E/O Challenge: "Warm"

Disclaimer: Not mine, not even on Valentine's Day...

Spoilers: Season 5, especially My Bloody Valentine


Sam's temperature is like a yo-yo... up, down. Too warm, too cold. He doesn't scream now, he stares. Mutters.

Dean can feel everything, and nothing. Inside...you're already dead...

"I'm not angry, Sam, I'm not."

"D-disa – "

"No, not even disappointed. It wasn't your fault, you couldn't help it. You saved us, Sam, you – "

"But if, but if..."

Tremors, violent then absent.

"If I couldn't say no to them..."

Blood pumping, relentless in his ears. Sam told him, delirious. How he could hear it, smell it.

Please. I need -

"How can I keep...saying no...to him?"

I need some help.