At First Sight

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Recap: "Gaara-sama!" Hinata called. He turned at the edge of the mansion. "Sweat dreams?" She said awkwardly.

"Hai, good night…Hinata." And with that, the Kazekage of Sunagakure, the so-called monster, disappeared in a whirlwind of

Chapter 5: Somebody's Savior

"Good job, Hinata! I think you're really improving!" Temari congratulated the gasping Hyuuga on the ground.

Hinata looked up at her new-found friend let a small smile spread across her face. "Y-you really think so?"

"Mhm!" Temari confirmed with a nod. "Hey, I think we're finished for the day."

Hinata sprung up from the ground "N-nani? I still have m-much more to-"

"Hinata! Geez, not everyone has the stamina you do, you're wearing me out. C'mon, let's get something to eat, just you and me." Temari said whilst shaking her head.

Hinata couldn't help the warm feeling of being accepted by Temari and her siblings, well, hopefully both her siblings. Smiling, Hinata followed Temari as she led the way into town.

Even without having a point or reason for going into town, Hinata found that Temari was still able to spend quite a lot of money. Hinata didn't know how long they were running about but knew it must have been a significant amount of time if they ventured through roughly a half a dozen stores.

Sighing at her friend's antics, Hinata followed behind her a few steps as Temari talked aimless. But it was nice, Temari was excited to have a girl to shop with who wasn't afraid of her overpowering personality and Hinata was happy to have a friend, no matter how opposite they were.

"Hyuuga!" An authoritive voice yelled. Both Temari and Hinata turned to see a nurse standing with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face.

Hinata looked around her, not registering that she could be the only Hyuuga in Sunagakure before pointing to herself. The nurse sighed before nodding impatiently.

"Yes, you. You are testing my patience, now get inside, I don't tolerate lateness." The nurse scolded.

"Demo…I-I don't-" But before her words were registered, the nurse dragged her away by her arm into the Suna hospital, leaving a speechless Temari standing on the street.

Inside, Hinata was pulled through white hallways by the humphy (A/N: Yes, I just used humphy.) nurse. Stunned, Hinata couldn't react so she allowed the nurse to drag her around by her arm.

"Ah, Hyuuga-san! Finally! It's a pleasure to meet you!" A tall medic greeted.

"O-Oh! Gomen! Hello!" Hinata stuttered as she dropped her head in a bow. The medic laughed and waved his hand to shoo away the pushy nurse.

"Hinata-san, it's very exciting to have you here. I've heard of your medical balms and I must say it's astounding, genius!" The medic praised as he led her down the hallway. "I mean, the charka required to heal for a medic is massive but your creams should reduce the amount incredibly. They will be most helpful in our hospital as well as on the field!" He said while patting her head but stopped at seeing the utter confusion on Hinata's face.

"Is there something wrong Hinata-san?"

"N-No, no…hai. I'm afraid I d-don't understand. Why am I here?"

"Hm? What do you mean? You're here for the apprenticeship, am I wrong?" The medic asked now almost as confused as Hinata.

"Nani! A-apprenticeship?" Hinata burst.

The medic nodded. "Yes, atleast that's what Kazekage-sama said."

Hinata's eyes widened"…Kazekage-sama?"

"Mhm, he recommended you for a nursing position. We were hesitant at first as we were unaware of your abilities but how can you say no to the Kazekage? Though we agreed most thankfully when he mentioned you creams. It's revolutionary, if what he says is true. But we still need to test your abilities before we can bump you up to a nursing spot. I hope you understand," The medic clarified, seemingly proud of his new pupil.

Hinata, however, remained stunned. 'Gaara-sama did this…for me?' A smile crept on her face before she turned to the medic. "Please take care of me!" Hinata said, bowing deeply.

For hours, Hinata had stood by the door, observing as the medics tended to patients, studiously making reports for designated patients. Silently, Hinata absorbed different techniques used by various doctors for future reference. It was a long, grueling first day of work but her spirits were not suppressed. 'Everything's falling into place.' Hinata thought.

"Hyuuga," a nurse called. "You're done for today, just make sure you get here bright and early tomorrow, 'kay?" Hinata nodded and handed off her reports before stepping out onto the dusk lit streets of Suna.

Hinata sighed in contentment before a blonde caught her eye. "T-Temari!"

Said kunoichi turned and faced the opal-eyed girl. "Ah, hey Hina-chan!" (A/N: This will be a regular nickname for Hinata by the way)

"Gomen! H-have you been waiting here t-the whole time?" Hinata asked, suddenly feeling very guilty.

"What? I love ya Hinata, but I'm not one to wait outside for hours waiting for my kidnapped friend. No, I just got here a few minutes ago. Shortly after Ms. Cranky dragged you off, the receptionist inside explained the whole thing." Temari smiled as Hinata let out a breath of relief.

"So, why didn't you tell me you had a job? I would've shut up if I knew you were going to be late."

"N-no! I was surprised too! Someone k-kinda…set it up for me."

"Oh? Who?" Temari asked with sparked interest.

"J-just a friend, I guess." Hinata said blushing but happy that her friend didn't pry any further.

That night, Hinata silently prayed that Gaara would be on the rooftop and waited impatiently for night to fall. When she decided she had about enough of waiting, Hinata climbed up to the roof. Holding her breath, she peeked over the edge but was disappointed to see a missing redhead. Sighing, Hinata sat in the same place she had the night before, blushing at their previous encounter.

"So you're here again are you, Hyuuga?" A voice called out. Hinata whipped around to see the aquamarine eyes and red hair that she had wanted to see. Hinata blushed before a small frown was set on her face, upset that he had used her clan name.

"G-gomen Gaara-sama! I was just-ah…I can leave…" Terribly embarrassed, Hinata stood and headed for the edge of the roof.

"Hinata." He tried. Hinata turned and smiled brightly. "You may stay." He said simply.

Nodding, Hinata returned to her previous seat. A comfortable and mutual silence settled over the roof when all she could hear were her own breaths and the subtle blow of the wind. "G-Gaara-sama?" Hinata asked, breaking the silence. He turned his gaze on her and she took the gesture as permission to continue. "A-arigatou! Arigatou, Gaara-sama." She rushed, hiding her face.

Gaara looked at her from behind with a mild face of puzzlement. Hinata pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her chin on her knees. Comfortable, Hinata clarified. "You got me a job at the hospital. I-I never even asked but you did something like that for me." She turned her face to look at him. "Arigatou." She said, with the utmost sincerity in her voice.

Gaara nodded, as if in acceptance which was all that Hinata could ask for. Suddenly, his voice flittered in the desert air, "Your stuttering…has decreased from our last encounter." He noted.

Hinata smiled, "Hai! It's been difficult but I don't wish to let Gaara-sama down." Her eyes widened and a small squeak of a gasp escaped her lips as she covered her mouth. 'I can't believe I was so forward with Gaara-sama!' Hinata thought but refused to give him and excuse for mistrust of what could escape her again.

But the expression that grew on his face was one that she missed and believed should be worn on Gaara much more, a smile. He didn't smile at her but he wore his small, completely Gaara smile as he gazed out over Suna. His contagious smile made its way to Hinata who was relieved that her words had made a positive impact as opposed to the negative that she had expected.

"Hinata." He asked.



She turned to face him wide eyed but relaxed to see his content face. Hinata turned back and looked at the stars till she fell asleep feeling safe and warm

'Hyuuga Hinata, report to emergency room 5. Hyuuga Hinata, report to emergency 5, immediately,' blared an urgent voice over the intercom, the noise traveling along the whitewashed walls of the mostly void hospital.

Without questioning the strange orders besides the widening of her eyes in surprise, Hinata dashed through the hall towards her required destination. Upon her entrance to emergency quarters, she had little time to survey the bustling and shouting of both doctors and patients alike before she was whisked away by a nurse. Hinata was brought to the side of two Suna ninja, who based on the files rudely turned to her by a medic, had been ambushed by cloud ninja on a reconnaissance mission.

Confusion was obvious on her face and voice as she turned to a nearby doctor. "A-ano… I don't understand w-why…" she trailed off.

"We were understaffed today and were unprepared. We need your eyes and your medical knowledge, no matter how limited. Now get working, these are emergency situations!" The snap in the doctor's voice didn't even reach Hinata as panic set in.

'They expect me to do medic work? But I was offered this job for my creams, not my medical skills,' Hinata thought. She turned back to the two wounded ninja and her face hardened in determination.

Silently activating her bloodline limit, Hinata investigated her two 'patients'. She checked their charka systems, opening points to encourage charka flow and production. She looked over their vital organs to see if anything had been badly damaged. To her relief, only muscle and bone had been the cost of the ninja conflict.

Beginning with one ninja, Hinata focused on his abdomen and stopped the excessive bleeding that either a shuriken or kunai had caused. After wrapping his now scarred stomach, she then turned her Byakugan on the wounded nin's leg, adjusting her vision to observing flesh and bone over the miniscule charka system. She carefully moved his leg to its natural position before wrapping and splinting it into place.

As finished as she would be with the first, Hinata moved on to the second ninja. Finding his shoulder torn, she firmly pressed the wound and yelled to a nurse for assistance. The nurse dutifully took her place while Hinata searched a medicine cabinet. Pulling out something that looked promising, she rushed back to the Suna nin and removed the cloth the nurse had used to stop the bleeding. She poured the liquid into the wound and observed as it fizzed momentarily. She then wrapped his shoulder as well as any other gashes.

Sighing at her completed work, Hinata whipped her forehead and turned to leave. Before she could make her escape, a doctor sent her to the side of another wounded ninja. Without question or debate, Hinata set to work on her new set of patients.

Through the afternoon, Hinata was moved from patient to patient, each with wounds worse than the last. If they were lucky, a patient only suffered from severe charka depletion, which was where her Byakugan and Hyuuga techniques came in handy, but some were not so lucky.

Utterly exhausted, Hinata checked with a few nurses to see if her work was done before making her way out of the hospital.

"Hinata-san! Hinata-san!" A voice called. Withholding a very un-Hinata like groan, she turned and pulled on a tired smile.

"Hai?" she asked as one of the overseeing medics came up to her.

"Hinata-san! Thank goodness I- are you alright?" A medic asked. Hinata was gasping slightly for breath and sweat was misted on her face.

"Hm? O-oh, yes, I'm just a little tired from overtime." Hinata explained but the medic seemed unconvinced. "Um, did you need something?"

The medic straightened and seemingly forgot about his previous question, "Right! Yes, the other head medics and I wanted to congratulate you on your performance today. You have more than shown that you are capable of working in our facility and would like for you to accept the duties and responsibilities of being a nurse."

"H-hontou?" Hinata asked to which the medic nodded.

"Congratulations, Hyuuga-san." Before he turned and left Hinata in her thoughts.

"Ah, Hinata! I haven't seen your pretty face in forever!" Kankuro laughed as he gave his favorite Hyuuga a one-armed hug. (A/N: Haha, sorry Kankuro! My fault you've missed out on her face, I've neglected you! Also, Kankuro in this story is kinda perverted and flirty but does not think of Hinata in any other way but sisterly! He's just weird, 'kay?)

Said girl giggled and blushed at the compliment, "How are you, Kankuro?"

"Ah, same old, same old. Hanging out with Temari isn't helping any," to which his comment earned him a whack upside the head from his older sister.

"Don't make stupid comments about people when you don't know if they can hear you," Temari scolded.

"Ha," Kankuro scoffed. "What makes you think I didn't know you were there!"

"Why you-"

"Oi, l-let's not fight! Please-ah…" Hinata struggled to cease the quarrel but only ended up laughing at the scene.

"What are you idiots doing?"

All time seemed to stop as Kankuro and Temari released their grips on the other and looked to see Gaara in the doorway. Kankuro, of course, was the first to break the strange moment.

"Ah, and the baby brother returns from the confines of his office," Kankuro dramatized as he reached to hug his brother who easily evaded the sluggish movement.

And thus the noise began again in the Kage mansion as Kankuro whined about how 'Gaara didn't love him anymore" while Temari yelled at Kankuro for his stupid crocodile tears.

Hinata giggled again, gaining the attention of the stoic Kazekage.

"Hinata," Gaara greeted.

She nodded, "Gaara-sama." Smiling again, Hinata turned back to the fray. "Oh, I wanted to thank you again. Also, I wanted you to know that I'm officially a nurse at the hospital now. Arigatou."

"Hm, according to reports, you deserved it. Congratulations." Hinata smiled as Gaara continued. "Your private chunin exam should be coming up soon, based on your progress. Temari and Kankuro will make sure that you are ready." Gaara silently walked away before he turned to her again.

"Good luck." Gaara said, with a smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth.

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