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1). Every now and then, Shepard would feel inadequate when compared to others on his team. He wasn't as powerful a biotic as Jack, he wasn't half as good with his tech as Tali, he couldn't work with technology in the same league as Mordin, wasn't as stealthy as Thane, wasn't as tough as Grunt… he was always second place behind his specialists… and as a whole, outclassed them all.

2). Quarians couldn't kiss, and like the human culture of the Eskimos, developed a substitute. A Quarian would touch a finger to the others metal voicebox for a quick peck, or gently touch their faceplates together for a more intimate 'kiss'.

3). Ashley Williams thought of herself as a good Christian, she didn't force it down people's throats, she tried to be kind to everyone she met, believed in God and only God, so on and so forth.
But after seeing Shepard in combat, surrounded by a halo of blazing blue light, gun in one hand, the other covered in an ominous orange glow… he'd been the definition of righteous fury. He manipulated the very fabric of space with his thoughts, technology bent to his will, he survived things that should've by all rights killed him several times over… she'd actually thought he might be the left hand of God for a while there…
Then he'd come back from the dead, and she knew, just knew, that this wasn't a normal person.
By almost anyone's definition, Shepard was a God.

4). When Tali recognized him that first time, knew it was him through the armor, through the reconstruction, through the sealed helmet, it was the most wonderful thing that'd happened to him since he'd waken up in the Cerberus lab.

5). As poised as he was in battle, Shepard danced like an epileptic chicken. When Tali commented on this, he'd simply said, 'At least you're graceful enough for the two of us.'

6). The most wonderful sound Shepard had ever heard was the soft *clink* his helmet made when he touched it to Tali's.

7). Shepard tried to learn the basics of every specialty his squad members had. He learned how to duplicate Samara's Reave on a certain level, weakly imitate Miranda's Slam, channel his biotic bleed-off into his bullets to create Warp Ammo much like Jack did, carried a number of incendiary grenades much like Zaeed, hell, he'd long ago learned to use a sniper rifle from Garrus and while he couldn't put up a barrier as strong as Jacob's, he could put one up.
But the operative word in that first sentence was tried.
Despite his best efforts, he never learned how to hack an active AI like Tali or later Legion could, never imitated Liara's singularity, operating a drone in combat was beyond his technical skills, he just wasn't a 'perfect' Krogan, Mordin would always be the better scientist.
The only one that really bugged him though, was that he could never figure out how the hell Thane did that disappearing trick of his.

8). Sometimes, Shepard missed his old scars, those lines in his skin had been a reminder of what he'd lost, of lessons learned and sacrifices made…
And now they'd all been replaced by glowing reminders of how far from humanity he'd fallen.

9). When Samara had described her daughter's preferred prey, Shepard had immediately escorted Tali back to the Normandy and, despite her protests, grounded her.

10). In spite of herself, when Za'eed asked what would keep him from killing Shepard in his sleep, Jack's first thought had been 'Me bitch.'

11). Shepard found Legion to be amusing, if a little creepy due to their habit of attempting to mimic organic nonverbal language, Tali… not so much.

12). "You did the right thing Jack."
"Maybe. This room was my whole childhood, give me a minute to look around."
"Take all the time you need."
Shepard cut the external speakers on his suit with a thought and opened a tight-beam communication as he trailed after the biotic convict.
"Miranda. This facility dies with Jack. Only Jack."
Out of the corner of his eye, Shepard saw Miranda nod and usher Tali out of the small cell as well.
Letting Aresh go was symbolic, it represented Jack letting her traumatic childhood go and the beginnings of moving past it. Jack had to let him go in order to start healing, Shepard didn't.

13). An Asari's body temp was higher than a human's, whereas a Quarian's was lower. Asari enjoyed sharing body heat as a general rule, Quarians enjoyed being snuggled up to warmer entities as an escape from being constantly cool in their environmental suits or from ships with faulty environmental controls. Shepard learned these things first hand.

14). Krogan skulls were just short of bulletproof and their brains were actually settled closer to their 'necks' than where most species expected the brain to be. Unless you got them head on with high caliber rounds or from the side and into the eyes, shooting a Krogan in the head was effectively useless. Shepard was mildly surprised that he had to point this out to Samara.

15). Despite Samara's insistence that Shepard went into the club alone and unarmed, despite the Commander effectively locking her on the ship, Tali still made sure that Shepard was safe. (She'd talked Thane into shadowing the Spectre for the night)

16). He hadn't saved the Council in some misguided attempt to get them specifically on humanity's side, he didn't save them out of some foolish attempt at being noble, Shepard saved them because if he didn't, humanity would've been on the receiving end of a smear campaign to end all smear campaigns. There wouldn't be any amount of PR that could've saved face if the Council died during Sovereign's attack.
He'd also been under the impression that the Destiny Ascension would be contributing to the attack on Sovereign if it was saved.

17). Cerberus was a useful tool, a dangerous one, but a useful one in this situation.
Tali got it, Garrus got it, hell, even naïve little Liara got that just fine (Wrex didn't really care), why couldn't Alenko?

18). Shepard always understood that his team had issues that needed to be taken care of, and while he would occasionally get emotionally involved in the mission (Jacob's and Zaeed's coming to mind) it was a rare occurrence as well as something that happened during the mission. Events during the mission would sometimes strike a chord in the Commander, would tug at his heartstrings, and his heart would pour into it. Mid-way through, it would stop being simply the teammates mission, and become a joint mission between them.
All except Tali's.
He was 'emotionally invested' in that one going in.

19). For all her shyness and introspective nature, Shepard wasn't sure whether or not he was surprised at how wild Tali could be in bed.

20). Despite how well the two of them got along most of the time, Shepard and Tali had a disagreement they never resolved on how to modify a shielding system. It had nothing to do with biotics, they both understood that his biotics brought in a fundamental difference in shielding systems. He thought that a shielding system should be a network of Eezo cores and capacitors in an interconnected web with considerable redundancy. She thought a shielding system should be several large Eezo cores with fewer, larger batteries and as much redundancy as possible. Seeing as neither of them got hurt much, no one could figure out who was actually right.

21). Shepard had never really been jealous before. When the girl he'd thought about asking out on Mindior had been asked out by someone else, he'd been sad, but not really jealous. When he'd been unable to match his specialists in their respective fields, he'd just accepted it without qualms, he couldn't match them in their specialty, but he wasn't that far behind and he knew a considerably greater number of tricks. The closest thing to jealousy he'd felt had been when other men had expressed interest in Liara, he'd felt a greater than usual desire to crush their skulls, but even then he'd classify it more as a protective feeling than a jealous one.
For all his skill and capability, the first human Spectre didn't really know how to handle jealousy.
It was only later, after the assault on the Collector base, that Shepard would admit to Tali that more than one male Quarian had gotten very lucky before and after her trial.

22). Joker had always known that the Commander had a pair of either chrome-plated steel or solid eezo, but it'd been out and out confirmed when he'd asked Miranda flat out in the mess hall:
"Okay, honestly, how the hell do you get that thing on? Do you vacuum seal it against your skin or something?"

23). In one time and place, Jane Shepard was warned not to… 'ingest'. In another, the exact same warning was given to Tali'Zorah.
The Quarian had been quick to remind the Professor that she had a shotgun.

24). Jack hated everyone, with three exceptions.
One was Miranda. She didn't just hate Miranda, she loathed the Cerberus bitch on multiple levels. Oh, she'd work with the bitch when told to, but she couldn't stand that prim-and-proper Cerberus slut.
The second one was Shepard, that man could seem like a total pussy one second and then scare the shit out of Krogan the next. He actually gave a shit about her and there wasn't a thing she could do to scare him off. Of course she didn't hate him, she alternated between lusting after him, loathing him, and just possibly loving him more than was healthy in her situation (which was to say, any at all). So no, she didn't hate Shepard.
The only other person she didn't hate on the entire damn ship, had to be that little Quarian bitch hardly half a deck above her. She wanted to hate the bitch, 'cause the way she saw it, the Quarian was the only thing standing between her and some quality time with Shepard. But the bitch was so damned nice and sincere and just as willing to blast Cerberus out the airlock. None of that would keep Jack from hating her though, just make her think the bitch was another pussy.
Thing was, the Quarian bitch was about as much a pussy as Shepard. Jack had gone up there once while the Commander was on a mission with Vakarian and Thane to try and scare the little bitch away from Shepard. Girl had told Jack to her face: 'It's Shepard's decision who he wants to care for, not mine. If you have a problem with it, you can take it up with him, or we can see how useful your biotics are when your amp's been hacked, it's your choice.'
Jack didn't like it, but damn, she could respect that.

25). Mordin had mentioned off-handedly that there were surprisingly few 'instructional videos' for Human-Quarian relations, Shepard hadn't gotten it right away, but he'd figured it out himself. Due to various environmental and cultural factors, there were few instances of recorded 'mating' and 'courtship' between the species 'au natural'.
Which basically meant there wasn't a whole lot of porn about it.
It'd been amusing, but that hadn't been the surprising part.
The surprising part had been when Tali had suggested (buried deep within one of her nervous ramblings) that they could 'Try and provide more interesting educational material than the ones they'd been forced to use since there were so few of them available to the Flotilla and Quarians were always supposed to think of the Flotilla first.'
Shepard loved that woman, so much.

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