"Ah…" The small man's body trembled under the pressure of the larger, more muscular man, thrusting deeper and deeper into him. "…Ng…"

"Kiku…" the younger and stronger man breathed out as he moved. "Is this better…?"

Kiku did not answer the call, nor did he acknowledge it. He merely shook under the pressure, his deeply scarred body swaying in the rhythm Alfred set.

As always.

He couldn't refuse or deny him. Alfred knew this.

And yet he asks, as though expecting a confirmation –even if it were a false one- from him.

The vibrating of his cell phone on the bedside table finally caught Kiku's attention. As he reached out to it, his arm shaking, it was snatched up by Alfred.

"Hello, Arthur?"

"…Alfred…? Why are you…" Arthur's head swam with questions momentarily as to why the man he had raised was picking up his lover's cell phone, so late at night. But he decided to stick to the surface. "…Kiku is there, isn't he? Can you give him the phone?"

At the request, Alfred smiled. He bent over to the man underneath him, pushing the cell phone into his face.

"He says he wants to hear your voice."

The bed creaked underneath them loudly, as moans escaped from Kiku's lips, his attempts at suppressing them failing. Arthur's eyes widened as he pulled the phone away, almost doubting his own ears.

"A-Arthur san…" Kiku rasped out. "Th-this isn't what---…. A-Arthur s-…agh…"

Alfred did not stop his movements, probing deeper and deeper into him, forbidding the smaller man under him from finishing his sentences, his voice breaking with every thrust.

"I-I love y—!!"

Kiku's cry froze in his throat mid sentence as he felt a blow across his face, and heard a loud clang of his cell phone hitting the tiled floor. His eyes widened, not comprehending for a few moments what had just happened.

"You have some nerve," Alfred hissed, grabbing Kiku's wrists angrily, pinning him down. Kiku slowly returned his gaze to him, blood trickling down the side of his mouth, eyes still wide in shock. His expression of confusion seemed only to irritate Alfred even more. "-Screaming out your love to another man during intercourse."

He forced himself into the smaller man again, violently gritting his teeth. Kiku's body lurched as he sucked in his breath in surprise.

"Just think about me," the blond man muttered into the Asian man's ear. "I'm all that matter to you right now."

Kiku stared up into the man's ocean colored eyes blankly, his stance completely helpless, scars showing up more vividly than ever on his heated body. Alfred lifted himself back up and took off his glasses, placing them on the bedside table where Kiku's cell phone used to be. He stared back into the black voids, his lips slowly curling into a sneer. He bent over again and kissed the unmoving man under him, forcing himself into his mouth as well. Kiku parted his lips, feeling tears well up in the corners of his eyes.

He could only wince as Alfred broke the kiss and trailed his mouth onto his collar bone, biting down into it. He stifled a cry and tried to stop the tears that were slowly trailing down the sides of his face.

"Stop thinking about him," Alfred muttered, licking the blood coming from the newly opened wound. "Just think about me."

Kiku moaned quietly. He thought it couldn't possibly get any worse than it already was. He had just found that he was wrong.

Did he even hear my cries before he hung up…?