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Independancy Is A Crime


Flashbacks whizzed through Gwen Cooper's mind as she walked by the Cardiff Bay, looking over the water.


Delaying going into work, Gwen walked slowly toward the Hub, which of course was hidden, she needed to calm down before she faced Jack and knew at that moment, after her argument with Rhys, she was likely to snap at anything either of them said. The arguments were getting worse since Tosh and Owen died.

Once she trusted herself, she walked into the tourist centre, through the secret door and through the cog wheel door to be met with Jack and Ianto's usual banter, and it made her forget everything that was bothering her.

-End of flashback-

She turned to where the Torchwood Hub used to stand, keeping hold of the tiny hand of a small girl aged around 3 or 4, staring at the empty space.


'No...' Gwen thought, looking down at the lifeless, blue form of Ianto Jones, the equally lifeless Jack Harkness lying behind her.

She had no more tears left to cry, she was numb, keeping hold of Ianto's hand, willing him to revive, to wake up, as though she wore the resurrection gauntlet.

She barely even heard Jack gasp awake, barely felt him hold her close to his chest from behind.

"Everyone we love dies..." she whispered as she felt Jack's tears dampen her hair.

-End of flashback-

She was brought from her thoughts when she felt the girl tugging on her hand.

"Mummy you're crying. What's wrong?" the girl asked, her eyes doe wide, and Gwen thought she was staring at her younger self at times.

Gwen reached up and sure enough she found she was crying. "It's nothing to worry about love. Come on, let's go to the park, yeah?" Gwen forced a smile.

"Then we can go get Owen?" the little girl asked. She idolised her twin brother, wanted to protect him as much as her mother.

"Of course, Jackie." Gwen promised." You might want to spend some time with nanny too."

Jackie wrinkled her delicate nose. "Nanny Brenda scares me mummy."

Gwen laughed and pulled her daughter along.

Jacqueline Toshiko & Owen Ianto Cooper were her world. Rhys had left her when they were both just 4 months old, and she was left, essentially, to bring up two twins who were both very good at keeping her awake all night, on her own.

Jackie's hand slipped from her grasp when they got to the park.

Gwen watched her daughter, pride swelling within her. This is how her children should be. Happy and carefree. Not marred by the constant arguments between her and Rhys. He would pick fights about the littlest things when the twins were out of the room, so to make sure she wouldn't argue, she never left them on their own around him.

"Mummy look!"

Gwen looked at her, watching her warily as she climbed to the top of the bigger slide. "Be careful up there!" she called.

"I will!" Jackie pouted. She was such a strong willed child. She saw herself in her. But at the same time, although impossible, she saw bits of Jack in her too.

Gwen watched as she slid down and landed on her knees on to the rubber flooring of the park. Usually children who fell cried. But she never did. She got up and tried again.

Neither of them noticed they were being watched from a distance. But if Gwen had turned around, she might just have remembered him…