A/N: So after a long holiday break, followed by hardware issues and a litany of other excuses- Fellow drabblers, I have returned! : D For those of you who read it, I am still planning on finishing my Christmas project at some point, so be on the look out.


Warm lips over his and the pressure of air being forced into his chest is more than enough to jolt Dean into awareness.

Then he's gurgling, choking, gasping, as Sam helps pound the water out of his lungs.

Drowning on dry land-that's a new one. Damn witch.

Still coughing, he blinked up to find Sam worriedly leaning over him, noses close enough for an Eskimo kiss.

"Back with me?"

"…you taste like Scope…"


A deep breath, stronger this time.

"I said- kiss me again and you're getting a boot shoved someplace even Cas won't be able to rescue it."