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"Are you trying to burn those eggs with your glare?" Elphaba asked of Selky, her adopted daughter, as they enjoyed their breakfast of fried eggs.

"No," the moping teenager sighed. "I'm just…stewing."

"You mean chewing cud?" Fiyero asked.

"No," Selky insisted. "I'm just thinking about what a nightmare it's gonna be when I return to Shiz."

"I thought you enjoyed school," the green woman pointed out.

"I love the classes," Selky assured her parents. "But I found out that Curyn is my new roommate."

"And why is that a problem?"

"Because I hate Curyn's guts with a fiery passion," the seventeen year old grouched. "She's mean and selfish and airheaded and…blonde!"

"Mutual loathing between roommates can lead to good things," Elphaba hinted with a knowing look at Fiyero. Selky felt as if she were missing an inside joke.

"Don't try to be all wise and sagely," she grumbled.

"Elphaba speaks from experience," Fiyero insisted.

"Would you care to elaborate?" Selky requested.

"It's a long story," Elphaba informed her with a nostalgic sigh. "I'll tell you some other time."

"Ask Glinda," the Captain of the Guard suggested. "She'd love to tell you."


"Tomorrow's a big day," the good witch cried, flouncing around her room. "You must choose the right outfit." Though she had significantly more interest in fashion than her mother Selky still found Glinda's obsession with clothing rather ridiculous. However she felt obliged to sit on her unofficial aunt's bed and be doted over. "So," Glinda called from the depths of her enormous closet. "Are there any cute boys at Shiz?"

"I suppose," Selky answered warily as the blonde returned with an adorable blue dress.

"Try this on," she insisted, pushing her niece behind a dressing screen.

"Um, Aunt Glin?"


"Elpha…Mom made some comment about hate between roommates leading to good things," the teenager began. "She hinted that there was a story behind it, but wouldn't tell me anything more. Apparently it's a long story." There was a moment of silence.

"Sweet Oz," Glinda sighed. "That is a long story." Selky waited for the blonde to continue. "Elphie and I were roommates at Shiz," she explained. "She was an antisocial bookworm and I was an airheaded gossip girl; we loathed each other."

"What happened?"

"I did something snitchy to embarrass Elphie at a dance," Glinda explained sheepishly. "Then I felt so bad that I risked extreme embarrassment to get her out of the situation. Elphie forgave me, and allowed me to see past her outer shell. I know stuff like that doesn't seem significant now but… Back then I was obsessed with my reputation and Elphie never trusted anyone." Her words faded into memories.

"Wow," Selky breathed. "I can't believe you two hated each other."

"Neither can I," the good witch admitted with a grin. "Now come out and show me how you look in that dress." Arms crossed self consciously the teenager tottered stiffly out. Her eyebrows were knitted together in a thick scowl. "You're definitely taking that one to Shiz."


"Sweet Oz," Elphaba gasped upon entering her daughter's new dorm room.

"What?" Selky demanded grouchily, unable to find anything remarkable about the plain room. It was one of those newer dorms that had been converted from a private suite into a two girl dwelling.

"It's just ironic," the green witch explained. "This is the dorm that Glinda and I shared."


"Yeah." A nostalgic sigh escaped Elphaba's lips. "If these walls could talk…" Selky tried very hard to look as though her adopted mother's college memories were even remotely interesting. "Sorry," the witch apologized. "You probably want me to leave now don't you?"

"Um…yeah," the raven haired student admitted with a sheepish grin.

"I can take a hint," the green woman chuckled. "Unlike Glinda. Aren't you glad she didn't come to see you off?"

"Exceedingly," Selky laughed knowingly.

"Bye," Elphaba called as she was all but shoved out the door. "I love you."

"I love you too," Selky muttered, not totally comfortable using such a sentiment with a woman who had only been her mother for a few months.


"It's official," Glinda announced gleefully. "Selky and Curyn are destined to become friends. How could they not with all the positive energy in that room?"

"I think you need to take off your rose colored glasses," Elphaba snorted.

"I think I need to loan you my rose colored glasses," the blonde retorted.

"Are you two bickering?" Fiyero called. "I thought you were discussing a new treaty between Munchkin Land and the Gilikin."

"We were," the green witch informed her husband defensively. "But certain people get distracted easily."

"Well I come bearing another distraction," Caya chuckled as she padded into the room, arms laden with rolls of silky fabrics.

"The gowns!" Glinda squealed, practically shattering the nearby windows. She all but flew over to the Tiger seamstress.

"What are those for?" Elphaba wondered suspiciously. Her eyes swept warily over the colorful dresses. "Your wedding is over Glinda; I thought that would end all these girlish discussions."

"You didn't tell her?" the blonde accused Fiyero.

"Tell me what?" the green girl demanded.

"Since your wedding in the Great Gilikin Forest was decidedly unofficial it's not recognized by the Ozian Government," Caya explained. "So, in effect, you get the chance to do it all over again."

"But I'm the head of the Ozian Government," Elphaba pointed out sharply. "Can't Fiyero and I just sign some papers and get it over with? I already had my wedding."

"It wasn't really a wedding," Fiyero pointed out. "Sweet Oz there were only three people there; you, me and Mar."

"That's good enough for me," the green girl insisted.

"But it's not good enough for me!" Glinda cried, unable to contain herself any longer. "Oh Elphie please, please, please, please, please let me do your wedding" Elphaba looked down into the pleading face of her best friend and knew that she really had no choice.

"I'd be honored if you would do my wedding," the green girl replied solemnly. "As long as I get to wear a black dress."


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