"Tsuna! Tsuya!"

Nana shot a brief glance towards the direction of the stairs, waiting a moment to see if her two children would come stumbling down the steps. Due to the lacking sound of an elephant stampede, Nana ceased her current chore of chopping vegetables for the soup she was making, a new task set in mind.

"You two are going to be late again!" Nana called, wiping her hands off on her apron while heading out the kitchen. Stopping at the end of the stairway, she peered up to see if she could catch sight of her children, but as usual, she noticed neither one was out and about. Sighing to herself, Nana began to make her way up the stairs. "I guess it can't be helped."

"Tsu-kun. Tsu-chan," Nana opened the door to the teens' room, moving to step inside only to come to a halt and direct her attention to the floor where trash, clothes, video games, movies, and comic books were scattered about. Carefully stepping into the room, Nana successfully reached the center without tripping over the clutter. Placing her hands on her hips, Nana released a small frustrated sigh. "Messy as usual."

The sound of light snoring caught the mother's attention. Turning her head slightly to the right, Nana was graced with the sight of her two children snuggled up comfortably against one another in bed. She couldn't help but squeal at the adorableness of it all. Losing track of the reason as to why she was even in this room to begin with, Nana took a moment to think. Placing a hand on her chin, she scrunched her face in thought. Ah yes. She had come up here to wake the two slumbering teens – only to be sidetracked by how adorable they were when they slept together. It was so easy for her to get distracted when it came to her family.

"Tsu-kun, Tsu-chan, wake up." Nana gingerly placed her hand on the back of her daughter, giving her a small shake to see if she could wake the young woman up. Groaning softly in protest, you mumbled a few incoherent words before snuggling closer to your sibling, burying your face in his chest to block out the sun. Tsuna in the meantime, continued to snore lightly, undisturbed by your mother's wakeup call and your cuddling. "You two are going to be late." Nana tried again, giving you one last small shake before deciding it was futile when she received no further response from either of her children.

Pulling her hand back and straightening up, Nana placed her hands on her hips and shot her two slumbering kids an exasperated look. "This happens every morning." She muttered to herself with a sigh. Her gaze drifted off to her left when she noticed a folded piece of paper sticking out of her children's desk drawer. Curiosity getting the better of her, Nana reached over and pulled the paper out.

"What's this?" Unfolding the paper and opening it up, Nana peered down at the sheet. It appeared to be Tsuna's math test. Red marker was etched onto the paper for corrections, which the whole sheet seemed to be based on. Apparently Tsuna didn't seem too concerned with his grade, considering he got a 15. Lowering the paper a bit, Nana couldn't help but shake her head at her son's lack of interest in school grades. "Ah, this is usual too…"

Turning her body so that she was now facing the bed of her children, Nana placed her hands on her hips (a habit she seemed to develop over the years of raising her kids) she opened her mouth, intent on getting you and your brother up this time.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi-kun, who received a fifteen in math?"

"Ah…?" Tsuna mumbled tiredly, his eyes slowly blinking open. It took him a moment for your mother's sentence to lodge into his brain, but when it finally did, Tsuna jolted up with a small yelp, scaring you in the process and resulting in you landing on your butt on the floor.

Grumbling tiredly to yourself, you rubbed your sore rump, shooting your twin a rather irritated look. "Nah, Tsu~una. Why did you go and do that?" you whined pathetically, still far too tired to blame this whole ordeal on your mother. Tsuna opened his mouth to apologize, but his attention was soon directed to the sheet of paper in your mother's hands.

Panicking, Tsuna reached out for the test results. "W-why do you have that?" It came as no surprise when Tsuna ended up falling out of bed and landing on the floor with a loud 'thud'. Glancing down at your twin, it took you a moment to finally be fully awake before your typical "OMG!! Tsuna-are-you-all-right?!" mode to kick in, but when it did you were by your brother's side in a matter of seconds, helping him sit up while going over your whole "You-didn't-break-any-bones-or-cut-yourself-and-is-now-bleeding-to-death" routine.

What can you say? You are VERY overprotective when it comes to your twin brother, Tsuna.

Rubbing the back of his head, Tsuna released a sheepish laugh. "I'm all right, Tsuya. Really."

Relief swept through your body, instantly dousing your adrenaline of stress. "Try not to be so reckless, Nii-san. I swear you give me a heart attack every time you trip over your own two feet." You stressed.

"It's not like I plan on tripping over my own feet…" Tsuna muttered dejectedly, dropping his head in defeat.

It was then a sheet of paper was shoved in both yours and Tsuna's faces. The two of you blinked in surprise, wondering why your mother was even bothering you with Tsuna's test results. It's not like either of you were concerned over it. It's just that – eh?

Tsuna's face clearly showed his confusion. "Huh? What's this?"

"Starting today a home tutor is going to be coming for Tsu-kun." Nana informed the two of you with a wide grin, waving the piece of paper in your faces. "There was an interesting flyer in the mailbox. I gave them a call immediately."

Tsuna's face fell. It was easy to say he wasn't pleased with this whole ordeal. "I don't need a home tutor." Tsuna argued with a frown.

"I will raise your child to become the leader of the next generation. I am young and good looking." Nana read from the flyer, completely ignoring Tsuna entirely. Glancing up from the advertisement, Nana beamed at the two of you. "As long as they have a place to sleep and a meal, they'll teach you twenty four hours for free!"

Tsuna rolled his eyes, deciding it wasn't worth it to try and coax your mother out of this. "That just smells like a scam-" Tsuna began to tell you, his voice trailing off as his eyes drifted to your clock on the wall. "What? It's already this late?"

Tsuna was already on his feet before you could even blink. Already absorbed in his usual "panic-mode" you watched your brother dash to your bedroom door, coming to a quick halt to twirl around and face your mother. "Anyway! I don't need a tutor!" Tsuna deadpanned, his voice somewhat serious before he instantly returned to his "panic-mode" and dashed out of your bedroom.

"H-hey! Wait up, Nii-san!" you cried, quickly scrambling to your feet and rushing after your twin brother.

Reaching your brother just as he was about to dash down the stairs, you watched your sibling trip over his own two feet yet again. "W-wah!" Tsuna yelped, hastily twirling his body around to try and grab a hold of something as his body began to fall back. "N-Ni-san!" Your hand shot out to grab a hold of your brother's. Tsuna immediately grabbed your hand and tried to pull himself back up so that he could regain his balance, but alas, he was already halfway through the process of stumbling back down the stairs while bringing you down with him.


"Ah, ow ow ow ow ow." Tsuna's whimpering filled your ears, notifying you that you could open your eyes now seeing as how the two of you had hit solid ground. Opening your eyes, you realized that you were straddling your brother, informing you that Tsuna had pretty much taken the fall for you seeing as how you were completely unharmed.

"Dang. Thanks, Nii-san!" you chirped cheerfully, grinning down at your older twin. Tsuna merely stared back up at you, wondering how on Earth he ended up being the one to absorb the harsh landing. Of course, he didn't mind it at all, considering you were just fine. He'd take all the harsh landings from his self-inflicted falls and tumbles if it meant keeping you safe (seeing as how you always seem to tag along for some weird, bizarre reason).


"Eh?" Both you and Tsuna turned your heads towards the sound of the voice to see a small baby clad in Italian clothing.

"So you're Tsuna?" the baby inquired, arching a brow at the two of you while nodding his head in Tsuna's direction. Pushing himself up off of the ground so that he was now sitting up with you in his lap, Tsuna shot the young baby an odd stare.

"Well, yea I'm Tsuna," Leaning forward a bit to get a better look at the odd baby, Tsuna arched a brow, wondering if this kid was for real. The baby seemed unfazed by both yours and your brother's skeptic looks. Perhaps he was used to these kinds of reactions?

"Starting from today I'll be looking after you." The young child declared.

"Wait, who is this baby?" Tsuna questioned, pulling back to glance at you.

"How would I know?" you responded with an innocent shrug.

"Don't worry, "No-good Tsuna"." The baby piped up, regaining both yours and Tsuna's attention. "Why do you know my nickname?" Tsuna seemed slightly disturbed by this baby's intelligence. What could this child possibly know about your twin brother? You had just met only moments ago.

The baby arched a brow. "Gathering information is a basic skill, Tsuna."

"Stop saying 'Tsuna, Tsuna' like you're some big-shot. I have real name, and it's Sawada Tsunayoshi!" your twin huffed irritably. "I don't want to be called 'Tsuna' by some baby like you."

"Gwah!" your eyes widened in shock when said baby suddenly performed a roundhouse kick and hit your brother square in the face before landing gracefully on the ground. "Are you all right, Nii-san?" you asked frantically, carefully placing your hand on the red welt developing on your twin's left cheek. Tsuna released a small hiss of pain, placing his hand over yours while applying pressure so that he could use your hand as a substitute icepack.

Squinting one eye open, your dear twin shot the Italian clad baby a pathetic glare. "W-why did you do that?"

It was then your mother decided to descend down the stairway and join the peculiar scene unfolding in your household. Her eyes widened slightly in surprise upon seeing the family's uninvited guest – or, so you thought…

"Oh? Where did you come from little boy?"

The baby turned its attention to your mother. Reaching into his coat pocket, he moved to pull something out. "I'm…" the young child began, pulling his hand out to reveal a small business card of some sort, "…a home tutor. Reborn." The baby introduced itself.


"Eh? Home tutor?" you repeated, blinking owlishly at the small child standing before you and your twin brother. "Reborn?" your mother voiced the second part, blinking in surprise. Another moment of silence passed through your family before the three of you began to laugh.

"Don't make me laugh, you're just a baby." Tsuna chortled, his hand finally releasing yours as he moved to hold his stomach. "Ah, my stomach hurts."


Far too absorbed in your laughing fit, neither you nor Tsuna noticed "Reborn" preparing for another assault. By the time it happened it was too late for both you and your brother to realize what had happened. Reborn's foot made contact with your sibling's head, causing him to crash to the ground, pinning you to the floor in the process and silencing your family's laughter.

"Uh, my face hurts more than my stomach…" Tsuna complained, slowly pushing himself up a bit so that he could rub his sore head. "Whoa…! That baby's got some serious issues, Nii-san." You chirped in awe, staring wide-eyed at the baby towering above you – well, that's how he looked like to you from your perspective anyway.

"Are you okay, Tsu-kun? Tsu-chan?" Concern was evident in your mother's voice. However, her concern quickly vanished when she suddenly remembered the whole reason as to why she woke you and your brother up in the first place. "Oh, if you don't hurry you'll be late." Nana informed the two of you.

"Oh, that's right!" Tsuna yelped, instantly entering his 'panic-mode'. "I shouldn't be paying attention to this baby!"

"Wha~" you couldn't help but release a small startled cry when your brother suddenly grabbed your hand and yanked you off of the floor. "We're gonna be late again, Tsuya!" Tsuna panicked, rushing past your mother while dragging you after him. The door to your room slammed shut as you and Tsuna began to scramble around for your uniforms.

Reaching under your bed, you pulled out your skirt and top. Pushing yourself up off the ground, you swiftly pulled your pajama pants off and slipped your skirt on. Meanwhile, Tsuna still seemed to be scrambling around for his own uniform. "Tsu~uya! My uniform! I can't find my uniform!" Tsuna shouted, flailing his arms hysterically. Glancing over your shoulder at your hysteric twin, you tossed your tank-top onto your bed before slipping your school shirt on.

"Nii-san, your uniform is on the desk." You verified, shooting your brother a grin.

"E-eh?" Whipping his head to said furniture, Tsuna realized that his uniform was indeed on your desk. You couldn't help but giggle at your brother's adorable blush which seemed to grace his face whenever he was embarrassed. Hastily unbuttoning his pajama top, Tsuna rushed to put his uniform on while you gathered both his and your homework which was scattered about the room.

Once the two of you were properly dressed and ready to go, you followed your brother down the stairs and out the front door. "We're leaving!" Tsuna shouted, slamming the door shut behind you without even waiting for your mother's response. The two of you bolted towards Namimori Middle School, determined to somehow make it there on time without getting on Hibari's bad side – again.

"What was with that kid…" Tsuna muttered under his breath, easily gaining your attention. "You mean Reborn?" you responded, tilting your head to the side slightly in thought. Tsuna's soft brown orbs glanced in your direction. It was so easy for you two to read the other's emotions. All it took was a simple glance into one another's eyes and you would instantly know what was bothering the other. It was like reading an open book, really.

"Just who is this 'Reborn', anyway?" Tsuna asked you, his brown orbs flashing with distrust at the mention of the young, mysterious child.

"I'm a hitman."

…What the heck?!! Since when did –

Tsuna blinked in surprise, wondering how on Earth you came up with an answer like that. "A hitman, that's stupid." Tsuna chuckled, closing his eyes to humor your response. You slowed down to a stop, your gaze completely glued to the infant sitting comfortably atop of your twin brother's head. Upon hearing your footsteps slowly coming to a halt, Tsuna opened his eyes and cast you a worried glance, wondering what had caused you to stop. "Eh?" Tsuna blinked owlishly. Just what were you looking at, anyway?

It was then Tsuna began to feel something rather heavy on his head. His eyes traveled up to catch sight of none other than Reborn. "Since when did you…?" Tsuna's voice trailed off when a rather small growl began to fill the air. "Um…Nii-san?" you called, easily catching your brother's attention. Tsuna's gaze met yours before slowly traveling down to your hand which seemed to be pointing to something on the ground.

You watched the color drain from you twin's face when Tsuna finally realized that he had stepped on the tail of your neighbor's pet Chihuahua.

Tsuna squealed in fear as the small dog pushed the gate open with its head and stepped off of its owner's property and onto the public sidewalk. The tiny creature bared its fangs and released one more growl before it began to bark angrily at Tsuna. While your brother instantly panicked, you found the dog's bark to be rather adorable.

"Its leash…the leash isn't attached to anything!" Tsuna cried, twisting his body around to face the direction of our house so he could run home. Yet, before he was able to make his "grand escape" your beloved brother tripped over his own two feet (again) and crashed to the ground in a pathetic manner.

"Tsuna!" you were kneeling beside your brother before he could even blink.

Meanwhile, Reborn had hopped off of Tsuna's head and approached the riled up pooch which was still growling at your twin. Reaching out and placing a hand on the dog's head, Reborn gave it a small scratch behind its ear, instantly calming the small pup down. You and Tsuna were amazed with how easily the dog had warmed up to Reborn.

Removing his hand from the adorable animal, Reborn turned around and shot Tsuna a look that clearly screamed out his first impression of the boy. "You're a loser who gets panicked easily in crisis. You're the single middle-schooler on this Earth who's afraid of Chihuahuas."

Tsuna winced at the harsh comment thrown at him from a toddler. Clearly his pride had been damaged in the process, but Reborn did have a point. Your brother is the only person you know who screams when he sees a cute, cuddly Chihuahua. Why? You don't know. He seems to have a phobia for just about everything.

"I can't believe that kid…" Tsuna whined to you, accepting your offer to help him up. Tightening your grip on your brother's hand, you pulled Tsuna up onto his feet. "You didn't hurt yourself when you fell, did you Nii-san?" you immediately questioned your sibling, checking his arms for any signs of scratches or bruises. Tsuna couldn't help but laugh softly at your concern for him. Gently pulling his arm out of your grasp, he placed his hand atop of your head and gave you a small affectionate pat. "Don't worry so much about me, Tsuya. I'm fine. Just clumsy is all…" Tsuna reassured you with a smile.

Opening your mouth to respond, you were cut off however when a loud squeal was heard causing both you and your brother to turn your heads to see Kyoko running towards you. Once she reached your group, she kneeled down to Reborn's level and gave the infant a large smile.

Reborn turned around to face the newcomer. "Ciaossu."

Pleased with the toddler's greeting, Kyoko's smile widened. "Good morning."

While Reborn and Kyoko greeted one another, you glanced at your twin to see a dreamy expression on his face. Smiling knowingly, you gave your brother a small nudge, efficiently snapping him out of his daze. "E-eh? What is it, Tsuya?" your twin stammered, a light blush adorning his face when he realized that you had caught him staring at the new arrival.

"Sasagawa Kyoko, the idol of Namimori Middle School and the current crush of my beloved brother, Sawada Tsunayoshi." You recited, grinning innocently at your dear twin as his face instantly flushed at the mention of his crush.

"T-Tsuya~a! Don't go blabbing that out loud!" Tsuna panicked, earning an amused giggle from you. "No worries, Nii-san. Kyoko's too absorbed with Reborn to have heard anything we said." you reassured your brother with a grin. Tsuna shot you a wary look, his dark blush slowly fading into a light stain.

"Is this kid your younger brother?"

"Hm?" You and Tsuna turned your heads towards the source of the new voice. "Eh?" Sweatdrops formed on the back of your heads when you noticed that another girl had entered the scene. She seemed to be out of breath and her school uniform was a bit ruffled.

"Does he really look like he's related to us…?" you asked, pointing to yourself and then your twin.

"Why are you wearing a suit?" Kyoko asked the small toddler, completely oblivious to her surroundings. "Because I'm in the mafia." Reborn responded casually. You and Tsuna blinked owlishly. What the heck? What kind of weird, whacked up world did this toddler come from? Maybe he fell on his head at birth. Yeah, that had to be it.

"Mafia? What's this kid saying?" Tsuna asked you in a hushed tone, eyeing Reborn as if he were insane.

"Wow! That's so cool!" Kyoko chirped, clapping her hands together in an excited manner. You and Tsuna stared at her in disbelief, wondering why on Earth she even bought that. Standing up, Kyoko shot Reborn another smile. "I'm going to be late for school, so see you later little boy." And at that, Kyoko bid adieu and headed on her way. "Ciao Ciao." Reborn replied, waving farewell. It was then the other girl realized that she was probably going to be late to school as well. "I'm going to be late too! See ya later!" and then she was gone.

The moment both girls disappeared from sight, Reborn turned back to you and your brother. "Tsuna, you have a crush on that girl, don't you?"

It was a statement rather than a question, and it seemed to catch your brother off guard. "That girl' is Sasagawa Kyoko, the idol of my middle school. First of all it shouldn't concern you!" Tsuna retaliated; a bit peeved that Reborn seemed to know a lot about him.

Reborn ignored your brother's outburst. "As your home tutor I should understand these kinds of relationships."

"I don't remember hiring you!" Tsuna argued, clenching his right hand in a fist while shooting the toddler a heated glare. Releasing a small sigh, you placed a hand on your brother's shoulder and gave it a small squeeze. Your small gesture seemed to calm your twin down. Allowing his tense body to finally relax, a small sigh left your brother's lips. His glare morphed into an annoyed look. "Whatever, just leave me alone already." Tsuna told Reborn.

"It won't go that easily." Reborn commented, swiftly grabbing your brother's arm and bringing him down to his level. You watched with disbelief as the small toddler easily twisted Tsuna's arm behind his back, resulting in Tsuna's distressed cries for the "hitman" to release him.

"Ow ow ow ow, I give up, I give up, I give up!" Tsuna shouted, flailing his free arm around hysterically. You're not sure if Reborn released his hold on your twin out of pity or simply because he grew tired of your brother's shouting. Either way, his grip on your twin slipped off.

"That looked like it hurt, Nii-san." You commented, kneeling down beside your brother. Tsuna inched closer to you, his eyes glued on Reborn's form. "Geez, that's not normal strength for a kid…" he muttered under his breath, rubbing his right shoulder.

"As I told you before, I'm a hitman." Reborn informed us.

Tsuna seemed to be growing tired of Reborn's claims to be a certified 'hitman'. So it came as to no surprise to you for when your twin finally snapped. "Don't joke around! There's no way you could be a hitman or some mafia guy." Tsuna ranted. However, it seemed as though Reborn wasn't paying his speech any attention.

"Have you confessed to Sasagawa Kyoko yet?" Reborn asked your brother.

Tsuna's face was instantly stained with another dark blush at the mention of his crush. "D-don't talk stupid…"

Reborn arched a brow. "Why?"

"I told you already, Kyoko-chan is the school's idol. There's no way she would even consider me." Tsuna answered, turning his gaze away from the toddler.

You shot your brother a disproving look. "Don't be so hard on yourself, Nii-san."

"Your test scores for all subjects average out to 17.5. You can only go up to the third level on the vaulting horse. You can't even spin on a horizontal bar. So it's because you're a useless "No-good Tsuna"?" Reborn's information gathering skill was starting to creep you out right about now…

"That's right." Tsuna agreed, giving a small nod of approval. You gave your twin an odd look, wondering if he knew that he just dissed himself. Luckily, it didn't take Tsuna long to realize that. "Hey, why do you know so much about me!?"

"Your eyes tell me everything." Reborn replied, glancing at your brother through a green magnifying glass that seemed to have mysteriously appeared in his hand.

"That makes no sense!" Tsuna snapped irritably while getting to his feet. "Anyway, just get off my back about Kyoko-chan. If I could go out with such a cute girl I could die happy." Turning his back on the toddler, Tsuna held out his hand and helped you up. "Even if I do confess it's just a waste of time. That much I know." He mumbled softly, earning a sympathetic glance from you. "Nii-san…"

"That's a strong loser's complex." Reborn commented.

Whipping around to face the small child, Tsuna narrowed his eyes. "I told you to stop already."

"Looks like it's finally time." Reborn said to himself, earning odd stares from you and your twin. "Huh, what?" Both of your eyes widened in surprise as Reborn's magnifying glass began to glow before suddenly morphing into a chameleon. Reborn locked gazes with Tsuna, "Die now." He ordered, his chameleon glowing once again before transforming into a gun. "W-what?!" You and Tsuna stumbled back, fear etched on both of your faces. Who would've thought that this infant was loaded? "You'll understand if you die."

"Huh, what are you talking about-" Tsuna began nervously, holding his right arm out in front of you while slowly taking a step to the side to shield you.


You flinched at the sound of Reborn's bullet being shot, watching on with wide eyes as a red bullet sped towards you and your twin. Tsuna immediately tensed, quickly pushing you out of the way so that you wouldn't be harmed. "N-Nii-san!" you yelped, eyes widening in horror as you witnessed Reborn's bullet make contact with Tsuna's forehead, knocking the boy back as his eyes slowly rolled to the back of his head before his body hit the ground with a loud and sickening "thud".


"Ohmygod!! You killed my brother!!" you shrieked, quickly getting to your feet and rushing over to your brother's side. Reborn offered no condolence. The hitman simply blew the smoke away from the barrel of his gun as a reply, earning a rather heated glare from you. However, your anger was quickly forgotten when you redirected your attention back to your dead sibling. "N-Nii-san! Wake up. This isn't funny!" you protested, shakily placing your hands on your brother's back and giving him a small shake. How could this have possibly happened?! Your brother…your twin…shot to death by a mere infant.

What is wrong with the world?!!

"If I were you, I'd take a few steps back." Reborn advised calmly.

Opening your mouth for a retort, you threw that thought aside when you noticed something strange with your brother. His skin….was actually glowing? Okay, what the HECK is going on here? Weren't people's skin supposed to pale the moment they die?! And yet – instead of the pale white skin you thought you'd see – your twin's was literally glowing!! And if that wasn't enough, a flame suddenly began to flicker dimly on Tsuna's forehead, startling you as you fell back and stared on in disbelief, watching the flame slowly grow stronger and stronger.

"The hell?!! Just how many side effects are there for a person who was just shot?!" you yelped, whipping your head in Reborn's direction.

The infant merely smirked. Apparently he was quite pleased with how everything was turning out. "It's dying will time!"

"Dying-what now?!" You stared at the small baby as if he were insane (which in your case, he most certainly was!).


"Ack!!" you instantly jumped the moment Tsuna screamed. Swiftly directing your attention back to your supposedly 'dead' sibling, your jaw dropped when you witnessed your dear brother rip his clothes off so that he was in nothing but his blue boxers. "N-N-Nii-san!!" you yelped, completely appalled with how bold your brother was suddenly acting. For god's sake, this was Tsuna! You know, the adorable, shy, clueless twin of yours that you grew up with. Not to mention far too innocent for his own good! This baby had to be a spawn of the devil himself if he could make Tsuna react this way.

"I'm going to confess to Sasagawa Kyoko with my dying will!" your twin declared with fiery determination.

"E-eh?!" you yelped, eyeing your brother in shock. One minute, your twin's dead, and the next…he's up, half naked, and ready to reveal his undying love to the girl he's admired since, well, forever. It's enough to say that you are completely appalled with the current turn of events.

Deciding that he had wasted enough time with you since you appeared far too baffled to utter a simple reply, your twin brother took off like a bullet while screaming, "Where's Sasagawa Kyoko!?"

You and Reborn were left in the dust, the both of you merely watching on in silence as your brother disappeared from sight. A few minutes passed by, neither one of you saying anything. Honestly, what was there to say? I mean, you woke up this morning to find out that your mother hired your brother an infant tutor claiming to be a hitman, then said baby shot your brother, your brother dies, miraculously comes back to life while ripping his clothes off in the process, then takes off to confess his undying love to your classmate.

…Yeah. This is one of those moments you'll scrapbook to remember forever.


"…So," you began, easily gaining Reborn's attention as the infant turned to face you. "Exactly how permanent is this…" you trailed off, waving your right hand in the air as if it would somehow help you pick a word to help comprehend the situation a bit more. "Uh, "dying will" thing going to last? And if it even does wear off…will my brother automatically die – or something?" Yeah, you didn't really know what to say at the moment, but hey, you gave it a shot.

Reborn's eyes glistened, making you cringe for a moment since it looked so wrong coming from him. "The dying will shall wear off in about five minutes. After the effect is done, Tsuna will return to his original "No good Tsuna" self." Reborn assured you, earning a sigh of relief from you in return.


At the mention of your name, both you and Reborn turned around to find a boy about a year older than you with bright red hair and round spectacles, staring at you with a concerned look on his face. It took you a moment before you finally realized who it was that had called out to you.

"Ah, Shouichi!"

Opening his mouth to reply, your best friend was cut off when you suddenly lunged forward and glomped the poor boy, pretty much scaring him out of his wits due to your sudden move. "E-eh!? T-tsuya? What are you-?"

"Oh my God, Shouichi! You are so NOT gonna believe what just happened!" you blurted out, tightening your grip on your dear friend. "See that baby over there? The one dressed up in a tuxedo?! He's mad!! Nutz! Completely loco! He just shot my brother in the head and killed him and Tsuna was dead for a few minutes but then he suddenly came back to life but his skin was glowing and he had a flame on his forehead! Not to mention he ripped his clothes off!! So anyway his whole attitude got all rearranged and he just bolted off at an inhuman speed to confess his feeling to Kyoko. Am I dreaming or something? What day is it?! Is this because I had a chocolate bar before bed? 'Cause if that's the case then I'm never eating candy before bedtime ever again!"

Shouichi was stunned to silence, and honestly, who could blame him? He tried his best to grasp the situation, but his brain was still buzzing with all of the information you relayed to him just now. Logically, he would say that such a thing like this could never occur, but since this is you he's talking to, Shouichi knows that you prefer to skip all the complicated, high-tech answers and stick with the plain and simple ones. That was how your logic worked, anyway.

"Uh, I'm not exactly sure how to explain your hectic morning…but I can assure you that you are awake." Shouichi informed you, giving you a small pat on the back to show you that you were indeed awake.

Reborn couldn't help but chuckle on in amusement as he watched you blink owlishly for a moment, finally coming to realization that everything that had happened to you this morning really transpired.

"Ah man!" you groaned pathetically, releasing Shouichi from you iron hold to trot over to your brother's discarded clothing. Shouichi joined you by your side as the two of you began to gather Tsuna's school uniform. While doing so, your friend glanced towards the baby monitoring you both, his obsidian eyes glistening with a sure promise of death. Immediately becoming spooked by the infant's intense stare, Shouichi quickly cast his gaze away, shuddering a bit in the process.

"That baby's possessed!" Shouichi exclaimed to you in a hushed tone.

You couldn't agree more with your BFF. Ever since Reborn showed up at your house this morning, you've been getting the heebie-jeebies from the small, intimidating infant. Weren't babies supposed to be absolutely adorable and cuddle worthy? Just what the HECK went wrong with Reborn, then?! You and Shouichi both sent said baby incredulous looks over your shoulders, only to receive a smirk fit for the devil.

What the hell is wrong with this baby?!!

"Ah, harsh…" Shouichi commented, wincing along with you as the two of you watched Kyoko scream and dash into the school after your dear twin brother had asked her (or demand, it sounded more like a demand to you) to go out with him. Now, you had to admit that seeing your brother clad in nothing but his sky blue boxers with a flame burning on his forehead was probably a little too much for a girl to bear…you couldn't help but feel sympathetic for you poor twin.


Your jaw instantly dropped in disbelief upon witnessing Mochida punch your brother square in the face, knocking your twin right off his feet and sent crashing to the ground. Shouichi gulped, casting you a wary glance when he suddenly felt the murderous intent emitting from your small body.

"…Shouichi." You began in an eerily calm tone, causing the redheaded boy beside you to instantly tense. "Y-yes?" was the small squeak you got in return. You shoved your brother's uniform into the boy's arms, your eyes locked on the raven haired boy that had sucker punched your sibling. "Hold these for me." Was your only reply before you stomped off towards the older boy.

Shouichi couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the man who was about to receive your hellfire wrath.

"Don't kid yourself, creep." Mochida snarled, looking down upon your brother with distaste. Whirling around to make his way into the school, Mochida came to a halt upon seeing you blocking his path. "Out of the way, Sawada. I'm already in a bad mood thanks to your bro-"


Mochida went down like a sack of bricks the moment your fist made contact with his face. Giving your wrist a quick shake, you shot the boy a murderous glare. "If you ever hurt my brother like that again…I will personally skin you alive!" you vowed in a low hiss. Mochida simply stared at you with a look on his face that resembled a deer in the headlights. Now, normally you would never dream of resorting to violence – but when someone hurts your brother…there's hell to pay!

"Now get outta here before I sick Shouichi on you!" you snapped irritably, gesturing towards your nerdy friend who gapped at you after hearing your statement. Luckily, Mochida scrambled into the school before even sparing your friend a glance to see if he was even a threat.

Once the delinquent was out of sight, Shouichi joined you by your side. "Are you nuts!? There's NOWAY I could have taken him on and live to tell the tale!"

You gave your friend a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "You and I both know that…but he doesn't."

"Your logic astounds me." Shouichi grumbled to himself, slouching a bit as he began to pout.

"Ugh." The moment the soft grunt left your sibling's lips, you were kneeling beside your brother and helping him sit up as the poor boy rubbed his head. The flame that had been burning earlier on Tsuna's forehead had now dissolved. Perhaps that means that Reborn's bullet effect had finally worn off?

Tsuna blinked owlishly for a moment as he absorbed the situation. He glanced around at our surroundings, his face instantly heating up when he noticed all of our classmates staring at us. Of course, he then looked like he was about to die from embarrassment when he realized that he was in nothing but his boxers.

Clutching his head with both hands, Tsuna snapped his eyes shut and cringed. "What happened to me?"

"That's thanks to the "Dying Will Bullet'."

All the attention now fell onto Reborn who was perched comfortably atop of Shouichi's left shoulder. The infant seemed to be smirking, not at all surprised with the outcome from the "Dying Will Bullet" he had shot Tsuna with. If anything, he appeared to be quite pleased with himself. How creepy…

"Reborn!" Tsuna cried, his eyes widening in disbelief.

Reborn pulled a small red bullet, one exactly identical to the one he had shot your brother with earlier, out from his pocket. He held it up for us to see, the small weapon glistened in the light as it was being shown. "This is the 'Dying Will Bullet'. A person shot in the head with this bullet will be resurrected with the dying will." Reborn explained to us.

You, Tsuna and Shouichi blanched. "What?"

Reborn appeared unfazed by your reactions and continued on with his explanation. "The basis of the resurrection is if you have any regrets when dying. The dying will time is only five minutes. After five minutes you return to normal."

Up until now, no one said anything. However, Tsuna stepped up to the plate and allowed a question to fall from his lips. "Then what if I wasn't regretting anything…"

A smirk appeared on Reborn's face as the infant glanced off to the side. "I'm a hitman"


"I would've died?" Tsuna shrieked, instantly freaking out from the realization that he really could have died. After hyperventilating for a few minutes, Tsuna finally calmed down enough to ask Reborn another question. "Besides that, what do I do? It's too embarrassing to come to school anymore! Ahh, even though I didn't feel like confessing!" You gave your brother a small pat on the back. Who could blame him for reacting like that? It would be utterly embarrassing to show up at school clad in nothing but your underwear. Especially when the teasing here was so relentless…

Reborn didn't seem too concerned about Tsuna's social status, despite it having been his fault in the first in the place that your brother was now labeled the new "pervert" of your high school. "You mean you wanted to but couldn't anyway." Reborn pointed out, referring to Tsuna's earlier statement.

Tsuna wasn't pleased with Reborn's lack of concern for his reputation. You and Shouichi watched on in surprise as your brother swiftly got to his feet and grabbed Reborn's cheeks, giving them a rough tug. "Shut up!"


Tsuna was sent crashing to the ground after Reborn landed a pretty decent punch on your sibling's face. "Owww…" Tsuna whimpered, gingerly placing his hand over his sore cheek. Your brother winced when his hand made contact with his wound. "But I was fine when the truck hit me." Tsuna whined, unable to comprehend how everything worked now that Reborn was present.

It took me a moment before my brother's words finally lodged themselves into my brain. "Whoa~! Wait a sec…! You were hit by a TRUCK!?"

Reborn crossed his arms over his chest. "That's because you had the dying will. Dying will means that all your safety switches are turned off. So in exchange for risking your life to the limit, you can harness amazing strength."

You and Shouichi exchanged incredulous stares with one another. Neither of you wanted to have a say in this particular conversation. Your brains already felt like they would explode if anything else was shared. And that's saying something since the two of you are pretty optimistic when it comes to things like this. But this…this is just too much!

"I see…" Tsuna mumbled, finally able to grasp the idea of what was going on. "So that means my potential strength is hidden, but awakened when I receive the Dying Will Bullet!"


The school bell chimed loudly, informing everyone that class was just about to start. The loud noise seemed to snap Tsuna out of his trancelike state. Giving his head a small shake, Tsuna snapped his eyes open and clenched both of his fists. "You think I can just take all that in so easily?" he snapped irritably at the small infant still perched atop of Shouichi's shoulder.

"What are you doing there?"

It was like a sudden cold breeze blew past your small group the moment that emotionless voice spoke. Slowly turning your heads to the left, the color drained from all of your faces when you caught sight of Hibari Kyouya standing just a few feet away.

"Classes have started." Hibari informed the three of you, his eyes narrowing into a glare.

Tsuna squeaked in fear. "Hibari Kyouya from the Discipline Committee?"

"As a Discipline committee member I cannot overlook this." Hibari stated in an emotionless tone, causing the three of you to flinch.

"Sorry!" Both you and Tsuna yelped, quickly scrambling to your feet before rushing off into your school, leaving poor Shouichi behind along with Reborn to fend for themselves against the violent raven-haired teen.

Your redheaded friend gulped nervously as Hibari's gaze fell upon him and the small infant perched atop of his shoulder. However, instead of receiving a brutal beating from the teen like you and Tsuna described when Hibari was annoyed, the Discipline committee member merely smirked before turning around and following after you and your brother.

"…I think I just lost one of my nine lives." Shouichi muttered sarcastically, his knees still feeling wobbly from the whole ordeal. Reborn, on the other hand, seemed quite amused with their meeting with Hibari.

"Here comes underwear-man!"

"A sudden confession to Sasagawa Kyoko: Please go out with me!"

"He's going to be rejected!"

"That's obvious, right, Sasagawa?"

"The guy is No-good Tsuna after all."

As expected, the relentless teasing had commenced the moment Tsuna opened the door to your classroom. Your brother released a low groan, dropping his head in shame. You remained loyally by his side, placing a hand gently on his shoulder while giving it a small reassuring squeeze to let him know that he shouldn't take all of this to heart. However, Tsuna seemed to be taking this pretty hard.

"This is horrible! The days of hell are starting." Your brother whimpered pathetically to you. "It's all that weird baby's fault."

You opened your mouth to respond, only to be interrupted by one of your male classmates. "Hey Tsuna, Captain Mochida says he wants to fight you during afternoon break in the gym."

Both you and your twin gapped at the boy. Was he serious? Just what could Mochida possibly gain by challenging Tsuna to a match?

"Mochida-sempai said he wanted to get revenge on the insult you received, Kyoko." Hana informed her friend. Tsuna and you spared quick glances with one another. So was that what this was all about? Isn't that going a little too far? Hana didn't seem to notice you and your twin listening in on her conversation with Kyoko. "He said he won't forgive anyone who makes Kyoko cry!"

One of Hana's female friends squealed in delight. "Good for you Kyoko!"

Kyoko appeared to be distressed by all of the attention she was getting. "N-no, we're both on the same committee." She protested, trying to clear up the fact that everyone thought she and Mochida were an "item".

Hana's friend waved Kyoko's protest off. "Well, whatever, afternoon break should be fun."

Oh, that there did it for you.

"Fun? Fun!? You think watching Mochida pick on my brother will be fun?! Why you ignorant little prissy~!" you seethed, moving to knock the girl's lights out, only to be stopped by Tsuna as the boy grabbed a hold of your arm, preventing you from moving any further. Luckily for you, your outburst had scared the girl senseless as she cowered behind Hana, looking like a puppy that had been kicked. "That's right! You'd better be sorry!"


Releasing a soft sigh in defeat, you obeyed your brother's soft protests and laid off on your death threats. The nerve of that woman! Making fun of your big brother like that – like he wasn't even in the room to begin with. If there's one thing that riles you up the most, it's when people disrespect your brother and treat him as if he doesn't exist. If they would just take the time to try and get to know him better, they would realize how gentle your dear brother can be.

"Eh?" You were far too absorbed with your own thoughts to notice that the teasing had picked up again, causing Tsuna to grab hold of your hand and squeeze it in distress. "Nii-san…"

Tsuna tightened his grip on your hand, his body quivering slightly as he hung his head in shame. "I'll run away! I swear I'll run away!"

"Nii-san! Nii-san, where are you? Nii-saaan~!"

Upon realizing that you were getting no response, you gave a soft sigh. Your eyes drifted over towards the school's clock tower. It was now afternoon break, and all of the students were now heading over to the gym in anticipation, all of them eager to watch the upcoming fight between Mochida and your big brother. Unfortunately for you, the moment the class bell rung, you lost Tsuna in the crowd as everyone began to disperse. Knowing your brother, he probably got spooked and ran off somewhere. The only question now is where?

"Nii-san," you whined, slowly trudging past the school's entrance gates.

Once again, you were too preoccupied with your current thoughts to notice what was going on around you, which would probably explain why you weren't aware of the redheaded boy trying to get your attention. "Oi, Tsuya! Hey. Heeeeey~!! Augh, for the love of—"


You immediately came down from cloud nine when something hard came in contact with your head. "Ouch! What the heck!?" Rubbing your sore spot, you glanced down at the weapon that had caused the damage – a rock. "Stupid rock…!" you grumbled bitterly, kicking said object aside out of frustration.

"Geez, what is up with you today?"

Blinking in confusion upon hearing the familiar voice, you spun around to face the entrance to be graced with the sight of your best buddy in the whole wide world. "Ah, Shouichi~!" the boy arched a brow, somewhat amused that you finally took the time to acknowledge him. You grinned sheepishly, giving the back of your neck a small rub. "Eh, what's up? What brings you here?"

Shouichi sighed in reply. "Well, you know me. I forgot my lunch again, so I thought I'd head back home at afternoon break and get it." The boy blinked in surprise, finally taking notice of your twin's absence. "Hey, where's Tsuna? Don't you two usually have lunch together at this time?"

"Ah, I'm not quite sure where he is at the moment." I mumbled dejectedly, earning a look of concern from my best friend.

"You wanna talk about it?" Shouichi asked, immediately sensing that there was a story behind all of this. Leave it to Shouichi to understand exactly when I need a buddy to talk to. He always seems to mysteriously appear whenever I need him. Albeit it's a little creepy at times…I'm really grateful to have such a wonderful friend like him.

"…Well, it all started—"

"And that's what happened." You finished with a sigh, kicking a small pebble that had been lying in your path as you and Shouichi walked around the school grounds in search of your brother.

"Looks like Tsuna has it pretty rough over here." Shouichi commented.

"You have no idea." You muttered bitterly under your breath, kicking another innocent pebble aside, this time with a little more force than you intended, causing the pebble to hit a metal pole and ricochet into the gym room where a startled yelp was heard along with a "smack". Shouichi shot you one of those looks he always gives you when you get carried away with something, which normally results in you having to apologize for whatever it "is" you've done. "Sorry~!" you called into the gym, peering inside to see who the victim was. Your eyes landed on none other than the obnoxious Mochida, who was now nursing his injured head. A frown instantly replaced your look of concern, "Never mind! Karma's a bi—"

Shouichi grabbed a hold of your arm, yanking you out of the entry way of the gym before you could cuss. "Tsuya, please tell me you don't kiss your mother with that mouth." Your friend reprimanded you, earning a rather amused look from you in return. "Ugh, you're so weird." Shouichi gave up on trying to scold you. He knew you never really took him seriously when he tried to do so anyway. This would be one of those times.

"Oi~! Sawada, where's your brother!?"

Shouichi released his hold on you when he realized how you tensed the moment your name was called. His green eyes landed on the cause of your current distress. So, that's Mochida, eh? From the looks of it, he appears quite full of himself. 'Oh great, another jock…' Shouichi thought sarcastically to himself with a roll of his eyes.

"Well, either way, I'm the lead in this battle. No matter what, I won't let the trash win." Mochida announced arrogantly with a smirk.

Yup, definitely a jock, this one.

It was then Shouichi realized that you were no longer by his side. "Ack! Tsuya, no! Stop!!" the poor boy yelped, rushing after you as you moved to tackle Mochida. "Tsuya!!" Shouichi wrapped his arms around your waist and leaned back so that he could pull you along with him, preventing you from what could have been a pretty brutal beat down for the older teen in front of you two.

"Lemme go, Shouichi! This jerk's asking for it!" you growled, thrashing wildly in the poor boy's arms.

Shouichi continued to keep a firm hold on you. "Tsuya, think this through!"

Mochida finally seemed to acknowledge you and Shouichi after growing tired of boasting to the crowd. "Eh? Have you come to inform me that the trash has forfeited?" the older teen's comment earned a nasty look from you. How the hell does he keep all that hot air stored in that head of his!? He should seriously be floating off into the distance by now! That no good basta—

"I guess he ran."

"Geez, no-good Tsuna."

Your classmates were already coming to the conclusion that your brother was a no show…that he simply ran away out of fear. Anger boiled deep inside your gut from having to hear all of their trash talk about your beloved sibling. Shouichi seemed to sense this, his grip around your waist tightened slightly in a silent message of "calm down". Leave it to Shouichi to be the voice of reason in your time of need.

Mochida threw his head back and laughed. "This means I win by default!"

Ugh, how you'd just love to wipe that damn smirk off of his face! Unfortunately for you, your best friend was holding you back, apparently quite determined to not let you go and do something 'foolish'. If only you could just kick that arrogant man where it hurts—then who'd be laughing then, eh!?


"That No-good Tsuna came!"

Everyone's attention was immediately directed towards the entrance of the gym, where low and behold, your brother stood. He appeared to be unsure of his decision, but the fact that he had shown up made you extremely proud. Tsuna isn't normally one for confrontation, so seeing him appear for a fight apparently surprised not only you, but everyone in the gym. Even Mochida seemed speechless, and that's telling you something!

"Whoa, he really came."

"It would be better if he ran."

The comments continued to flow through the crowd as Tsuna slowly made his way into the gym. It was now that Shouichi decided to release his grip on you, allowing you to rush forward to greet your sibling. "Nii-san!" you cried happily, flinging yourself into your older brother's arms. "T-tsuya!" your brother yelped in surprise, easily catching you. "Ah~! I'm so proud of you, Nii-san!" you informed your brother with a wide grin, tightening your grip on him in your hug. Tsuna flushed with embarrassment, a few incoherent words spilling from his mouth in a stuttered mess. Shouichi couldn't help but chuckle at the adorable scene.

"There you are you perverted stalker!"

Your happy little moment was instantly ruined when Mochida decided to step in and knock Tsuna's confidence down. "Heaven may forgive a piece of trash like you, but I won't! I shall punish you!" Mochida declared with his hands on his hips and a smug smirk on his lips.

Releasing your brother from your embrace, you whirled around to face the arrogant bully. "Why you~!" Tsuna swiftly grabbed a hold of your hand, pulling you back a bit so that you wouldn't engage in battle. You turned your head slightly to the left to give your brother a pout to show how displeased you were at the moment. However, Tsuna remained firm and continued to prevent you from entering the fight. He made it quite clear that he didn't want you involved in this. So with a sigh of defeat, you backed off and allowed Tsuna to take over.

"Wait…there was a reason for what happened." Tsuna tried to explain.

Mochida snorted in reply, shoving his kendo towards your brother's face to silence him. "I won't listen to excuses!"

"He's just asking for it…" you growled under your breath, your right eye twitching in annoyance. Shouichi gave you a small pat on the back to try and calm you down.

"Don't worry, you're just a beginner at kendo, so if you can even get one point from me, you win. If you can't, then I win." Mochida informed your brother. He then whipped around and pointed his kendo at Kyoko with a grin on his face. "The prize is, of course, Sasagawa Kyoko!"

While the crowed "ooh" and "awed", Kyoko appeared quite distressed that she was being used like some kind of trophy. "P-prize?" she stuttered, a frown evident on her face. "What a jerk." Hana hissed, sending the older male a rather heated glare on her friend's behalf. Well, it just goes without saying that Mochida is officially a downright obnoxious creep. May your brother wipe the floor with his face!!

Mochida twisted his body around once more so that he was facing Tsuna. "Let's go, Sawada!"

Tsuna "eeped", stumbling back a few steps in fright. "Come on, Nii-san! Kick that guy's sorry ass!!" you cheered your sibling on, pumping your right fist into the air with enthusiasm. Beside you, Shouichi released a puff of air. "You sure are energetic all of sudden…" he mumbled to himself with a sweatdrop.

"Tsuna!" Yamamoto called, quickly gaining the boy's attention. Turning his head to the right, Tsuna squeaked in surprise when the captain of the baseball team threw a kendo towards him. Tsuna held his arms out and caught the weapon, fumbling around a bit as he tried to get a good grip on it. Unfortunately for him, Mochida didn't appear to have the decency to wait for Tsuna to prepare before charging head on into battle. He showed no mercy by slamming his kendo into Tsuna's chest, knocking your brother clean off of his feet and sent crashing down onto the ground with a loud painful 'thud'.

That action didn't sit well with you. "He~ey! That was dirty you jerk!!"

Tsuna scrambled to his feet, then took off running with Mochida hot on his heels. "Stop, you can't escape!" Mochida cackled, waving his kendo wildly in the air. Tsuna ignored the boy and continued to run while screaming like a little school girl. Everyone watched on with sweatdrops as the two boys ran around the gym.

"…This has got to be the weirdest fight I've ever seen." Shouichi confirmed to himself, wincing in sympathy as he watched Mochida swing his kendo at Tsuna's feet, successfully knocking your brother to the ground in a painful manner.

"Nii-san!" You fretted for your brother's well being. This was so unfair! As much as you love your brother…there's just no possible way for him to beat a kendo champion. This match was totally bogus!

Mochida came to a halt in front of Tsuna. Raising his kendo above his head, the boy smirked, clearly pleased with the turn of events. "You're mine."

Tsuna instantly cringed, snapping his eyes shut so that he wouldn't see the final blow coming. It pained you to see your brother like this. Moving to step forward to help aid your brother, you were held back by Shouichi. "This isn't your fight, Tsuya. You shouldn't get involved." He told you in a hushed tone. Far too distressed to argue, you tried to pull yourself out of your friend's firm grip, but Shouichi continued to hold you back. Finally fed up with your futile attempts, you turned your attention back to your sibling.

"Nii-san, don't give up! You're way better than that jerk. Don't give in to him, Nii-san!!"

Your shouting seemed to have startled Mochida as he faltered for a moment. Tsuna peered past the older teen to see you in the crowd, staring at him with teary eyes. It pained him to see you in such a state. "…T-tsuya."


The sound of a gunshot ripped through the air, startling you, Tsuna and Shouichi. It was then that a small red bullet became visible, the weapon whizzing towards your defenseless sibling. Shouichi's hold on you was immediately released as he yelped in shock when the bullet made contact with Tsuna's forehead. It was like watching everything in slow motion now, the way Tsuna's eyes rolled to the back of his head and his body fell back to the ground with a sickening 'thud'.

"…I think I'm gonna be sick!" Shouichi whimpered, his body shaking horrifically from having witnessed your brother's surprising 'death'.

You on the other hand, held your breath in anticipation. It just had to have been Reborn that had fired that shot. It just had to! So that means that your brother should go into "Dying Will" mode now, right? Your panicked thoughts were soon answered as Tsuna's skin began to glow, a small flicker of a flame appearing on his forehead. You knew what was coming now, and as expected, Tsuna was suddenly on his feet, ripping his uniform off in the process.


Shouichi gawked at the sight. Is this how your brother came to be in the state he was in earlier this morning? If it was…then dear lord! Just what is going on here!? Weird talking babies, people being shot and then brought back to life in "Dying Will" mode – what's next? A talking cow?!! Okay…now there was something he didn't need to visualize.

"I'll get a point no matter what it takes!" Tsuna vowed, determination burning brightly in his eyes.

"That's right, Nii-san! Kick the dude's ass!!" you cheered your sibling on, pumping your right fist into the air with all the enthusiasm you could muster. Shouichi remained silent, his face paling as he drowned in his own thoughts.

Tsuna released a battle cry, charging towards Mochida with inhuman speed. The crowd roared with laughter at the sight of Tsuna rushing into battle in his boxers. Mochida appeared to be unfazed, a frown appearing on his face as he raised his kendo above his head to prepare for his attack.

"Idiot! Did you think that would affect me?"

You winced when Mochida's kendo made contact with your brother's head. Expecting Tsuna to be knocked back from the attack, the crowd gasped in shock when Tsuna defied their expectations. Mochida's kendo shattered to pieces the moment it hit your brother's head. The kendo champion gapped in shock, giving Tsuna the chance he needed to tackle the older boy to the ground. You watched on with anticipation, Shouichi still appeared to be in shock, and above you standing on the rafters was none other than Reborn, smirking in satisfaction. Tsuna raised his right arm into the air causing the crowd to gawk.

"Mounted position?" Yamamoto mumbled to himself.

"He's planning to hit that guy." Kyoko's brother stated in surprise.

Tsuna's shout resounded through the gym as he swung his arm down and grabbed a fistful of Mochida's raven hair. Then, to everyone's surprise, Tsuna ripped the hair off of Mochida's scalp and held it above his head. "You think I'd only get one point? I've got hyaku-pon now!" Tsuna whipped his head towards the referee, his fierce gaze startling the teen. It was odd, though. The referee refused to acknowledge it as a point. The crowd, however, burst into a fit of laughter.

"Good thinking Tsuna."

"He never specified what you needed to get a point off of!"

Tsuna growled in annoyance. "If that's not enough…" he hissed, raising his arm into the air – he then began to rip all of Mochida's hair off of his head, causing the crowd to "woot" and cheer. Tsuna was determined to get a point, not at all caring for the screaming male beneath him as he continued to rip his hair off his scalp. The referred finally decided to allow Tsuna victory. He shot the red flag into the air, Tsuna's victory flag.

"Point! Red wins!"

Everyone was completely dumbfounded at your brother's win. It was silent for a moment, then the whole gym erupted with cheers.


"Tsuna won!"

"It was crazy, but it was great!"

"I have a newfound respect for you, Tsuna!"

Tsuna's flame finally dissolved, leaving the boy panting and highly confused at what had just happened. His brown orbs scanned over Mochida's unconscious, bald form. "I did this?" he mumbled to himself in disbelief, staring wide eyed at the defeated kendo champion below. "I guess if I really have the dying will, I can even beat a senpai…"



Your brother stumbled back a few steps when your body collided with his for a bear hug. It took him a moment to digest what just hit him, and when he saw you grinning from ear to ear, a blush covered his face when he realized how proud you were of him. "Wah! I can't even begin to tell you how dang awesome you were, Nii-san!" you exclaimed, tightening your hold on your brother. "Even Shouichi's speechless!" Tsuna directed his attention over to the stunned redhead, who still appeared to be having a hard time digesting everything that had happened. Tsuna could help but chuckle at the sight.


Feeling your brother instantly tense in your hold, you let go and turned to face the source of his anxiousness. As expected, there stood Kyoko. A sly grin appeared on your face as you eyed your brother with a mischievous glint.

"K-Kyoko-chan." You couldn't help but snicker at your brother's flustered tone.

"I'm sorry about this morning." Kyoko apologized bashfully, averting her gaze to the ground. "My friends tell me a lot that I don't know when to laugh."

"She thinks my confession this morning was a joke…" Tsuna blanched, slouching forward with a defeated look on his face. Despite your efforts, you laughed at the outcome and gave your older brother a reassuring pat on the back.

Kyoko lifted her head up, revealing to you her sparkling eyes as she looked at your brother with admiration. "You really are incredible. You're not like some average guy." Kyoko praised. Tsuna's head shot up, his eyes widening in disbelief at what he was hearing. "Is it okay if I call you Tsuna-kun from now on?"

Tsuna remained frozen on the spot, gawking at Kyoko like an idiot. Upon hearing no response from your sibling, you took it upon yourself to elbow him in the gut to get him to react. "Ugh!" Tsuna rubbed his sore spot and shot you a weak glare. Childishly sticking your tongue out, you nodded your head in Kyoko's direction, reminding your brother that he had still yet to give her an answer. Upon realizing this, Tsuna's face flushed with embarrassment.

"O-of course!"

After Kyoko took her leave, Tsuna nearly collapsed from swooning. Luckily, you caught your brother just before he hit the ground. "Take it easy, Nii-san. You had a pretty exciting day." You giggled, helping your sibling get back on his feet.

Shouichi joined you by your side. He still looked a little pale, but at least he had snapped out of his stupor.

"This is the best day of my life~!" Tsuna declared in a dreamy tone.

You and Shouichi exchanged knowing looks before directing your attention back to Tsuna. You blinked in surprise when you noticed how your brother seemed to be deep in thought. What could he possibly be thinking of?

"Nii-san, what's up?"

Tsuna blinked, snapping out of his thoughts. "Eh? Oh, I was just thinking. Could this be thanks to him?"

Your brother didn't need to clarify who he was referring to. Both you and Shouichi knew without a doubt that he was talking about the hit man baby personally known as Reborn.

"What he says and does is totally crazy, but if he wasn't there this wouldn't have happened…"

…Hm. Your brother did have a point there.

Shouichi shuddered at the thought of having to come across Reborn again. "Ugh, no offense, but I hope we've seen the last of that kid."

You laughed at the nervous tone coming from your nerdy friend. "Aww, is Shou-chan afraid of an itty-bitty baby?" you teased, nudging your friend in the side with your elbow.

"If you are referring to the baby that's loaded with ammo…then YES!!"

You and Tsuna burst into a fit of laughter, leaving Shouichi to huff and pout in return. The three of you were far too absorbed with each other to notice someone standing outside the gym's entrance, staring intensely at your little group.

"So that is…the Vongola's tenth generation boss candidate, Sawada Tsunayoshi."


Both you and Tsuna stared at the infant across from you with dumbfounded expressions on your faces. After school, the two of you bid farewell to Shouichi and headed on home. Once you were both situated in your room, Reborn decided it was the perfect time to drop the 'bomb' on you two and so far…neither of you were taking it all that well.

"I'm the Vongola's tenth generation boss? Me!?" Tsuna squeaked, pointing to himself for emphasize.

"This is so messed up!" you groaned, rubbing your sore head. It was just too hard to imagine your brother as a mafia boss. I mean, COME ON! This is Tsuna. The boy who's too afraid to face your neighbor's pet Chihuahua for Pete's sake!

Reborn appeared to be the only one in the group who was undisturbed by this new revelation. "I came here because I was requested from the current Vongola family boss, the Ninth, to train you to become an admirable Mafia boss." The small child explained to us.

"I don't get it! What are you talking about!" Tsuna protested, slamming his hands on our small coffee table.

Reborn shoved a piece of paper in your brother's face as if to answer his question. Tsuna blinked, taking the paper from Reborn. You leaned closer to your brother so that you could read what was on the piece of parchment along with Tsuna.

"The Vongola family's first retired and crossed to Japan. He's your great, great, great grandfather. In other words, since you inherited the Vongola blood, you are a legitimate candidate to become the next boss."

Tsuna lowered the paper and the two of you directed your attention to Reborn, who was now clad in his pajamas. "How come we've never heard about this…" Tsuna questioned the infant.

Reborn shrugged nonchalantly, turning around to make his way towards your bed. "Don't worry, I'll train you to become a great Mafia boss."

"I can't believe we're related to the Mafia. Shouichi will never buy this…" you huffed to yourself, puffing your cheeks out a bit in a pout. Just how exactly will you persuade your nerdy friend into believing all of this nonsense, especially with that logical head of his? Hmm…this might take a few tries – and perhaps a few therapy sessions.

"Why are you deciding everything by yourself…and don't sleep in our bed!" Tsuna snapped irritably, watching Reborn slide under the covers of your bed.

"It's sleepy time, see you tomorrow." Reborn replied simply.

"Hey!" Tsuna began to protest, standing up and heading over towards your bed to drag Reborn out. He came to a halt when he felt his socked feet come in contact with something. Blinking in surprise, Tsuna directed his gaze to the floor. There, he caught sight of grenades surrounding your bed. "What did you set up!?"

"I forgot to tell you," Reborn stated calmly. "If you try to disturb my sleep those booby traps will blow up." The infant then fell asleep, blowing a snot bubble to assure us that he was out cold.

"He's sleeping with his eyes open!" Tsuna informed you with a sweatdrop.

"What a weird baby…" you sighed, walking up to the bed to gaze at the odd sight.

"And it's still so early!" Tsuna complained bitterly, glancing out the window to see that the sun was just now setting. "Do you sleep at baby-time!?"

Releasing a small puff of air, you grabbed a hold of your brother's hand and gave it a small tug. "Come on, Nii-san. I believe we've got the couch tonight." Tsuna hung his head in defeat, following you without another word as the two of you left your room to crash on the cough downstairs. Hopefully Reborn won't make it a habit to sleep in your bed during the whole stay. Your family's couch isn't the best substitute for your warm, comfortable bed – which was now housing a snoozing hit man.

How lovely…

Nana quietly crept up to the slumbering infant, delicately pulling the covers up so that Reborn would remain warm throughout the night. A small smile was visible on the woman's face as she gazed down at the baby with a fond expression. "Please take care of Tsuna and Tsuya, Reborn-kun."

A smile made its way onto Reborn's lips upon hearing the mother's request.

Oh…he'll take care of them all right.