode.

She stared at the owner of the voice, just like she had at the day of her mother's murder. His face was still just as beautiful. His eyes gold as ever. But something was missing. She had felt it the day she had seen his face on internet. Something wasn't quite right. Things weren't adding up in her head.

She searched his golden eyes again.

Something was definitely off.

And then she saw it.


He was concerned. His usually cold eyes were flashing from her to the screen behind her and back to her.

That was all she needed. She wasn't sure what it was that caused her to snap out of her traumatic anxiety episode...whether it was his face, his voice, his eyes, or his concern... she wasn't sure. But she knew she wouldn't let her friends die before her eyes like she had let her mother. She will make sure she got them all out of here safe and sound.

Her blue eyes met his gold ones again, this time hers were filled with determination. She knew he had read her just like how she had read the concern in his. The silent communication was all she needed to know she was no longer alone. He was there to help her out and save those that she had come to call her own.

She tore her eyes away from his and turned her full attention back to the asshole at her mercy. Although she couldn't see him, she knew he was smirking. Expecting her to admit her defeat and let him go.

It was now her time to smirk as her sharp brain calculated all the loopholes in his full-proofed plan.

"You are right." She finally spoke. "I am a pathetic human who cares too much for his companion to put any of their lives in danger. But who says I have to let you live to make sure my friend survive?"

"Your plan has a flaw..." She whispered the last few words dangerously in his ear, knowing all too well that Sesshoumaru could hear them.

"What do you mean?" The fear was now evident in his voice.

"Your lowly youkai are up high in the sky." She continued confidently. "So high that not even Inuyasha or Sesshoumaru could detect their presence..." She turned and looked straight into Sesshoumaru's eyes as she spoke the next words, "It will take them at least 30 seconds to charge."

And before the dragon youkai could even register what she had meant by that, Kagome had already slit his neck. She quickly glanced behind her at the screen and sure enough, all the youkai were dashing downwards. Not wasting even a single second, she dashed towards the large wooden door.

She didn't know why, but she trusted Sesshoumaru to make room for her to move past the hundreds of youkai surrounding them. She knew he understood her plan. And sure enough, Sesshoumaru had cleared up the path for her, killing youkai with so much grace that Kagome was hypnotized for a brief millisecond.

Kagome made it through the large wooden door just in time to see all the youkai charging from above. Wasting not even a single second, Kagome placed a powerful and purifying barrier around her friends, trapping them with the youkai they were fighting already. However, those that charged down from the sky could no longer penetrate. One by one they tried only to be purified and killed on the spot.

By the time remaining few youkai realized that they couldn't fight due to a purifying barrier placed around their target by her and rushed to kill her, a massive figure appeared before her. Kagome's eyes widen in surprise as she saw Sesshoumaru block her view from the youkai before her, having already killed all the youkai inside. A beautiful smile spread across her features. Even I can't fight that fast. She admitted to herself, forming a new found respect for her boss.

When Sesshoumaru killed the last standing youkai, Kagome lifted her protective barrier. She smiled as she saw Inuyasha kill the last one inside of the barrier. They had done it. Not being able to wait any longer, she rushed to her friends' side. She saw Sesshoumaru walk towards them from the corner of her eyes. With each step he took, his famous poisonous whips from his finger nails grew shorter and shorter until they completely vanished. Her blue eyes slowly travelled from his fingers to his torso, looking for any wound. Finally, they reached past his strong jaw and came to a stop at his golden eyes.

They stared at each other for few seconds. She could see his eyes had lost a little edge. He had accepted her as his bodyguard...He had finally acknowledged her. It was a tiny difference. But she could tell. How? She didn't know.

She tilted her head down a bit, letting him know she accepted his acknowledgement before breaking their contact and walking towards her team to see if anyone was harmed.


His calculating gold eyes followed the pretty boy as he walked away from him. Something was wrong with the boy. He could tell that much. But he couldn't put his finger on it. He was strong, fast, smart and brave. Amazing qualities that only very few humans and youkai possessed. Sesshoumaru had acknowledged him for that reason. He had his trust.

But something still felt wrong. It was as if the boy was hiding something. The side he saw of the human he thought were false...almost fake. The taiyoukai let out an inaudible sigh. Yet, as Inuyasha had admitted few days back, he couldn't doubt his loyalty. He had seen the worry and anxiety on his face when Horyenki had revealed his triumph card. He knew the boy cared for everyone around him except him.

The look of loathing that the boy shot him when he wasn't looking did not go unnoticed by him. Normally, he would have killed anyone who dared to shoot him such nasty looks. But he couldn't bring himself to kill the inferior being for quite a few reasons. For one, he brought out strange peace within Sesshoumaru. Whenever he was around the boy, he felt at peace as strange as that sounded. The squashing pain around his heart he felt since as long as he could remember lessened every time the blue-eyed boy was in the range of his senses.

It was strange.

Nothing, he knew nothing could help him decrease the piercing pain in his heart except the Jewel...

That Shikon no Tama...


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