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1). His right shoulder aches all the time anymore, rolling or popping it helps and it's not that hard to ignore, but Shepard can't really make it go away. He knows why it hurts though. It's the side he landed on after the Collectors blew up his ship.

2). Anymore, Shepard's hands are far more sensitive than normal, the extensive reconstruction of his nervous system was one thing, the enhancements to the nerves in his forearms are there to increase his connection to his omni-tool and allow him to operate any holographic tech were another. It had the unintended side effect of making his hands overly sensitive, to the point that casual touch was impossible.

3). There wasn't much that scared Miranda, she could, would, and had stood her ground against a charging Krogan as she mustered up the concentration to biotically toss it across the room. But the thought of being on the other end of Shepard's gun terrified her.

4). Tali was worried that Shepard would be turned off by how different she was from humans.

Shepard was worried that Tali would be turned off by how similar he was to a Geth.

5). Grunt was beyond proud of his battlemaster. The best word he could use was ecstatic. He'd meant it when he'd told the Shaman that there was no better battlemaster than Shepard.

Shepard saw mercenaries, they always died. He often gave them a chance to give up, but still.

A pack of Varen attacked them once while they were saving a wounded Quarian, Shepard and Grunt held them off while their Salarian and Quarian fixed up the other one. The Varen died in droves, Shepard even punched one of the things skulls in when it got too close to his Quarian.

Grunt's favorite part about his battlemaster had to be his devotion to his Krahnt, like the one time a particularly stupid Krogan had almost let his pet Varen bite Shepard's Quarian, Grunt's battlemaster had threatened to rip out the Krogan's left liver and beat his own Varen to death with it if he didn't reign the thing in.

Then he'd gone and actually did it, it'd been hilarious. Pulling apart a Salarian's head thingy's was one thing, seeing an insolent Krogan have his liver ripped out by a human and then said human beating the Krogan's Varen to death with it? That was priceless.

The kicker had come when the Krogan had tried to get angry with him, Shepard just headbutted the idiot, and when questioned, said he'd warned the whining bitch about messing with his Krahnt.

You didn't get a better battlemaster than that.

6). Shepard didn't know his pupils glowed red in the dark until he saw their reflection in Tali's eyes.

7). While dextro-amino based things could either pass through a human's system or send them into analeptic shock, in Shepard's case it was the former. The Commander wasn't the only one happy to discover this.

8). When Tali asked, Shepard didn't lie. He had considered Miranda and Jack, even briefly fantasizing about getting them together with him. But that had been little more than passing fantasy. When pressed about Liara, he'd told her that while he'd given serious consideration to trying to get them both, he'd pick her over Liara if it came down to it… though it did completely ruin his thought experiment on whether an Asari could meld with more than one person at once.

9). Tali hadn't known what to say when Shepard had given her the first right-off-the-production-line omni-tool she'd ever had. She'd been speechless when he'd given their first Savant omni-tool to her instead of taking it for himself (despite his protestations that she was the better tech and would get more mileage out of it). When he'd handed her not only a Savant X, but a Colossus IX suit built specifically for Quarians, it'd practically blown her mind. But when he'd given her his heart, she'd known exactly what to do.

10). There wasn't a single person on the Normandy that didn't know the story of Shepard headbutting a Krogan just to make a point.

11). In a world of confusion and disassociation, where nothing was the same, Shepard latched tightly onto what was, Joker, Garrus, Tali, they were all Shepard had left of what he knew. For the second time in Shepard's life, his world had been turned upside down, his home, his family, his friends, all gone in an instant... and he was still here. At least he hadn't lost everything.

12). Sometimes, Shepard forgot how strong he really was, especially after the extra cybernetic modifications. He'd stopped using glass cups only a week after his muscular modification settled in.

Not because he couldn't hold them without breaking them, but because of how little it took for him to break them..

13). Even though he'd been put off by Mordin's 'advice' at first, Shepard snuck back into the lab during the graveyard shift to check in with the doctor about several things.

14). Years of service and combat had pitted and scarred much of the Commander's skin which the Spectre, despite Shepard's front of overwhelming confidence, was more than a little self conscious about. It was the subtle, unacknowledged reason that his armor stayed on as much as it did.

15). Once the news of Shepard's death and subsequent resurrection began to sneak out, several cults actually sprung up, one believed that Shepard was the Second Coming, another thought he was divinely blessed to represent humanity, the largest (spanning several species and a number of planets) believed that he was simply the god of war made flesh.

16). Synching up suit environments was the most intimate thing a Quarian could do. They got sick afterwards to varying degrees. It was a sign of readiness for intimacy. A Quarian's 'getting sick' in this case was really an allergic reaction as their immune systems adapted to a foreign entity. Shepard was delighted to discover that as long as the surroundings were 'decontaminated' a Quarian's immune system could adapt to another entity.

17). Two weeks after the Suicide Mission, Shepard installed a set of auto-decontamination systems into his room and shower, much like those in a standard airlock or aboard certain ships in the Flotilla. Tali was beyond delighted.

18). After they'd left Tuchunka, Jack could barely stop laughing. Shepard had helped Grunt kill the Thresher Maw during the Krogan's rite, and practically every other Krogan in the place was talking about it. After about the tenth time he heard this, the Commander had muttered, 'Wasn't the first time either assholes.' The Krogan overheard him and very vocally doubted that he'd done that, Shepard, in the spirit of the Krogan, had headbutted the offending idiot and pointed out that he'd survived an entire Thresher Maw nest, it was kinda what he was famous for.

The look on the Krogan's face was priceless.

19). "Ah, yes Commander?"

"Ah, yes… well," Shepard coughed awkwardly, "Do you have a minute to talk?"

"Certainly Commander. Can already guess what you want to talk about."

"I sorta doubt that."

"You're uncomfortable. The only time you've been uncomfortable before was when discussing relationship with Miss Zoraya. Despite protestations, you are the type to read through the material I sent before asking questions. Currently the only one on the ship to ask about Quarians aside from Miss Zoraya. As asking her would be… uncomfortable at best. Happy to answer any questions you might have, Commander."

Shepard rubbed his right shoulder, "Man I hate it when you do that…" he coughed awkwardly, "Okay… this, is going to probably sound stupid, but…" Shepard winced, "Well, there's no good way to ask this, but… with all my cybernetic enhancements, is there a chance I might hurt her if I get too… rowdy?"

Mordin smiled as gently as he could at the human, "Shouldn't worry. Quarian bone structure different from Humans in many ways. More structurally sound than a Humans as well. Might cause some bruising if you get… *ahem* rowdy, but no worries about breaking bones or such."

"Oh… good-"

"Another thing. Just remembered, never gave you this," a datapad was snatched out of the mess and handed to Shepard, "List of possible uses for biotics, know you've had them for a while but might find an idea you didn't have before."

"Okay, now you're just enjoying this way too much."

20). "So, Shepard, who'd win in a fight, you or the Drell?"

"Me. Thane's good, but there'd have to be extenuating circumstances for him to beat me."

"What about you and the Turian?"

"Me, Garrus isn't too good when someone tosses a good biotic throw in his face."


"… Grunt, Legion is a single platform, I've destroyed over a thousand of them."

"Right, bad one…. What about the Salarian?"

"Me. As smart as he is, I have more armor, better shields, bigger guns, and biotics, I'd snap the good Doctor in half."

"The Quarian?"


"How abo- Wait… what?"

"… I said Tali. What's the big deal?"

"… how would the Quarian beat you in a fight?"

"I wouldn't fight."




"Say a word about it Grunt and we'll find out exactly how fast you can regen, kay?"


21). When Kaiden saw Shepard in action for the first time in two years, it was a jarring experience. The same brutal efficiency, the same synergy of biotics, tech, and bullets, the same overpowering offense from behind an impenetrable wall of shields and armor.

But Kaidan had arrived in time to see Shepard lift a Collector off the ground with a hand, toss it onto its back, and crush it's chest cavity under his boot in a single fluid motion. A chest cavity that shrugged off a thousand Newton throw at point blank range.

This was the Commander, but it wasn't, and it shook Alenko to his core

22). Tali had always known that Shepard was a biotic, but it'd never really struck her till sparks played between their hands.

23). It was a month before Jack accepted that Shepard meant it when he said that he hadn't meant to lead her along, that he'd just wanted to be her friend, that he'd never really wanted to get into her pants. It was another month before she actually forgave him.

24). Years later, as she lay snuggled up against Shepard's chest with a sleeping Liara pressed up against her back, Tali realized that he'd intentionally piqued her curiosity by commenting on the possibility of an Asari melding with two individuals at once, that he'd expected it to gnaw at her till she was at least willing to give it a try just to find out. If it hadn't been as good as it was, she'd probably been a whole lot angrier with him.

25). The day they got into dock after dealing with the Collectors, Shepard repainted the Normandy and finally got rid of the Cerberus symbol plastered everywhere on the ship.

26). Shepard insisted on going by his last name, because it was all he had left of Mindoir.

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