"Bells, do you mind helping me with these water bottles?" My father asked with a cart full of water bottles for the boy's football practice.

"Of course not" I said, shoving my phone away in my pocket and jumping off the bleachers to grab the bottles and put them in the coolers on the bench.

"Have you seen the Cullen boy?" My father asked throwing the bottles into the cooler

"Uhm... no" I said nervously

"That boy..." he groaned. "He was suppose to come by my office and give me his progress report. I might have to let him go this season." he sighed

"Good riddance." I muttered turning my head so he wouldn't see the irritation on my face. Yes, I am still pissed that he would have the guts to call me drunk. What kind of guy does that?

"What was that?" He said

"Oh nothing... I... I just thought he was really good. That's what I heard."

"Oh he is. That boy is amazing when he want's to be. Some talent scouts were looking to come down here and watching him play... I guess that ain't gonna happen now" he said gruffly

"You like him?"

"I've done everything to help train that boy there and he's going to throw this all away just for good times... it's horrible" my father said throwing the last battle into the cooler.

"How unfortunate" I said uninterested and sat back down on the bleachers.

"Oh! Hold up" my father said grabbing his phone from his back pocket

"Huh... text message... you know how to work this Bella?" he asked raising his phone to my face with a confused expression

"Yes dad" I sighed and grabbed his ancient phone and read the text

From: Edward Cullen

Got my progress report coach! You still at the office?

"It's Edward..." I said annoyed to even see his name again.

"What does he want?" He asked scratching his 'stache

"He said he has his progress report and want's to know if you're still at the office" I said as a few of the football players came on the field

"Do me a favor and get that from him? and bring it back here so I can sign it. Tell him he's allowed to play for the day." I said grabbing his whistle and other gadgets from his manbag.

"Uhm... you see I kinda hurt my leg and don't think I can.. uhm.. walk you know.. far." I said stuttering

"Bella, I know you're lying. Go." he said pointing his finger toward the school

"Fine" I grudgingly obeyed

About 7 minutes later once I was finally back on the school's campus and nearing my father's office.

"Well, hello" A voice said, frightening me as I opened the office door. I looked at Edward, my eyes bugging of their sockets as I took in his gorgeous body. Man, god really did take his time on this man. Bella! You're suppose to be pissed at him! Jerk, remember?

"Where's your progress report? My dad want's me to take it" I said casting my eyes down, suddenly feeling uncomfortable

"Right here" He replied smoothly grabbing the paper out of his back pocket. I reached to grab it when he suddenly thrusted himself infront of me, pushing me back into the door with his hands against each side of my head.

"Being a good daddy's little girl huh?" he said with his eyes piercing into mines. His breathing erratic and so was mines. I tried pushing him so I would have room to move but he wasn't having that.

"Oh no, you're not going anywhere sweetheart. Now that I have you just where I want you to be" he said chuckling. I never felt so scared for my life then I did right now.

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