Saisho No Kōkei Wo Mi Te 'At First Sight'

A Naruto Fanfiction, Gaara x Hinata. Rated T though probably more K+, I'm just being safe!

Summary: Hinata had enough. She ran, seeking anything that would accept her. What she found was a new life, as someone changed her. But when Hinata returns to Konoha a different person, 'someone' wants her back.

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A/N: This is my first fanfic so please go easy on me! The title is At First Sight, it was originally going to be in Japanese but it was too long and too hard for people to remember so I put both. I'm not so good with 'foul language' so I may use improvised words, sorry if it takes away from the story! At First Sight is set between pre-time skip and during the time skip. Some of the plot from the original series will be changed. Possible spoilers! And sorry if I don't update very soon, please enjoy and as always, R&R!

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Chapter 1: Enough of Failure

"Stupid child! You're a failure, pathetic. You're not worthy of the Hyuuga, not worthy of being heir." Hiashi spat at the figure on the ground. She was a Hyuuga, just as Hiashi was, his own daughter. She took his words, even though they hurt, she learned that a Hyuuga never shows pain.

Hiashi scoffed, "Can't even fight back. Your sister is even greater than you, when she is still 5 years your junior." He glared at his daughter, waiting for her to resist. "A disgrace, just like your mother, Hinata."

Hinata froze on the floor, her hands tightened into fists as she tried not to snap at her father for insulting her mother. She loved her mother and could hardly tolerate any talk, let alone disrespectful talk of her mother.

"You're wrong." Hinata growled.

Hiashi turned to the girl, "What? What did you say?" He dared.

"I said you're wrong! My mother was not a disgrace! If I am anything like her then you're wrong about me as well! How can you-" Her yells were cut short by a sharp slap, sending her to the floor. She looked up at her father, fear in her eyes as she expected what was coming next.

"Ungrateful daughter. You don't speak that way to me!" And with that Hiashi's eyes darkened as he sent a swift kick to her gut, causing her to cough and choke. He grabbed her hair before smirking as he smashed her head to the floor, knocking her out cold. Hinata had hesitated to resist, she reverted to the quiet girl she had become, the girl who never fought back.

Hinata awoke on the floor; her middle was bleeding through her jacket as well her hair being crusty with dried blood. Groaning she slowly sat up, gritting her teeth at the sharp pain coursing through her body. 'I'm lucky that's all father did. I'd be dead if he even considered gentle fist style', Hinata thought. She rose from the floor and walked the door and quietly slid it open. She silently walked down the hall, like a true ninja, to her room.

"I can't stay," she whispered into the night air. Hinata had endured verbal and mental abuse from her father many times before. Ever since her mother died it had started. And it only got worse as her sister, Hanabi, grew up. Hinata was never enough for her father. She had been threatened of physical punishment, been ignored, confined to 'house arrest', put through grueling training meant to punish her, and yelled at before; but her father never went as far as to knock her out or cause blood. 'Next time, he'll kill me'

Hinata thought about her friends, all the times they had had to protect her on missions when she failed or defend her from weak bullies whom she never had the courage to stand up to. She blinked back tears that had begun to form from her pale eyes, 'I must become strong. I will show everyone. The Hyuuga, Konoha, everyone, I will be strong.'

Nodding her head in resolve, she turned and grabbed her bag. She stuffed in a few articles of clothing, some medicinal balms that she had made, odd scrolls, and finally, a picture of her team and of her family when her mother was still alive: with Neji, Hizashi, her and her father. They had all looked so happy then. She swung her pack onto her back as she snapped her weapons holster onto her thigh, grabbed her sandals and jumped from her window, landing softly on the ground below. Her Konoha headband swung on her neck as she sprinted to the gates of Konoha, her feet pumped with charka.

Upon reaching the gates she discovered them closed. 'Hm…' She thought before running and scaling the wall with her momentum, not even bothering to use her charka to make the climb easier. 'If charka leaves a trace, not using too much could give me a head start before anyone comes looking…if anyone comes looking.'

She slid down the other side of the wall before taking off into the forest ahead. She was full of adrenalin and determination. She didn't feel fatigue, or fright as she continued for hours. As the dawn approached, her actions hit her hard. She had just left everything she knew and loved and the people she would miss the most, Kiba, Shino, Neji, Hanabi, and…Naruto.

Tears began to fall form her pearly eyes. She was never one to act without thinking, and yet she left her home without so much as a good-bye, heading to an unknown and dark place. She contemplated returning, apologizing or even making it back without anyone noticing that she left.

'No!' Hinata shook her head to get rid of her thoughts. 'I've come too far. I don't want to go back without wondering about what I could have done. Okay, then.' She straightened, having a determined look in her eyes. 'I'll give them something to miss.'

She jumped up, sailing from tree to tree as she ran through the morning. The sun was peaking in the distance as she began to grow tired. She stopped and lay against the tree trunk upon a limb. She slowly rolled up her shirt to reveal a painful bruise on her stomach. She cringed as she gently applied a healing balm to the wound. It burned before soothing out, lessening the pain as she moved.

Hinata stood, pack over her shoulder as she activated her Byakugan in search of water or food. 'There!' She thought as she spotted a small spring about a kilometer ahead. She launched herself to the next tree branch as she hastily made her way to the water. She landed next to the water with the grace of a Hyuuga. She knelt down and sipped some water from her hands.

She sighed, letting the cool water run down her throat. Suddenly, she bounced backwards, her head swinging up to look ahead. A kunai was imbedded in the dirt where she had just been.

"Oh, she saw us." Someone pouted from the trees.

Hinata glared in the direction of the voice, quietly activating her Byakugan to see them. There were 5 people in the trees in a semi-circle around her. She reached into her weapons pouch and sent two kunai at the people at her left and right before throwing shuriken at two more ahead of her. Hinata narrowed her eyes when they all dodged them, well, mostly dodged them.

"Agh! What the?! She freaking hit me! And I'm behind a tree!" Someone yelled. 'Sounds a lot like Naruto.' She thought when she heard a hyperactive figure cry out. Hinata looked at the others. She had skimmed 2 of them, though the others had perfectly dodged.

"Well, well, well, looks like we have a trained shinobi on our hands." A voice called out.

"I guess we'll just have to be a little rougher with this one." Another voice called out.

Hinata stepped to the side as someone tried to kick her in her side. She ducked and swung her leg at the figure's head, getting a look at her attacker. He was tall, huge, and very ugly. He barely budged from her attack before he hit Hinata full in the ribs. She landed on the floor, gasping for breath. She groaned before rolling away form a larch punch aimed for her. She jumped up before dodging attack after attack from the assailant.

Hinata retreated a few steps to gain her breath. "Who are you?" She gasped for breath again. "What do you want with me?"

The large man smirked. "I am Holcom. And these-, "He waved a large hand around him toward the other figures. "-are my comrades." He smiled a sick grin. "And I'm doing this for kicks. Not many girls are around these parts. Except for Jen who's a pain to travel with." An irritated 'hey!' sounded from a tree. " Also, me and my comrades haven't had decent fights or other…fun, in a long time."

Hinata stepped back, glancing around her before Holcom came forward again as he attempted to hit her with another punch. But Hinata was faster. She ducked under his arm where she ended up behind him. She pumped her leg full of charka before kicking his legs, sending him to the floor. She poked him with two fingers at the base of his neck, sending charka coursing through his body and knocking him out. She gasped in pain as another joined the fight, slashing her across her back. The man took out a kunai as he slashed at her over and over. Hinata tried to dodge but only succeeded in taking minor wounds.

"Hello young lady, I'm Sterling. And you are?" The man said in a sweet voice. But, she kept silent, only narrowing her eyes.

"You do know that it's rude not to give your name." Sterling said as he lost some of his smirk.

"And you do know that it's rude to attack someone minding their own business." Hinata retorted.

Sterling merely shrugged as he came at her again. She sustained numerous gashes to her arms as she defended any vital spots. But she was getting tired. Sterling backed her into a tree before swinging at her again. Hinata's eyes widened before she tried to move out of the way. She somersaulted across the forest floor and looked up at Sterling from her knees. A crimson mark from above her temple and down her cheek dripped blood into her trademark, Hyuuga, white eyes.

"Ah! I see! We lucked out today. A Kekkei Genkai is very prized among our prey and one with the famed Byakugan at that!" Sterling licked his lips. Hinata breathed quickly. They had not seen her eyes at first; the rising sun gave her only surprise advantage away.

Hinata stood tall and straight, ready for any attack. 'Come and get me.' She dared in her head. And Sterling did, he ran straight at her, a stupid move. Hinata spun around him. She grabbed his left arm before disarming him of one of his kunai. She moved behind him, slamming him in the back with a flat palm filled with charka. Sterling fell to the ground.

'Sorry! Sorry, sorry!' She chanted in her head. 'I hope I didn't kill him.' She was snapped out of her reverie when two other jumped from the trees. One was a girl, probably Jen whom Holcom had mentioned. The other was the hyperactive one whose voice reminded Hinata of Naruto. Jen had a rip in her fighting pants while the other had a scratch on his bicep from when Hinata had thrown the shuriken.

"Well Holcom and Sterling are out. Guess that means we underestimated you, Hyuuga. But this is as far as you go." Jen growled while the boy like Naruto was grinning like a fool as he unconsciously jumped around.

'Naruto's twin…' Hinata thought with a blush before lowering her eyes. She wouldn't see Naruto or her other friends in a long time. She would miss them but she would see them again. That's why she would fight, or stay alive at least.

Jen took out something that looked like a miniature brown whip while "Naruto" took a large shuriken from his back. Hinata got into the Hyuuga fighting stance, concentrating on vital points in their bodies with her Byakugan. But she was tired covered in sweat and blood and she hurt all over. This would not be easy.

Jen moved first. She twisted her whip around herself like a dancer and with a quick twitch of her hand, it lashed out at Hinata. Hinata didn't even have time to react as the whip hit her full force in the chest. She landed on the ground, eyes shut in pain. The boy wasted no time in throwing his shuriken in Hinata's direction. She snapped her head up, standing on her hand and twisting out of the way. She ran at the Naruto look-alike, filling her palms with charka before quickly sealing off his charka points. He took the hits before his partner, Jen, grabbed Hinata's leg with her whip, throwing her to the ground.

Hinata gasped in pain as the whip tightened around her leg, crushing her ankle and leaving a painful bruise. Hinata grabbed the whip and pulled hard, bringing Jen toward her. Jen fell forward and barely dodged as Hinata made a jab for her shoulder. The whip continued to tighten as Jen's partner threw his shuriken again after he had recovered. Hinata jumped, flipping in the air as the whip followed her.

As she planned, the shuriken cut through the whip. Hinata landed hard, she winced in pain as she saw her left ankle. Hinata surged forward till she was in front of "Naruto". Being too slow to react, he was rewarded with a head butt and a sickening snap in his ribs from Hinata's fist. She felt bad, because to her, the guy looked identical to Naruto, except for his brown eyes and longer hair.

He fell to the ground unconscious. Hinata turned to find Jen, who practically crying about her now useless whip. Hinata readied herself with a kunai as Jen shrieked with fury before charging blindly at Hinata. Hinata simply sidestepped, as Jen was obviously not accustomed to fighting without her whip. Though Hinata forgot about her own injury.

She fell to the left as her ankle gave way, in time to receive a fairly good punch to the face from Jen. Hinata groaned as she tried to stand once again, only to receive yet another punch. Hinata coughed. She shakily stood before ducking under another hit. She hit Jen flat fisted in the stomach, damaging Jen's internal organs with charka. Hinata then proceeded to cut of Jen's charka points while scaring her muscle tissue, making it harder for Jen to move.

Jen fell backwards but as Hinata went to knock her out, the fifth figure landed in front of her. 'This must be their leader,' Hinata thought. The leader was tall and muscular. He wore a sleeveless hoodie with that covered his eyes, though there was a tattoo of a lion twisted in thorns that extended from hi bicep and up his neck. A large sword was on his back.

Hinata struggled to catch her breath. She ached all over. Her head and stomach still hurt from her father and now she had more wounds. She tried to look calm or strong in front of the dark man but she couldn't, she has no strength to do it. He took his sword from his back, holding it at his side. He waited for a few moments.

Quickly, Hinata raced forward, ducking under the sword. She tried to lay a hit on the man but he was quick as well. She became frustrated as she once again attempted to hit him with her 'gentle fist'. The man however swung his sword upward in an ark, slashing her from her hip and up her torso. Hinata cried in pain. She fell to the floor where the man picked her up by her hair, she saw him smirk under his hood.


And with that Hiashi's eyes darkened as he sent a swift kick to her gut, causing her to cough and choke. He grabbed her hair before smirking as he smashed her head to the floor, knocking her out cold.

(End Flashback)

Hinata gritted her teeth before reaching into her pouch, taking out a kunai she slashed the man just below his neck. As he dropped her, Hinata knelt to the ground and slipped around him, spinning and sending him a charka enhanced kick from the back. He stumbled forward and blocked Hinata's next blow with his sword.

He swung full around himself but Hinata did a back-cartwheel, dodging his attack. They stood face to face. Hinata charged her hands with some of the little charka she had left and raced toward the man. He lunged at her with his sword, only to find Hinata no longer there. Hinata jumped, landing softly on the top of his sword before shoving it to the ground. She drew her arm back and hit him squarely in the chest.

Hinata stumbled away from him as he fell. 'I did it.' She thought. 'I'm not…weak.' She limped toward his figure, preparing to end his life with her kunai. But before her kunai made contact, the man sat up, grabbing her arm and twisting it, her own kunai ending up penetrating her gut just below her sternum.

Hinata coughed, warm blood escaping her mouth. She fell to her knees as the man stood. He hit her full in the face, sending her to the dirt. Hinata choked on her own blood as it ran down her chin. She had the same drowning and ultimate pain sensation as she did with her battle with Neji. Only this time she did not have her friends there to see her. No, she was alone, and no one would probably find her till she had started to become part of the earth again.

Her Byakugan deactivated as she sputtered. The man kicked her over, watching as the light in her eyes dimmed. He walked over to Jen who was reaching for him. 'They must have been lovers.' Hinata thought. But those thoughts were sadly mistaken as the leader grabbed her neck in his firm grip. Jen struggled underneath him but to no avail. Hinata coughed again, trying to escape her bloody death. She shuffled on the floor, grabbing a stray shuriken before throwing it at the leader.

He didn't dodge it, either because he didn't expect Hinata to still be alive let alone throw something at him or because it posed no threat. He stood, only a mere scratch on his shoulder. He walked up to Hinata, Jen left alone unconscious. The man kneeled over her and pulled her up by her collar. He traced lines over her lips and nose before reaching for the bottom of her shirt.

Her mind racing, Hinata spit in his face. Blood was now running down his face and seeped into his mouth. The man growled before he pushed hard on her stomach where she still had her kunai embedded. She gasped in pain. He grinned at her agony before he moved to her neck where he then played with her short hair with his fingers. While he was occupied, Hinata slowly charged some of her charka into two fingers.

As the man leaned over her, she moved her hand to his temple, her hand shaping what looked like a gun as she charged charka throughout his body starting with his brain. It was not enough charka to kill him, but hopefully enough to leave him paralyzed for a while or at least wounded enough for her to get away.

He fell over, his eyes still open and aware but he was unmoving. He would, however, be up and probably after her in a short few hours. Hinata cried in pain as she struggled to get up. She dragged herself to a tree where she picked herself up. Her vision was hazy but she stood, where she located her pack. She slowly grabbed it and headed out once again, only now she was truly in need of help.

She thought of returning and getting help but she doubted that she would make it all the way. Also, she had come too far, she wasn't going to return weak and in need. She would recover, become strong, then return.

After a short while, Hinata fell to the ground. She gasped, trying to breath in and out slowly. She leaned up against a rock before looking forward. She saw something. Slowly she crawled through the trees before looking at how far she had come. A vast desert, Hinata had made it to the Land of Wind.

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