Another day at boring ole' Forks High. The same old, same old girls throwing themselves at me and the same old me looking at them in disgust. They all dress the same ; hooker outfits. When will there ever be a girl that will outshine every one of those sluts? An angel; one that would have no buisness in Forks. How sad. Forks, the rainiest state ever. Usually during the summer time, you would see clear blue skies, hear birds chirping, like you would see in California. But today, my wish actually came true. A clear, kinda, sky blue and warm weather.

"Hey Cullen!" Jasper Hale, aka, my worst enemy yelled towards me from the football field

"What?" I said and turned around aggitated

"What's wrong? Haven't gotten any in a while? Oh wait your a virgin" The bastard said and smirked. It took me everything to not smash his face on the bleachers near us, me doing the best I could do, turned around and walked towards my car.

"Wait! That's not what I wanted to talk to about though" He said and I turned around

"What then?" I said just wanting to go home and lay in my bed, staying afterschool for football practice was a pain today, considering I was tired because of pulling an all-nighter the night before studying for calculus.

"Did you see Coach Swans daughter? She just moved here" Jasper asked

"No, Jasper I didn't" I said pinching the bridge of my nose. Irritated, that all this person was thinking about was fucking em' and leaving em'.

"Well you sure should. Nice piece of ass" Me, being disgusted that he would talk about a girl like that turned away. I walked towards my volvo and threw my dufflebag in the trunk and rushed into my car, not wanting to even talk to the loose girls.

After 15 minutes of listening to the radio, I turned onto my driveway. Usually, being greeted by my hyper sister Alice, but today was diffientely a first.

"Alice?!" I called when I took a step into my house

"She went to the beach near La Push. You should know that whenever it's sunny, your sister would always soak it up in the sun" My mother said smiling carrying a basket of laundry on her arm

"Hey mom" I said walking towards her and giving her a peck on the cheek

"Hey hun" She said as I walked towards the kitchen grabbing a bite to eat

"After your done eating, can you go get your sister? She's been out there for a while already." She called from upstairs

"Sure" I replied back biting on to the cookie I grabbed from the cabinet and threw myself on the couch and turning on the TV to MTV

"So how was school?" My mom asked coming back downstairs with the empty laundy basket

"The same" I said and shrugged

"Don't worry son, college will be the opposite" She said and chuckled

"I hope so" I said getting off the couch and turning of the TV

"Im gonna get Alice now" I said

"Okay hun, you know which beach im talking about right?" she asked putting detergent and preparing the laundry

"I have an idea" I said and closed the door behind me walking towards my car.

Turning my car on I drove off my driveway towards First Beach, whistling showtunes

10 Minutes Later

I turned onto the side of the street, got out and walked on the boardwalk. No doubt, there was Alice with a her group of friends, and an unfamiliar girl at her side

"Hey Edward!" Alice called towards me and walked over

"Hey Ali" I said back

"Why're you here?" She asked raising her eyebrows

"Mom told me to pick you up, said you've been here too long" I said looking above Alice and towards the uknown girl with beautiful brown hair laughing at the dock with the Alice's friends, Rose and Jessia. She had long wavy Brown hair, and beautiful sparkling brown eyes with a petite body. Only wearing a white loose tank top with a gray bathing suit under ; with black shorts. No doubt Alice didn't see my attention towards the girl, so Alice just looked at me and smiled

"Well, I got to go get my stuff over there in the gabana so hold on" She said and jogged towards the little hut, as I kept looking at the beautiful girl.

She was laughing at a joke Rose said, when beautiful girl's petite elbow knocked her bag into the water

"Shoot!" I heard her say, as I took my shirt off and jumped into the water from the dock fishing her bag out. Once I felt it in my hands I swam back to shore, getting a greeting from beautiful girl.

"Thank you" She said smiling, looking more gorgeous then ever, her voice sounding like heaven

"Your welcome" I said breathless, handing her bag back to her

"I thought I'd lose it forever" She joked chuckling, making me smile

"Don't worry, I saved it for you." I said returning the joke, "Name's Edward" I said handing my hand over to her

"Bella" She said looking at me with a pursed smile her cheeks blushed

"Edward! So it seem's you met Bella" My sister said and walked towards me

"Yeah" I said nodding

"He's a lifesavor" Bella said giggling, looking at me

"Yep, that's my brother. Ed, I got to get home. I have to do my homework" Alice patted me back walking towards the street above the beach

"Well it was nice to meet you Edward" Bella said, her brown eyes gleaming with beauty

"Yeah, Hope to see you again" I said and turned around walking towards my car, speechless. I was actually flustered, for the first time in my life. It felt great, to actually meet a girl, so different, so vibrant like Bella.


My heart was pounding so fast, I had so many butterflies in my stomach; It was like I needed an inhaler. I had just met Adonis himself.

"Bella you should stay away from Edward" Rose warned me when I reached her with my soaked bag

"Why?" I said utterly confused

"Edward is just... he's not good. He's trouble. He's good with his family and stuff, but at school he's a wreck. He frustrates the teacher's easily, and he always has a yelling match. He's been suspended tons, and he's just bad news Bella. As your cousin, I'm warning you" She stated

"Well i'll try my best" I said and walked away towards the car, clearly wanting to go home, and think of Edward while I can. The pull I felt towards him was indescribable, nothing would hold me down from thinking of him.

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