E/O Challenge: Warm
100 words exactly drabble. Happy Birthday supernaturalmydreams

Spoiler warnings for "My Bloody Valentine."

Because I wondered how Castiel would have reacted if he'd heard Dean's prayer. Hope this doesn't suck!


Silent Witness

"He is close to breaking," I thought as I watched Dean Winchester, the human I am proud to call my friend, walk away from the cries of his tormented brother.

Silently I followed, concerned for the welfare of this deeply troubled man.

He stood quietly in the dark, bottle raised for one more consoling drink. But it remained untaken as he lowered the unwanted liquid, stared into the night sky and prayed.

I stood listening, a guilty witness to his desperate plea, warm liquid running down my face as, for the first time, I cried; the tears of an angel.