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"When's my brother or sister coming?" Tristan piped up at breakfast a few days later. Dean decided to take the lead on this one and took a quick swig of coffee before answering. He looked over at the wide emerald pools as they brimmed with hope.

"Well kiddo Mom's almost three months along so in about another six months you'll be a big sister."

The little red head pouted a little and slumped in her seat. She hoped it would be sooner than that. Dean caught the dejected look in her eyes and felt as if he was looking at himself when he was that age. He leaned over and ruffled the red locks which immediately snapped Tristan out of her little funk.

"Daddy!" She slapped his hand away and playfully scrunched her face at him.

"Tristan, the baby needs time to grow before he or she comes out," Brooklyn gently explained. "Remember when you asked me where babies came from? Well this is what I like to call the waiting game though it isn't much fun for me for the first few months."

"Which is why you're gonna take it easy until the day the baby's born," Dean stated with no room in which for her to argue. "And don't worry about money as Bobby gave me a raise."

"Dean when was this?" Brooklyn was slightly shocked as this was news to her.

"When you were in the hospital," he shrugged. "With you being so sick that was the last thing on my mind. I wanted you to get better."

"And I am better…." Brooklyn sighed. "I have meds to help with the nausea and vomiting and I'm watching what I eat and drink. Plus Jo and Jess offered to go out on walks with me so I can stay active."

Dean nodded and smiled before returning to breakfast. He knew Jessica and Jo would keep a sharp eye on her when he was at work. A lot had been missed and Dean wanted to be sure he was here now for her and Tristan.

"Tristan you need to finish getting ready for school little lady," Brooklyn caught the time on the clock and ushered her daughter in the bathroom. Dean hurried as well since he promised Bobby he would come in an hour early to help on a difficult job. Bobby had bent over backwards for him ever since he returned and Dean was determined to show his gratitude at every opportunity.

Mary Winchester was finishing up the dishes when John rolled in the kitchen. She looked over towards the doorway and smiled warmly at her husband.

"Bout time you got up," she slung the towel over her shoulder and greeted him with a quick kiss.

"Rough night," John grumbled.

"Oh? And how was it rough for you?" Mary leaned against the frame with arms settled across her chest with a look of amusement across her face.

"Got an unexpected phone call," John turned to pour coffee in the waiting mug.

"Really?" Mary tilted her head intrigued by this little tidbit.

"Really," John parroted her and took a drink. "Tristan and Deacon called me a few nights ago when I was at work."

"And you didn't tell me?" Amusement and curiosity morphed into irritation.

"They asked something of me and I don't know if I can do it," John said sadly.

"Well spit it out John," Mary wondered what was so hard for him to do.

"They want me to go to Davenport and talk with Dean about what happened all those years ago."

"And this is hard because….."

"Mare you don't get it," John huffed. "He walked out on her and never once picked up the phone."

"Oh geez not this again," Mary threw up her hands in frustration. "John you need to talk to him- Dean's your son and the father to your granddaughter and future grandchild. Tristan misses you and wonders why you don't come out. Would you like for me to tell her why?"

"No," John shook his head.

"Well then we'll pack our bags and hop on the first flight out," Mary went for the phone but John wrapped a hand gently around hers.

"I can't," he said slowly. "I don't think I can face him."

"You can't or won't?" Mary asked pointedly. "Look I know he could just as easily pick up that phone and call but damn it John he won't! He's so much like you- Winchester pride! I can't stand seeing you two keep silent any longer."

John's eyes followed Mary as she marched straight towards their bedroom. Seconds later the sounds of the suitcase being dragged from the closet and hoisted on the bed could soon be heard echoing through the tiny house as Mary gathered what she would need. John sighed ran a hand over his face before heading for their room. He knew what she was planning and it wasn't going to work.

"Mary what are you doing?" Mary kept tight lipped as she went in the bathroom gathering her toiletries.

"What does it look like I'm doing John?" She shot a look towards her husband. "I'm going to see Dean."

"What? Why?"

"To try and convince my son to talk to his father that's what," she flung the top down and zipped it up. Mary dragged the modest sized bag off the bed they shared and brushed by John and headed for the living room. If her husband wanted to be jackass about the thing fine! But she wouldn't give up on Dean- even if he was as stubborn as his father.

"You know he and Brook are getting married right?" Mary hollered.

"Sam told me," John answered. "Look Mary you need to sit down and take minute alright? You're going into this without thinking."

"Oh I'm thinking pretty clearly John Winchester," she was getting annoyed with her husband's attitude. "I'm thinking you don't wanna swallow that damned pride you have and just try to talk to Dean. You both think you're in the right but in reality you're both just too damn stupid and thick headed!"

"Now wait just a minute," John put his hands up in a defensive manner. "He could've called me after I called him back but instead he remained out of reach for six years! Brook raised Tristan on her own without Dean calling or responding to her letters. If anyone should be apologizing it's him."

"Well communication is a two way street John," Mary snapped back. "I reached out to him and he listened. You could've just as easily kept trying."

Deacon hoped John would come out. He knew the man was a bit on the hard side but he wasn't a cold man- not by any means. With Brooklyn pregnant and the upcoming wedding, the chief hoped the patriarch would come out at least for Tristan and the baby's sakes.

The police chief rubbed his eyes then pinched the bridge of his nose as he took a break from reviewing the latest incident – Local thug Anseem Weems and his little posse spray painted several cars belonging to the opposing football team's players.

"That boy's gotta long stint behind bars in his future," Deacon grumbled as he leaned back and practiced his breathing. It had helped lower his stress levels and blood pressure which had shot through the roof ever since Brooklyn had been hospitalized.

"Dad," Caleb stood in the doorway. Deacon looked up and smiled as his son entered. He was still wearing his work clothes and carried several carry out boxes.

"I thought you could use some lunch," the aromas of cheese sauce and meat quickly filled the office.

"Is it already that time?" Caleb nodded at his dad with concern in his eyes.

"Yeah it is," Deacon sighed and reached for the largest container. The lasagna and garlic bread was a sight for sore eyes and empty stomach.

"So is he gonna come out?"

Deacon looked up from the first bite and shrugged his shoulders. "Tristan and I called but if he actually shows up remains to be seen Caleb."

"Well I hope he does…..I mean we've all forgiven Dean for the past."

"I know Son," Deacon nodded his head. "He redeemed himself in the eyes of this family after what happened with Reston."

"I really wish John would come," Caleb sighed. Deacon didn't answer and instead continued to savor the steamy blend of pasta, meat, sauces, and cheese. Even if John didn't come out they wouldn't be angry with him but rather disappointed.

Out of nowhere Deacon's cell rang and Caleb dove for it. "Dad you eat," he barked and saw it was Mary calling.

"Mary!" Caleb boomed over the phone.

"Cable sweetie it's good to hear your voice!"

"Well it's good to hear you too!"

"Listen I'm heading out to Davenport today. I heard about the call Deacon and Tristan made and since John isn't willing to do it I'm coming out to knock some sense into that damn son of mine!"

Caleb chuckled at her steel determination. If it was one thing he could always rely on it was Mary's iron will and devotion to family.

"Well I'll tell Dad and we won't tell Dean you're coming out as he'll just try to avoid it."

"Thanks Caleb! I'll be in to Des Moines at about 7 tonight and then I already have a car lined up and I will meet you out at Brook's house."

"Oh we'll make sure he won't go anywhere," Deacon almost choked on his food as he knew what was going to occur later in the night.

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