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"Tsu-kun, Tsu-chan, hurry up," your mother's voice called from downstairs, "breakfast is ready."

Nonsensical words left your lips as you tiredly buried your face into Tsuna's chest, not quite ready to jump out of bed and face whatever chaotic scene that crazy hitman had in store for you and your beloved twin. Besides, after yesterday's traumatic turn of events, you weren't too keen on leaving the comfort of your bed (nor Tsuna's hold, of course~). Your eyes slowly slid open when the feeling of Tsuna's arm wrapping around your waist stirred you from your drowsy thoughts. Blinking tiredly, you gazed up at the loving orbs of your twin, his heartwarming smile coaxing you to give it your best today.

Chuckling fondly at your exhausted expression, Tsuna gently helped you up into a sitting position, placing a tender kiss on your forehead in his usual morning greeting. Allowing his right hand to run through your silky locks of hair, Tsuna smiled, his eyes glistening with pure adoration. "Morning, Tsuya," your brother greeted you in a loving tone, placing a chaste kiss on your cheek in a playful banter.

Groaning softly, you were too tired to rise to Tsuna's playful teasing, merely responding by muttering a soft 'morning' of your own before slumping forward to rest against Tsuna's warm body, eliciting a chuckle from your twin in reply as he wrapped his arms around your waist and gave your body a small squeeze. "Come on now," Tsuna cooed, gently brushing your bangs from your eyes, "let's get dressed. Mom'll probably come up here soon if we don't get ready."

"Nii-san," you whined softly in response, your voice slightly muffled against Tsuna's chest.

"Fine, fine," your brother snickered, leading you to believe that he was going to allow you to sleep in longer now. Of course, that pleasant thought was immediately drafted when you suddenly felt yourself being scooped up into Tsuna's arms, causing your eyes to shoot open as a squeal left your lips. Your arms swiftly wrapped themselves around Tsuna's neck for some closure when your twin suddenly began to twirl around, laughter spilling from his lips as Tsuna continued to perform a rather pleasant routine that successfully managed to wake you up fully.

Finally coming to a complete stop after realizing that you were now completely awake, Tsuna planted another kiss on your cheek before gently lowering you down so that you were able to stand on your own two feet. "Glad to see you've joined the land of the living, Tsu~" Tsuna taunted you, a playful smirk on his features.

When you made a weak swipe at the young male, Tsuna easily evaded your halfhearted attempt to shut him up. Chuckling fondly at your typical antics, Tsuna gently grasped both your wrists with his hands, gazing tenderly at you while distracting you long enough for his hands to release your small wrists and travel over to the soft, white material of your pajama top where he then proceeded to lift it up off of your body. "Come on," Tsuna cooed, a smile spreading across his lips as he tossed your discarded shirt onto your bed, "thanks to you, we probably only have a few seconds to change into our school uniforms."

Huffing irritably at your brother's playful taunts, you stomped over towards your dresser, trying your best to ignore the teasing wolf whistle that sounded from behind you (which had you retaliating by chucking a pillow at Tsuna's smirking face). After justice was served, you proceeded back over towards your dresser, sliding the middle drawer open and snatching up the two articles of your school uniform. Slipping the top over your head with ease, you then moved on to removing your sweatpants, chucking it in Tsuna's direction which in turn earned his own sweatpants being chucked at you in retaliation, his bubbly laughter filling the air.

The moment you two were finally dressed, Tsuna suddenly wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you close so that your hips touched. "Smile for the camera, Tsu~" your twin chirped, causing your eyes to widen in surprise before you were suddenly blinded by a flashing light. Once your vision had finally returned to its original state, you blinked owlishly for a moment before noticing Tsuna's right, outstretched arm holding the culprit that had temporarily blinded you — your camera.

Shooting your brother a quizzical look, Tsuna responded by placing a loving kiss on your forehead before bounding over to your shared desk. Furrowing your brows, you silently wondered why Tsuna was being so affectionate (well, not that it was uncommon or anything, but still). Ever since your drowning experience the other day, you noticed that Tsuna was far more clingy than usual (and that's saying something). He had begun to treat you as if you were some sort of china doll, afraid that even a simple touch might harm you in some way.

Now, as much as you'd like to reassure Tsuna that all was well on your half, you knew (and of course HE most certainly knew) that you had been scared out of your wits by yesterday's traumatic event. You were still a bit traumatized and tad reluctant to start the day, but Tsuna was providing you an endless amount of comfort, leading you to believe that all would be well today with him there by your side. Tsuna knew you better than anyone. He knew when you needed your space, and when you needed someone to lean on. The moment your eyes locked with Tsuna, you felt a smile light up your features causing a chain reaction as Tsuna beamed back.

"Everything's gonna be fine," Tsuna reassured you in warm tone, grasping your hand in his and giving it a light squeeze to show his affection.

Smiling back at your twin, you returned the affectionate gesture, your heart swelling up with warmth at the thought that Tsuna would always have your back. "I love you, Nii-san."

"I love you too," Tsuna murmured softly, brushing his lips against your forehead one last time. Slowly pulling away, Tsuna shot you a grin, "Now let's head down stairs and get ourselves some breakfast."

Loyally trailing after your brother, you two bounded down the stairs before coming to an immediate halt when you both were graced with the sight of a rather pale Gokudera standing right outside your kitchen, his right hand grasping the material of his shirt where his stomach was whilst his face expressed a small grimace. "Gokudera-kun?" at the sound of your voice, Gokudera's head jerked up, his eyes widening in surprise as a light blush dusted across his cheeks.

"P-Princess! Tenth!" the young man sputtered, his cheeks flaming up more, "G-good morning!"

"Good morning, Gokudera-kun," you responded with a smile. Moving to stand in front of the pale young man, you lifted your right hand, placing the back of it against Gokudera's forehead while furrowing your brows in concern, oblivious to the way Gokudera's face turned scarlet the moment your hand made contact with his skin. "Are you all right? You don't look so well," you noted worriedly, gazing into Gokudera's eyes while missing the jealous waves radiating off of your twin like a wildfire.

"I-I'm all right, really," Gokudera stumbled over his words, his cheeks flaring up in embarrassment as he tried his best not to swoon.

"What are you doing here so early?" Tsuna butted in, placing himself between you and Gokudera so that there was no further contact amongst you both.

Before Gokudera had a chance to respond, your mother's voice suddenly called out to you two from within the kitchen, causing you both to peer around Gokudera to see the bright demeanor of the cheerful woman as she continued to prepare breakfast, "Everyone's eating already," she informed you both with a smile, gesturing towards the crowded table.

Reborn lowered his bowl from his face, shooting you and your twin a smirk. "We've already started without you, Tsuna, Tsuya~"

"That's not surprising," Tsuna muttered sarcastically under his breath.

Both yours and Tsuna's gaze followed your mother's form as she made her way over to the table and joined the many occupants, causing you and Tsuna to do a double take as you both gapped at the unusual sight. Your mother was currently seated next to Shouichi with Lambo located to his right at the end of the table. Bianchi was next to Reborn, cooing softly to her lover whilst trying to feed him something, eliciting some rather disturbed looks from you and Tsuna in return. Well, Bianchi's presence would certainly explain why Gokudera outright refused to enter the kitchen. Poor guy…

Tsuna was definitely NOT used to this many people occupying your breakfast table. Normally it was just you two and your mother, and perhaps even Shouichi on occasion. "Since when were there this many people?" Tsuna asked in disbelief, staring warily at the Mafia members (namely Reborn and his deranged lover).

"Here, Reborn, say 'ahh'," Bianchi cooed, holding a spoon full of steaming food for the young infant.

Meanwhile, to the right of the magenta haired woman, Lambo was currently about to dig in to his steaming bowl of food. "Lambo-san loves gratin," Lambo informed all, eagerly dipping his spoon into his meal and dishing out a rather large helping of piping hot gratin and devouring the serving without a hint of precaution. The moment the food touched Lambo's tongue it instantly seared his poor appendage, causing the young child to scream. Throwing his spoon to the ground, Lambo jumped onto the table, his tongue sticking out of his mouth while the young Bovino jumped up and down on the tabletop, tears streaming down his face, "It's hot! It's hot!" Lambo wailed, flailing his arms wildly before slowing down to a stop, his tongue still hanging out while his onyx eyes trailed down to the floor where is silverware was currently residing. "I lost my spoon and it fell down."

"Are you all right?" Shouichi asked worriedly, gazing at the young child with concern. Picking up his cold glass of water, Shouichi offered it to the tearful Bovino, "Here's some water."

Lambo accepted the drink, gulping it down without a second thought. Once the glass was completely empty of its liquid, Lambo placed the cup down, taking large, deep breaths. "Gotta. Stay. Calm."

"You need to blow on the food to let it cool down first," Nana informed Lambo with a smile.

"That's right," Bianchi agreed, turning her attention back to the hitman seated on her left, "here, Reborn," the young woman cooed, gently blowing on the food for a few moments before offering it to the young infant. Opening his mouth wide, Reborn encased the spoon in his mouth, devouring the food that Bianchi had provided him with.

Returning her attention back to yours and Tsuna's dazed forms in the entryway of the kitchen, Nana called you both over. "Tsu-kun, Tsu-chan, if you two don't eat quickly, you'll be late for school."

Tsuna could only stare on in complete and utter disbelief. *Somehow it's become a daily scene.*

Giving your twin a small reassuring pat on the back, your attention was soon diverted over towards Reborn when the infant suddenly called out to you, waving a small letter in his hand while gesturing for you to come over and get it. Arching a brow at the hitman, you slowly made your way over. Reaching out and accepting the letter offered to you, you felt Tsuna join you by your side while you unfolded the letter and allowed your eyes to silently scan the content.

"What does it say, Tsu-chan?" Nana inquired curiously.

You furrowed your brows slightly in confusion. "Huh, the principle wants me to come to school early today so I can see him in his office."

"Why would he want that?" Tsuna questioned skeptically, his eyes catching Shouichi rise from his seat from his peripheral vision.

"Not sure," you replied warily, shooting Reborn a small glare. You were certain this baby had something to do with this note, and judging by the smug look on his face, you'd have to say your accusations were correct. Stuffing the note into your skirt's pocket, you made a turn to leave, giving your mother a quick wave goodbye. "Well, I'd better head off now if I'm supposed to get to school early."

"Thanks for breakfast, Mrs. Sawada," Shouichi thanked, brushing past the surprised woman as she watched him join you and Tsuna as you two left the kitchen, quickly joined by Gokudera as the four of you then proceeded to leave the house.

"Goodbye!" Nana called after your group, the sound of the front door slamming shut informing her that you guys were now headed over to school.

You and Tsuna had barely made it past your front gate when your group was suddenly ambushed by a squealing maniac bounding around the corner with a rather large box wrapped in a green cloth in hand. You felt your jaw drop when you were finally able to recognize the maniac as none other than Haru. What the HELL was SHE doing here? Your thoughts were soon answered and baffled even further when the energetic young woman frantically called out your brother's name before suddenly tripping over her own feet and sent crashing to the ground right in front of your group, earning some rather odd looks in response. However, Haru did not become deterred by her clumsiness. Instead, the young woman lifted her head up off the ground and shot Tsuna a sheepish grin with a small chuckle escaping her lips in the process.

"H-Haru," Tsuna sputtered in surprise.

"Nii-san," you began in a questioning, tone, glancing warily at the young woman who was now getting back on her feet and staring at your twin with a love struck expression, earning a rather irritated glare from you in response as you felt your blood begin to boil with the way she was looking at YOUR Tsuna, "just why exactly is SHE here?" you asked your beloved twin in a heated tone.

Before Tsuna had a chance to respond, Haru's attention was suddenly directed to you, a loud squeal leaving her lips as she eagerly began to greet you. "Ah! Sister! It's so nice to see you again!"

"S-sister?" to say you were mortified by this new revelation would be an understatement. Just who the HELL did this chick think she was to call you 'sister', anyway? Has she completely forgotten yesterday's event when she nearly killed you? Now she's developed some type of one-sided love with YOUR Tsuna, and apparently believes that you'll accept her like some kind of adopted sibling? Well hate to break it to ya, crazy chick — HELL NO!

Moving on as though she was completely unaware of your scathing glare, Haru redirected her attention back to Tsuna, beaming at the young man while a light blush dusted across her face. "Yes! I am the one you saved the other day, and who you promised would become your future wife, Myura Haru."

You just couldn't believe what you were hearing. "Nii-san said WHAT?"

"No! I never made a promise like that!" Tsuna protested frantically, shaking his head while waving his hands back and forth in front of him in an effort to try and calm your seething self down. Tsuna tensed when he felt a familiar hot, bubbly feeling erupting in his lower abdomen. However, it was safe to say that Tsuna knew full well that the roiling emotion he was feeling right now definitely wasn't his. Allowing his mocha eyes to lock on your small form, Tsuna gulped, a chill running down his spine at the sight of you glaring at Haru in the exact same way he found himself doing at other males — yet yours was far worse.

"Tsuna-san, please take this lunch box that I made!" Haru pleaded, holding out the giant lunch box with a hopeful expression on her face as she gazed at her infatuation.

Tsuna refused to make any sudden movement, fearing that your anger was just at its peak. Besides, he didn't really want to accept Haru's offer, anyway. Tsuna knew that you would be beyond pissed if he accepted the lunch box, especially since it was your job to prepare his lunch for him. Taking a cautious step away from the advancing Haru, Tsuna carefully edged closer to you, his hand gently brushing against your own in an attempt to shift you from your torrent thoughts. Not missing that small flash of recognition in your eyes when his hand brushed against yours, Tsuna then proceeded to grasp your hand, giving it a small reassuring squeeze when your eyes locked, a silent message being formed between the two of you as Tsuna informed you that he only had eyes for you and you alone.

Feeling reassured by Tsuna's sincerity, you allowed your body to relax. Your hand gave Tsuna's a loving squeeze of its own, eliciting a bright smile from your sibling in return. Releasing a small sigh, you granted Tsuna access to your rattled emotions, allowing your beloved twin to immediately disperse those uncomfortable feelings and to be replaced by a warm, fuzzy feeling that you knew full well to be Tsuna's love for you. A small chuckle escaped Tsuna's lips when he noticed your peaceful expression, earning a small bump from your hip into his own in retaliation as you shot him a playful glare.

Shouichi eyed the large box Haru was offering your brother, observing the young woman as she eagerly awaited Tsuna's response. The red-head cast a brief glance in yours and Tsuna's direction, not missing the silent interaction progressing between you two. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Shouichi voiced his question, determined to give you and Tsuna your quality time. "A lunch box?"

Caught by surprise due to the fact that it had been Shouichi who had voiced the question, Haru directed her gaze his way before giving a small nod of her head. "I've worked hard making it since the day before yesterday!"

*The day before yesterday. What the hell?* Shouichi and Gokudera thought together in exasperation, eyeing the young woman oddly.

Pulling the large lunch box close to her chest, a dark blush splashed across Haru's face. Her eyes slid shut as she bashfully began to fidget, "For Tsuna-san, who will become a great Mafia boss, this is nothing."

Shouichi found himself blanching at the young woman's obliviousness to the whole situation. *She's so into it. This is terrible!*

"Here!" Haru exclaimed, holding out the large lunch box once again while anxiously waiting for your twin to accept the gift.

Shouichi coughed into his fist, his stunning green eyes sweeping in both yours and Tsuna's direction. A smile crossed the young man's lips, though hidden behind his fist, at the sight of Tsuna completely absorbed in showering you with his attention. It was rather comical at times to watch the two of you completely turn a blind eye to the world so that you could focus on nothing but each other. Shouichi knew full well that this was yours and Tsuna's way with dealing with all of the chaos and constant changes being thrown in your direction. It had originally been just the two of you in your own little world, but with Reborn now interfering and trying to mold you both into two completely different types of people; it's only natural that you and Tsuna rely on one another to remain sane throughout this whacked out conspiracy.

Taking matters into his own hands, Shouichi reached out and plucked the lunch box out of Haru's grasp, intent on sending the young woman on her merry way so that your group could continue on with its original plan to have a (somewhat) normal walk to school. "Well, thanks for the gift. We offer our sincere gratitude, now it's time for you to just move along now~"

Gokudera couldn't agree more. Waving the deranged woman off, the silver-haired Mafioso wanted nothing more than to be rid of her exceptionally cheerful demeanor. "Go on, shoo! The Tenth and Princess don't need you taking away any more of their time," the Italian commented in a forced tone, trying his best to remain on good behavior (no matter how much he wanted to personally blow this chick up considering the fact that she almost killed you yesterday, that bi-).

"Good morning, Tsuna-kun. Good morning, Tsuya-chan," Kyoko's sweet voice called out, causing everyone's head to glance over their shoulder to see the caramel-eyed girl making her way over to your group with a bright smile on her face.

"Ah, Kyoko-chan," you and Tsuna acknowledged in surprise, staring at the young woman as she stopped beside you two, glancing curiously at the crazy brunette who was located in front of you both.

"You three must get along well," Kyoko insisted with a smile, causing you and Tsuna to nearly perform a face-plant at the preposterous accusation that had just been made. How on earth could she possibly believe that you two got along with…Haru.

*She's really misunderstanding!* you and Tsuna thought exasperatedly, sharing identical blank looks before releasing puffs of air.

"My name is Myura Haru from Midori Middle School. I may be a bit careless, but I hope we'll get along," Haru introduced herself, giving a small bow while directing a smile in Kyoko's direction.

Kyoko giggled, smiling back at the young woman. "My name is Sasagawa Kyoko. I'm in the same class as Tsuna-kun, Tsuya-chan, and Gokudera-kun. Nice to meet you."

While the girls began a friendly chat, you, Tsuna, Shouichi, and Gokudera exchanged exasperated looks. Casting the two females one last look, the four of you turned a deaf ear to their chatter and then promptly began your trek to school. To say that was bizarre would be a complete understatement — it should really be referred to as downright retarded.


"Gokudera-kun~" your bubbly laughter spilled from your lips as the silver-haired Mafioso continued to fuss over your wellbeing. The Italian had already confiscated your satchel, convinced that you shouldn't carry such a 'heavy' load due to your injuries (which in all honesty, were nothing more than a few cuts and bruises, really). Despite your reassurance that all was well on your half, Gokudera continued to try and persuade you to allow him to carry you the rest of the way to school. You had to give him props, though. Gokudera just wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Those are an awful lot of bruises you've got, Tsu…" Shouichi noted in a concerned tone, his green eyes scanning the littered splotches of bluish marks located on various parts of your exposed skin. He could only imagine how many bruises you truly had. The only other person who could possibly know this information was none other than Tsuna. Speaking of which, Shouichi allowed his gaze to drift over to your concerned twin, who was apparently as deeply worried for your wellbeing as the rest of the males in your group.

Gokudera's brows furrowed, his heart clenching when you politely refused his offer (again) to carry you. Clenching his fists, Gokudera's eyes traveled over your small form, his eyes narrowing at the horrible sight of your battered body. Che! If only he had been more helpful the other day. Gokudera snapped his eyes shut, his heart giving a painful lurch at the thought that you had been hurt due to his incompetence to be there by your side to prevent such a travesty from ever happening. Allowing his right hand to delve into his jeans' pocket, Gokudera grasped a hold of the small note you had slipped into his bento box the other day. Running the heartfelt note through his mind for the billionth sixth time that morning, Gokudera took a deep breath before gently releasing the treasured piece of paper from his hand.

Slowly sliding his eyes back open, a new idea popped into Gokudera's head. Determined to make up for his blunder the previous day before, a smile lit up Gokudera's face as he rushed in front of you, catching your whole group by surprise as Gokudera suddenly crouched down and glanced over his shoulder, shooting you a grin. "Hop on, Princess~" Gokudera coaxed you, gesturing towards his back with a small wave of his right hand.

"…" you were stunned for a moment, however, that emotion quickly faded to be replaced by a jolt of giddiness at the thought of a piggy-back ride. Trying your best to restrain yourself from rushing forward and jumping onto Gokudera's back, you felt your hands anxiously twitch at your sides. Your mocha eyes quickly swept in Tsuna's direction, locking gazes with your beloved twin as a pleading look flitted across your features. A laugh left Tsuna's lips at the adorable look you threw his way. He knew what you were silently asking, and with a small nod of his head, Tsuna watched on in complete amusement as you squealed in delight and immediately rushed forward to mount your 'silver steed'.

Gokudera couldn't keep the laugh from spilling from his lips when you pounced him from behind, your arms wrapping themselves around his neck to keep you steady. Gingerly sliding his hands along the smooth skin of your legs, Gokudera's hands situated themselves on the underside of your knees. Moving to stand up, Gokudera couldn't help but marvel at how light you were. Casting a brief glance over his shoulder at your beaming face, Gokudera felt his heart swell. Unable to prevent a silly grin from appearing on his lips, Gokudera couldn't resist giving you a small bounce, causing a delighted squeal to leave your lips. "Ready, Princess~?" Gokudera asked, his grin widening at the sight of your joyous expression.

"Giddy-up, Gokudera-kun~!" you eagerly responded, your bubbly laughter filling the air when Gokudera instantly took off the moment those words were ushered from your lips.

Tsuna and Shouichi watched on with wistful expressions on their features.

"Still absorbed in her childish fantasies," Shouichi noted in a fond tone, a smile creeping onto his face. Releasing a small chuckle, Shouichi adjusted his glasses, his heart swelling at the thought that despite the chaos unraveling around you, you were still able to think positive and remain completely unchanged (personality wise). Shouichi's green eyes wandered over to your twin, silently observing his behavior.

"I'm glad that Tsuya's still able to laugh like this," Tsuna commented in a soft tone, his eyes easily expressing his deep concern for you. A strained sigh left his lips, "I was really worried that Tsuya would withdraw after yesterday's…event. That type of trauma really has a strong effect on her," Tsuna informed his childhood friend, earning a curious look from the red-head in response. Running a hand through his brown locks, Tsuna's eyes followed yours and Gokudera's retreating forms. "She may not show it…but Tsuya is really sensitive. I can't even begin to tell you how rough it was last night. It was so hard to see her jerk awake every ten minutes with nothing but that sheer look of terror crossing her face 'cause she was having nightmares about drowning. I'm so used to Tsuya protecting me, that I forgot how vulnerable she can really be."

A frown tugged at Shouichi's lips at the sound of Tsuna's distressed tone. Taking a closer glance at your sibling, Shouichi was able to pick up the weariness hidden within Tsuna's eyes. Hesitant to voice his opinion in case it came across as insensitive, Shouichi debated with himself for a few seconds before finally letting the words spill from his lips. "…Despite the traumatic turn of events the other day, I think it was important for you to have been the one to rescue Tsuya from her biggest phobia."

Tsuna blinked, turning his doe-like gaze towards his childhood friend. "You think it was important?"

"Augh," Shouichi gave the back of his head a sheepish rub, his stomach giving an uncomfortable churn due to how his words had been formed, "what I meant to say, was that despite Tsuya's traumatic experience yesterday, I think it was really important to her that it was YOU who saved her from drowning. Call me crazy, but I believe that you created a safety cushion for Tsuya. Despite her aquaphobia, I'm sure Tsuya feels better knowing that you'll always be there to pull her back up to the surface."

Tsuna remained silent for a moment, allowing his friend's words to sink in.


A startled gasp sounded through the darkness, followed by a jerky movement that instantly woke Tsuna from his slumbering state. Blinking rapidly and rubbing his right eye with his fist to try and wake his self up, Tsuna pushed himself up into a sitting position. Once his eyes were finally adjusted to the darkness, concern filled his heart at the sight of your hunched form; your body quivering slightly as you tightly grasped the material of the bed's comforter in your hands.

"Tsuya?" Tsuna softly called your name, gently resting a hand on your shoulder only to be caught by surprise when you suddenly jerked, whipping your head around to reveal your wide, terror-filled eyes.

Tsuna felt his heart lurch at the heartbreaking sight of your distressed form. Releasing his hold of your shoulder, Tsuna leaned back slightly, opening his arms in a welcoming gesture. In a matter of seconds you flung yourself into Tsuna's hold, your arms wrapping tightly around his form as you buried your face in his chest. Snaking his arms around your waist, Tsuna gave your quivering body a loving squeeze. Resting his chin on your head, Tsuna released a soft sigh, giving you another affectionate squeeze in an effort to calm your torrent nerves.

Feeling your hands tightly grasp the material of his shirt, an obvious sign of your nervous energy, Tsuna softly murmured your name. "Tsuya, it's okay," your brother gently coaxed, his right hand drifting upward to trace circular patterns on your back to calm you. "I'm right here. I won't let anything happen to you."

Tsuna then proceeded to perform the routine of softly humming your tune, his hand continuing with its gentle action of rubbing soothing patterns on your skin. Half-way through the tune, Tsuna felt your body falling lax against his form. Your once iron hold on his shirt was slowly beginning to loosen, along with your erratic breathing which was now calming down to an even pace. Tsuna continued with your melody, his eyes softening at the sight of your slumbering form in his arms. Humming the last of the tune, Tsuna placed a tender kiss on your forehead before slowly leaning back so that you two were now lying down in your bed.

Allowing his right hand to run its fingers through your silky hair, a small sigh left Tsuna's lips as he silently watched you sleep. This was the fifth time you had awoken in a cold sweat, terrorized by your dreams of drowning in a dark abyss. It was really taking a toll on Tsuna to see you in such a state, where you were truly petrified to the point where you were unable to speak. Giving your small form a squeeze with the arm wrapped possessively around your waist, Tsuna continued to run his fingers through your hair, desperate to let you know that he would do anything to protect you.

After half an hour passed without you showing any signs of distressing dreams, Tsuna felt his eyes slowly slide shut in exhaustion. Pulling you close and placing one last affectionate kiss on your forehead before completely succumbing to sleep, Tsuna allowed your gentle breathing to lead him to the world of slumber.

/End Flashback/

"…I love her so much," Tsuna mumbled softly, his heart inflating at the sound of your bubbly laughter in the distance.

Shouichi smiled at his childhood friend's affection for you. Releasing a small chuckle, Shouichi gave a small nod of his head to show that he understood what Tsuna was talking about. "Don't worry, Tsu-kun. Tsuya and I know better than anyone how much you really care for her," the red-head informed his dear friend, green eyes meeting mocha ones, "besides," Shouichi continued, his smile widening, "I think that's what helps her move on."

Tsuna blinked, stunned by his friend's deep words. Allowing his eyes to drift over in your direction, a smile appeared on his face when he managed to lock gazes with you for a moment. Laughter spilled from Tsuna's lips when you mockingly stuck your tongue out at him, pulling your bottom eyelid down in a taunting gesture as you and Gokudera continued to disappear from their view. Feeling his heart fill with warmth, Tsuna cast a brief glance at the red-head beside him, his smile morphing into a grin as Tsuna then took off, racing after you and Gokudera. Shouichi couldn't help but laugh at how childish you and Tsuna could be at times. Giving a small shake of his head, Shouichi immediately gave chase, intent on catching up with the group.

After all, he wouldn't have it any other way.


"Nii-san," you laughed, your chest swelling with love for you sibling as Tsuna downright refused to release your hand from his hold so that you could enter the dreaded principal's office. Your group was currently standing right outside of the principal's door, an eerie silence befalling the males as they simply remained stationed by your side, acting as though you were off to face a death sentence of some sort (now there's a dreadful thought). Tsuna continued to hold your hand in an iron-grip, refusing to release you from his hold any time soon as he simply stared straight ahead at the 'menacing' door with an anxious expression flitted across his face. Giving your brother's hand a reassuring squeeze, you snapped Tsuna out of his thoughts, causing his beautiful eyes to glance curiously in your direction, "It's all right, Nii-san. I'll be fine," you tried to console your twin, flashing him a bright smile.

Tsuna remained adamant, his only response being the tightening grip on your hand, informing you that he wasn't going to let you waltz on in there without any type of backup. Releasing a small puff of air, you decided to try and humor your beloved twin by coaxing him the only way you knew how — by performing the infamous puppy dog pout. The moment your deep gaze meet Tsuna's, your brother instantly knew that he had met his match. Nearly melting into a pile of goo due to your adorable and devious puppy dog pout, Tsuna felt his resolve instantly crumbling. Releasing a low groan, Tsuna reluctantly released your hand, his face stained with a light hue of red.

"J-just be careful in there, Tsu," your brother mumbled timidly, his stomach performing flip-flops as his blush only managed to deepen in color when your lips made contact with his cheek.

"Will do, Nii-san," you responded in a soft tone, flashing your beloved Tsuna one last smile before taking the few steps necessary to finally reach that dreaded door. Grasping the doorknob and giving it a small turn, you cast a brief glance over your shoulder, almost bursting into a fit of giggles at the sight of the three extremely anxious males. Just who exactly was it that was going to the visit the principal again? Chuckling softly under your breath, you gave the jittery young men a smile and then proceeded to open the door and enter the room. Just as you were closing the door, you were able to make out Tsuna's distressed tone before the door finally snapped shut.

"Ohmygod! I've just feed Tsuya to the wolves!"

Biting your tongue to prevent yourself from laughing out loud due to Tsuna's overdramatic response to your departure, you directed your attention to the balding, middle-aged man seated at the desk in the center of the room. The elder man currently had his elbows propped up on the desk and his fingers were interlaced as he gazed at you through his rectangular spectacles. You could faintly make out the sound of his foot repeatedly tapping the floor, nervous energy, you concluded silently to yourself.

"Miss Tsuyako Sawada," the principal called your name, your brows furrowing in confusion when you caught the slight tremor hidden within his voice, "I thank you for coming. There are some matters that must be addressed."

"Uh, yeah…sure…" you responded, allowing your gaze to inspect the rather perturbed man in front of you. He appeared to have a light sheen of sweat, and his eyes were moving erratically between you and something off to the far right back in the room. You wanted so badly to turn around and see just what the heck it was that had the middle-aged man so on edge, however, you refrained yourself from doing so, not wanting to appear sidetracked in any way from the conversation which might then lead you to a detention (which heaven only knows you've been assigned to due to lack of attention in certain classes).

A shaky hand reached up to adjust the slightly askew glasses on the elder man's face, his breath leaving him in stutters before he appeared to swallow a lump in his throat. "I-I've received your form for a school activity," the principal began in an edgy tone, his eyes once again jerking back and forth between you…and whatever the heck it was in the back of the room, "After a b-b-brief discussion with the person in c-c-charge of the committee you a-applied for, it was d-decided that you would be a-accepted."

Your brain was slowly beginning to put the pieces together. "Whoa…wait… what form?"

Nervously clearing his throat, the principal gestured towards the back of the room in a rather jerky motion while licking his lips before speaking once more, "Your l-leader has kindly accepted the role to introduce you t-to the rules of the committee. You begin your f-first day today, and should any questions a-arise, don't be afraid to approach…" the principal was about to mention the 'leader' of the committee group that you had oh-so graciously applied to (hell no you didn't! Dammit Reborn!), only to whirl around; fear gripping at your heart with the thought of just who exactly your 'leader' was.

You felt your heart still the moment your eyes locked with steel gray ones, a devious smirk appearing on the raven haired teen's lips as he gazed at you with a morbid fascination, most likely imagining all of the possible ways to 'bite-you-to-death' if you ever managed to step out of place or challenge HIS authority. Oh just peachy! Of all the committees that stupid baby had to sign you up for, it was none other than the notorious Discipline Committee lead by none other than…

"Hibari Kyouya," you breathed, your right eye twitching in annoyance as your stomach dropped at the thought of actually having to bend over back for THIS guy.

The prefect flashed his teeth at you (and you were oddly surprised to find that he had no fangs). Pushing himself away from the comfortable position he had of leaning against the wall, Hibari strode over to your side, his eyes flashing with ill intents (which you most certainly did NOT want to find out what they were). Grasping a hold of your upper right arm with an iron grip, Hibari leaned down so that he was eye-to-eye with you, his steely gaze just egging you on to defy him right here, right now. "Welcome to the Discipline Committee, herbivore."

Before you were even able to make up some kind of witty remark, you felt a small pang of pain in your arm, causing you to wince ever so slightly. This small action did not go by unnoticed by Hibari. The older male smirked at your obvious discomfort before finally releasing your arm from his hold. Narrowing your eyes into a glare, you shot Hibari a look, your eyes then trailing to your right arm to see what the damage was. You felt your jaw drop at the sight of a Discipline Committee armband pinned into the sleeve of your shirt, a strange ominous feeling filling the air to inform you that in some weird, bizarre way…that you had just been marked.

Allowing your startled gaze to peer back up into Hibari's own hard one, you felt your heart drop into your stomach before you did the only thing that came naturally to you in a situation like this — you pulled a Tsuna.

Racing past the slightly amused prefect, you grabbed a hold of the doorknob and frantically twisted it so that the door swung up. Hastily scrambling out of the room, you then proceed to slam the door shut, startling the three awaiting males in the hall. To say you caused quite a scene was an understatement. With your back pressed against the door and your hand still held firmly on the doorknob in a vain effort to prevent anyone from opening it, your highly unusual actions to what should have been a normal visit to the principal's office left Tsuna feeling extremely anxious, his mind buzzing wildly with what various scenes (most of which he really didn't want to imagine right now).

"Tsuya!" Tsuna yelped, rushing forward to greet you while Gokudera and Shouichi exchanged looks with one another before racing forward to join you. Grasping your arms with his shaking hands, Tsuna tried his best not to initially panic, but that was a bit difficult to do at the moment, seeing as how you looked as white as a ghost. Tightening his grip on your arms, Tsuna began to frantically question you, asking if something bad had happened in that office and if he should send Gokudera in there to deal with it (and oddly enough, Gokudera was already drawing out various sticks of dynamite, his eyes flashing with rage as he looked as though he was about to personally kick that door down right this instant).

Tsuna's words fell silent when his left hand suddenly brushed against some type of odd fabric located on your right arm, causing his gaze to drift away from your petrified expression to catch sight of…ohmygod. Tsuna felt his mouth instantly become dry at the sight of…THAT. Opening and closing his mouth like a goldfish, Tsuna felt himself become dizzy. How on earth did you get tangled in such a…oh, he couldn't even think about it lest he keel over right this moment. It now made perfect sense as to why you were acting so out of character!


Tsuna yelped, nearly jumping right out of his skin at the loud noise he had heard just now. Frantically looking left and right for any signs of that preposterous hitman, Tsuna was surprised to find no sign of that deranged infant. Loud yells from Gokudera immediately snapped Tsuna out of his daze, causing his wide doe-like eyes to be directed to the sudden source of Gokudera's anger — Hibari Kyouya.

The prefect was currently standing in the middle of the doorway to the principal's office, looming menacingly over Tsuna's and your small forms. Hibari silently observed both yours and Tsuna's stunned expressions with a bored expression of his own, completely turning a deaf ear to the heated ranting of your silver-haired subordinate to "Step away from the Tenth and Princess, you bastard!". For a few more intense seconds of having Hibari simply stand there and gaze at you and your sibling, the raven haired prefect finally moved into action and forcefully yanked you out of Tsuna's protective hold, blatantly ignoring both his and Gokudera's cries to stop as he then proceeded to drag you down the hall.

The last thing you saw before being dragged around the corner was Tsuna's petrified stare and Shouichi trying his hardest to hold back an extremely pissed Mafioso who was frantically calling your name and spitting spiteful words about that raven haired bimbo.


*Nii-saaaan…* comical tears streamed down your face as your tried your best to evaporate into thin air (fat chance of that happening anytime soon). You could feel Hibari's gaze burning a hole in the side of your head as you frantically began to pretend that he wasn't standing right there. Ah, where's Tsuna when you need him? Then again, you can't really blame him for not wanting to provoke the wrath of the demon prefect. Speaking of which, you chanced a brief glance to your left, only to find your body stiffening the moment your eyes locked with Hibari's cold gaze — okay that was a BAD idea!

"So, like it says on the printout, those are the rooms assigned to for the second semester committee," a male's voice spoke up, immediately drawing you out of your stupor to recall just where exactly you were right now. You and various other students belonging to clubs were present in the conference room where a meeting explaining which groups were assigned to which rooms was currently being discussed. Ironically this has lasted for well over two hours already, and you were honestly beginning to wonder when the hell this all would just end already so you could be on your merry way to reunite with your beloved twin.

A young brunette female with her hair tied up in a high ponytail was currently scanning the list of assigned rooms, her lips tugging into a frown when she managed to come across a certain group. "Hey, what's up with this?" the young woman protested, furrowing her brows. "There's a committee that's using the reception room. That's so unfair. Which one is it?"

The two students on either side of her shot her petrified looks. A young raven haired woman located on the brunette's right stuttered a short warning to 'hush' while the male on the brunette's right hastily began to explain the seriousness of the situation by frantically whispering the name of the group assigned to that particular room, "That's the Discipline Committee."

You watched as the brunette's face paled, her jaw dropping at this bit of information while her body began to shiver in fright. It appeared as though she finally understood the severity of her action of speaking out loud. Her wide brown eyes swept towards the direction where you and Hibari were currently residing, her shivering only increasing the moment Hibari narrowed his eyes into a menacing glare. "Do you have a problem with that?" Hibari drawled, his eyes just begging the young female to say otherwise so that he could 'bite-her-to-death' for speaking out of term.

Hastily pushing her chair back and scrambling to her feet, the brunette stuttered her response, "No, I do not!" the young woman then proceeded to bow low, "I-I'm very sorry, Hibari-san!"

Hibari's eyes flashed with that ill intent you knew very well to most likely be the undoing of that poor female. Coughing into your fist, you cast a sideways glance towards the demon prefect located to your left, both of your eyes meeting for a brief moment before you hastily averted your gaze. Hibari furrowed his brows, an aggravated breath leaving his lips before he allowed his once tense body to relax, shooting the brunette a warning glance, "Then, you may proceed."

"But isn't it weird," one random male spoke up, eliciting nervous glances from his peers to not speak out of term lest he wants to provoke the wrath of Hibari. You might have been able to prevent him from attacking them this time, but should this guy speak wrongly, there was no guarantee you could prevent Hibari from lashing out again. "Using the reception room for the Discipline Committee?" the male continued to rant, earning the backup from the many males located behind him (what was with that strange group, anyway?).

One of the many males standing behind his leader (the one who had just spoken against Hibari) nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah, it is."

The other males immediately agreed with their other two members. "Yeah! Yeah!"

Furrowing your brows at these guys' stupidity, you cast a brief glance at the note laid out before the leader, informing you that this was the Tree Planting Committee. You could feel the menacing aura radiating off of Hibari like a wildfire, causing you to inwardly flinch as you observed his outward emotion which was a calm demeanor (yeah right!). Oh, it was only a matter of time before Hibari found some way to totally beat these guys to a bloody pulp. Hibari Kyouya always got his way.

"That's true! That's true!" another random member of the Tree Planting Committee piped up, drawing you out of your thoughts to direct your attention to the matter at hand.

The whole group then chorused together, "It's totally true!"

"We're against the Discipline Committee getting special treatment!"

"Against it! Against it! Totally against it!"

Oh yeah. They were as good as dead now, you presumed silently to yourself, wincing slightly as you felt Hibari's intent to 'bite-them-to-death' engulf his entire being. Oh this was NOT the place to be right now, you whined to yourself, your heart beating erratically as you tried your best to think of happier thoughts, like Tsuna. Yeah, what could Tsuna be up to right now? Hopefully he wasn't called on today in math class. Neither one of you had studied last night's practice sheets so…

"What are you, the 'good friends committee'?" Hibari drawled, his piercing gaze petrifying most of the committee members within the room, "There should only be one representative for each committee."

"The Tree Planting Committee is different," the leader retorted heatedly, his members immediately jumping in to defend their 'honor'.

"Yeah, yeah," another random member agreed with a nod of his head, "We have to deal with issues such as Global Warming."

"We are very conscious, aren't we?"


"Besides," the leader interrupted, pointing accusingly in your direction, "aren't you also breaking the rules? You have an extra member with you too!"

You and the other various committee members (excluding the Tree Planting Committee, of course) could instantly feel the cold chill in the air the moment that obnoxious leader pointed out the rules to the raven haired prefect that practically wrote the book. Hibari's gaze hardened, his blood lust raging wildly for a few moments before suddenly lowering down to a mere simmer, earning a rather cautious glance from you as you watched the head prefect gaze menacingly at the arrogant group before him.

"If you must know," Hibari began in an eerily calm tone, "This herbivore is my personal assistant. She is required to be by my side 24/7. If you have a problem with her, you take it up with me."

…Damn that Reborn!

After another painful twenty minutes passed by as the meeting finally wrapped up, you were anxious, shifting your weight from one foot to the other while cautiously casting a brief glance in Hibari's direction as the raven haired prefect's cold and calculating gaze watched the other committee members hurriedly scurry off, leaving only the arrogant group of the Tree Planting Committee behind to face the violent teen's wrath should they try and provoke him yet again. Conspicuously coughing into your fist, you succeeded in attracting Hibari's attention, a shiver running up your spine when you felt his irritated gaze lock on your small form.

"So…" you commented offhandedly, your eyes avoiding the prefect's harsh stare to absentmindedly watch the Tree Planting Committee finally take their leave, "now that this meeting is officially over…am I allowed to skedaddle?" you asked cautiously, chancing a glance in the demon's direction.

Silence was your only response, causing you to almost perform a face-plant due to your 'leader's' lack of effort to acknowledge your question. Okaaaaay~ talk about awkward situation. Nervously tapping your right foot against the polished tile, you almost jumped right out of your skin when Hibari's deep voice spoke out. Jerking your head to the left, you gazed wide-eyed at the blank expression on your leader's face, clearly informing you that he didn't like the fact that he would have to repeat himself to the likes of you.

"I said," Hibari began, shooting you one of his infamous 'looks' before proceeding with his sentence, "that you're free to go attend your next class, herbivore."

It took you a moment before the snarky reply had finally managed to lodge itself in your brain. Your eyes instantly sparkled at the prospect of meeting up with Tsuna, your lips breaking into a smile as you hastily began to make your way towards the door only to freeze in your tracks when Hibari's irritated voice called out to you. "No running in the halls, herbivore."

Taking a moment to yourself to try and calm your jumbled nerves, you carefully began to inch your way towards the door, not wanting to provoke Hibari's wrath any further. Slipping out of sight from the prefect's hardened stare, you couldn't help the sigh of relief that slipped past your lips when you were finally able to escape that stressful atmosphere. Taking an animated step forward, you halted in your steps when the sound of a brawl reached your ears, causing you to turn your head towards an opened window in one of the unoccupied classrooms you had just passed during your trek down the hall. Silently debating with yourself on whether or not you should check it out, you moved to continue on your way, only to backtrack not even a second later due to your curiosity having gotten the better of you.

Cautiously making your way over towards the window, you peered outside, your stomach dropping the moment you caught sight of Hibari's goons beating the crap out of the Tree Planting Committee. Your hands tightly gripped the window sill, your eyes narrowing at the rather gruesome sight as your stomach dropped. You watched the leader of the goons roughly kick one of the Tree Planting Committee members in the stomach, scoffing at the injured male before giving him a glare, "It wasn't because you were trying to defy Hibari," the goon leader began in an arrogant tone, "it's because you were crowding in front of him."

You watched on in disbelief, your stomach churning slightly at having to witness such a rather gruesome one-sided fight. Feeling an emotion tug on your heartstrings, you averted your gaze from the scene below. Gritting your teeth, you couldn't help but slam your fist into the wall.

"…U-unbelievable," you muttered to yourself, whirling around and instantly taking off so that you could begin your mission to reunite with Tsuna.