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Minato looked out as the Kyuubi was being drawn into the seal he had made. All that was required was a little more time and his son would be its jailor. Something happened though that he did not expect. He had thought that the biju would fight until the very end but when the fox suddenly stopped fighting all hell broke loose. The seal was meant to contain an unwilling demon and to use its over flowing chakra the beast used to try and break the seal to reinforce it but the beast decided to instead just go with the seal caused several problems. One is the seal started converting the demon chakra to human chakra faster then he thought possible, it was also not purifying the chakra quite enough and it was still a bit more potent than normal. With his son as young as he was the boy could not control it and so was unleashing a torrent of energy that Minato swore caused him to see hallucinations of flying metal craft and other strange things that could not be possible. Right before the head of the fox disappeared he heard it call.

"You may think you have won but I have decided death is preferable to prison and because of my power your son will not live in your village or even your world, this is my last revenge against you," the fox cackled at the man before he was finally absorbed and the Yondaime's son fading away into a strange new world.

"The pact was made; a soul for a soul. The fox has taken your place and so you are free," the Shinigami called before disappearing himself.

Minato did the first thing he could think of and that was to cry. The shinobi that came to see how the beast was gone only found their savior and Hokage crying. The retired Sandaime approached.

"What has happened Minato? I thought you were going to seal the beast at the cost of your life," the older man asked.

"I was but the seal back fired when the Kyuubi gave up fighting and willingly went. It purified his chakra too fast for my son to handle and so he released it but the chakra did something, the fox claimed he went to a different world. So Konoha is safe but my son is gone and I doubt I could ever get him back. With my wife gone I am now truly alone. I am nothing but a curse to those around me," the younger man cried. He was too wrapped up in his grief to see that his mentor was also crying, but not for anyone else but the person kneeling in front of him.


"So the scans show that the fetus is entirely normal for this long in the gestation and should be healthy upon birth in one month's time," the doctor told Dr. Rice.

"Good, make sure Dr. Kinney continues with the proper foods and such," Dr. Rice said. "We wouldn't want any problems with our new weapon."

"Sir, we have a problem," a security guard said as he ran up.

"What is the problem," Dr. Rice said, with a hint of anger and annoyance.

"A large energy signature was reported just outside the facility. A team is responding, but we figured that in case you needed to evacuate it would be good to inform you," the man stated.

"I am going to the security room but be prepared to leave if need be," Dr. Rice stated as he walked away.

When Rice reached the room he heard someone say 'impossible' in a whispered voice.

"What is the situation?"

"Sir, the team dispatched found the source of the anomaly and it turns out it was a baby. They are bringing it in as we speak," said a person in front of one of the monitors before the images of what the team saw were put onto the larger display screen.

Dr. Rice looked at the screen and smiled. 'Looks like I have another project on the way and I can run this one the way I want to run it' he thought as he saw a bundle of blankets carrying a baby that was healing from burns at an accelerated pace. He also noted the wrist band on the child's arm was written in Japanese and declared the child as Naruto or Maelstrom in English. 'You shall be my maelstrom, child and enforce what is needed.'


(13 years later)

"Is Project 2 still at his kill?" asked Dr. Rice as he looked out into an indoor forest he had built.

"Yes, sir," was the reply he got.

"Send in Weapon-X-23 with a terminate objective. Let's just see how the beast reacts to the tool," Dr. Rice said.

He turned to watch the monitors as a door opened into the side of the forested area and a black haired 13 year old physically fit girl in combat dress walked out into the forest. The girl sniffed a few times before running off into the woods towards her target. On another monitor a red and blonde haired boy was hunched over a dead tiger tearing into the flesh like an animal devouring a kill. The boy was completely naked and showed he was quite fit. When the door had opened he had stopped eating. He also sniffed the air before jumping into the trees and heading toward the new prey.

"What are you sending her after now?" asked a somewhat annoyed Dr. Kinney as she entered the room.

"Not that it is any of your business but I wanted to test our weapon against something we have almost no information on. We have been monitoring a feral mutant that we placed in complete isolation from any contact with humans. Since he was brought here he has lived in this training area with the animals. No one figured he would survive past a week but he has thrived for 13 years now, he is now completely feral. So I want to see how the instinctual beast will stack up against the trained weapon," Rice said in a somewhat gleeful manner.

"That is horrible. Besides how will he defend against her claws?" asked Kinney with outrage.

"We put him under and did a few procedures. Watch and learn what he can do. The fun is about to begin," was her reply.

Inside the trees X-23 was trying to find her target. She was using all her stealth to remain unobserved while she spread out her senses to try and locate the objective. She suddenly dodged left before a mass landed where she had been. She looked to see a naked boy about her age crouched in a small depression. He stared at her with dark blue slit eyes. He snarled at her with his enlarged canines. He stayed there even as she got into her fighting stance. She released her claws and attacked him.

To her surprise her he blocked with a longer single claw from his own hand. The boy then went for an elbow to her face which she ducked and was glad she did when she saw the blade that had come from that part of his arm. They backed away from each other and circled each other. The boy suddenly stopped and sniffed several times before energy in a dark blue color started to flow off him and he raced at her.

Up in the control booth they were trying to figure out what was happening. They had never monitored him releasing this much energy since they found him.

"What is happening? I want to know why he stopped and then started releasing that much energy," yelled Rice before he heard Kinney gasp behind him. He looked at the monitor and was wondering what was going on.

"You have to stop him," yelled Kinney who had a look of realization on her face.

"Why? What is he doing?" replied Rice.

"You said he was feral, right?" she asked before getting a nod. "He probably found out she was female when he smelled her up close, this being the first time he has seen one. He may act like an animal and try and mate with her."

"Shit," replied Rice. He didn't want that because of the unforeseen repercussions it could have to both experiment programs and the money lost because of it. "Get a team with tranquilizers down there stat and knock them both out."

As they looked back at the monitors they could see that the boy was cornering X-23. What surprised them was that he seemed to now be using some of her own moves against her instead of just randomly slashing with his claws. He had just got her pinned o a tree and ripping her clothes when he was suddenly hit by a dart that was soon followed by two more. The boy fell back and released the X-23. She herself tried to kill the boy, still under her orders, before she was told to stand down and tranquilized by the guards. Everyone soon left the forest after making sure to clean up anything they had dropped before leaving the boy.

Several still watched through hidden cameras as the boy awoke. The teen looked around and sniffed before going towards the door X-23 had left through. He started pounding on the door quite fiercely in an attempt to break it down. He would have continued if electricity hadn't been sent through the door to stop him. The observers watched as he slowly left but also saw that as he did he would rub against trees. They figured it out later that he trying to lay a trail for a female to follow to him.


(1 year later)

Dr. Rice realized what was happening. He realized that Dr. Kinney had unleashed X-23 on the facility. So he figured he would play as well. He knew that as soon as Dr. Kinney was found by X-23 that his weapon would kill the rogue doctor because he had put the trigger scent on her earlier. But he would still want his weapon to stay and so he had remotely released his other project, knowing that the beast would seek out his tool. He would meanwhile hide and wait. He probably should have run but X-23 couldn't kill him and he knew it, what he didn't expect was the explosion to kill him but at least his associates would have the trigger scent to use when they saw fit.


X-23 was walking towards Dr. Kinney when she caught it, the smell that made her want to kill and so she would. She lunged at the good doctor when she was suddenly slammed against the ground. She looked up to see the blonde and red head of the boy she saw a year ago covered in his dark blue hued energy. She was still trying to kill and so repeatedly stabbed him in the stomach, only for him to heal. He didn't seem to mind as he ripped her clothes and immediately suckled one of her breasts. Her rage was abating as she felt something different build up inside of her.

Dr. Kinney that she was going to die by her daughter's hand, which was going to happen until the boy stopped her, the boy she had found out was named Naruto. She realized what had caused the blind rage and had quickly got a bit of oil out of the car to apply over the trigger scent to mask it until she could wash it away. When she refocused on the pair of teens she knew what she would find but had hoped she was wrong. The boy, Naruto, was on top of her now exposed daughter suckling her. She would have tried to stop it but for the fact he looked at her and growled before returning to his previous exercise.

X-23 didn't know what was happening but the suckling felt very good. She felt something poke into her nether regions and moved to stop it before a growl stopped her. She didn't know why but the growl seemed to comfort her and warned her at the same time. She suddenly felt some pain as something tore into her pussy, it nothing compared to what she felt other times but this was in a place she wasn't use to and one that was quite sensitive. She felt continued thrusts into the area and the pain died away to be replaced with pleasure.

She had never felt such a thing before and started to moan which caused the boy to go faster and harder into her which caused her to moan more and this continued for quite a while. She suddenly felt like a damn had burst and screamed to the heavens as she felt herself tighten around the boy's hard member. She heard a guttural growl that sounded happy before she was hit with another wave of pleasure when she felt him shoot her full of his essence. It was at this time she felt him bite her collar bone and release some of his energy into her. The energy made her feel alive and content but at the same time felt of burning lead in her veins. The whole experience was too much for her and she passed into unconsciousness.

The boy looked at his mate and was content and felt that she was as well. He looked over at the other presence and growled but couldn't muster the energy to do anything after the marking and settled down to sleep with his mate. He snuggled into her form, unconsciously rubbing against her to make sure his scent stuck to her.

Dr. Kinney got a hold of herself and waited for the boy to be fully asleep before she attempted to get her daughter away from the boy. She soon realized it was futile to try and pry them apart and so dragged the pair and worked them into the backseat of her car before she drove off in a hurry, they had already wasted too much time as it was.


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