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Sinister Chakra

Book 1: The Beginning

Chapter 1: Crimson Glow

Unknown Location

Deep within the mountains, far north of Konoha, a man sat upon his own throne, pondering on what was soon to come. Tomorrow would mark the day when his dreams would be realized, and he would succeed.

Many years ago, it was his dream to become the Hokage, and use what his brother had been sacrificed for to protect the village, and lead it to prosperity. But Konoha had betrayed him, even worse; the Uchiha, his own Clan, had forsaken him. His dream had crumbled, and it was left forgotten when he abandoned Konoha to hone his own powers on the promise that one day, he would return to the village, and it would burn to the ground in the blackest of flames.

When he had thought he had mastered his gift of the gods, his Eternal Mangekyou, he returned to Konoha, arrogant of his own powers and believing that he alone was strong enough to take over one of the most powerful establishments in the world. However, he had failed, and Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage, had been able to defeat him with his mokuton jutsu.

It was almost ironic, that the descendants of the Sage of Six Paths would be destined to fight each other. Surely that is not what the Sage had intended, but alas, the Uchiha have historically fought against the Senju since the beginning of the Clans…but that would end. The Senju clan had been erased from the earth, with barely any survivors. Konoha was disgusting; to be able to do such a thing...a corrupt system, where the balance between what's right and wrong for the entire village is decided behind closed doors in dark rooms. He would put an end to that. With the death of Konoha, he would give birth to a new village out of the ashes of old.

Konoha would fall.

He had gone great lengths to retrieve the Kyuubi and tame the beast to become his summon, but he had done it. And now, with his own power and the mighty power of the Kyuubi, he would be an unstoppable force that would level the village. Hashirama Senju, the only ninja besides himself capable of controlling other Tailed Beasts, had long since passed away. He had made sure of that, as he had killed the Hokage himself. He had also outlived everyone else his age, most likely due to his Eternal Mangekyou which granted him long life.

Despite that, another Senju had stepped up to become Hokage, and had formed a military unit to keep the Uchiha under control and protect himself at the same time. But the Second Hokage had also passed away. The third had recently retired as well, and a new young man had stepped up to inherit Hashirama's Will of Fire, Minato Namikaze.

This name made the man pause for the first time in indecision, for this ninja was the only wild card in his grand scheme. Everyone in the ninja world knew of this powerful fighter, and he was also claimed to be the most powerful being in the world, but did this Hokage have what it takes to stop him, a near immortal Mangekyou possessor as well as Lord Kyuubi, the strongest of all the split demons?

Only time would tell, and that time was coming very soon.

He chuckled darkly and ignited a black flame on top of his fingertips as he eagerly anticipated his own return to his homeland. And what a glorious return it would be.

"The entire village will burn," Madara softly said to himself as he closed his eyes and envisioned the destroyed remains of the once proud village that had scorned him.

Konoha, The Next Day, Afternoon


Minato's head shot up as a Chunin messenger burst into his meeting room, panting heavily due to exhaustion. It took several moments for the Chunin to regain his composure, and when he did, Minato instantly noticed the strong look of fear that resonated from his eyes.

"It's been confirmed," the Chunin stated, still breathing hard, "The Kyuubi is to arrive at the village in seven hours!"

The Yondaime closed his eyes and placed his hands behind his head as he leaned back in his chair. All of the summoned Jonin, Anbu and Chunin present were standing before him silent as they waited for a response. A meeting as important and large as this one needed a room larger than the Hokage's office, so they gathered in another meeting room. Messenger hawks had been flying in all morning, reporting the sighting of the Kyuubi, charging straight in the direction of Konoha.

Now, everyone was standing, waiting in fear. Fear of the Kyuubi, a demon only heard of in legends, which was surely coming to destroy their village. Even the most arrogant Uchiha present knew that his most powerful attack wouldn't even satisfy an itch of the Kyuubi. All hopeful and worried faces looked upon their leader and only hope as he opened his eyes.

"Everyone!" he spoke, loud enough for all to hear. "The Kyuubi is powerful, we all know this. There will be many fellow ninja who will die protecting the village."

Shuffling proceeded to pass through the room as a nearly physical veil of fear fell upon even the most experienced ninja. Minato was strong; each and every person knew this. He was even hailed to be the greatest ninja in the world! But...if the strongest shinobi in the world was unable to defeat the Kyuubi, then…

Their doubtful thoughts were interrupted as the world's strongest shinobi was not finished speaking.

"But we cannot give up hope! Konoha was built upon the everlasting foundation of the Will of Fire! The Kyuubi may kill you, and it may kill me, but there is no foe strong enough or a technique powerful enough that can extinguish our Will of Fire, which will give us the strength for victory! I will fight for my village, and I will die for my village, and there's no force out there that will change that fact. And what separates us from other countries...is that I know each and every one of you will do the same! If we stand as one, nothing can break our foundation! Konoha will survive!" the Hokage shouted, standing up from his chair. There was such confidence and determination in the man's eyes that every ninja couldn't help but feel a strong sense pride over what the he said.

"Konoha is not feared as one of the strongest forces in the world because of the great walls which surround us." the Hokage said, his sharp eyes connecting with the hundreds of ninja in front of him. "We are feared because of all of you! There is no ninja as loyal to their village as us! Our walls may crumble tonight, and this tower may burn, but Konoha will live on."

Minato nodded his head, seeing his own determination mirrored on the many eyes looking back at him. He couldn't be more proud of his village than he was now...he couldn't be more proud of the ninja in front of him, all of whom would lay down their lives for him and their village. His only regret was that he himself only had one life to sacrifice for the village...he would kill himself a thousand times over to make Konoha safe...to allow his child to have a future...

"There is nothing you can do for now," Minato continued, "The burden of the Kyuubi is on my shoulders. For now, go home and enjoy your family and loved ones. Cherish your lives and those who you care about. Inform the village of the Kyuubi, but give them hope! We will be victorious! Anbu, immediately begin the evacuation of all of the villagers. Their safety will allow all of us to know that the Will of Fire will be passed down to the next generation. Hiruzen, stay after, we have much to talk about. You are all dismissed!"

Not wasting any time to use the door, all of the present ninja simply teleported away in seconds, leaving behind smoke. When it all cleared, the Sandaime remained in the meeting room, looking upwards to his successor with old and grief filled eyes.

Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage, dropped his emotional mask and began to weep while he told the Hokage of what he had planned. Tears of joy and tears of happiness fell down from his face, rendering him unable to control his own emotions. Tonight...he would ensure the safety of the village and for his child...but leaving his wife would be the hardest thing he would ever do.

The Hokage's plan was logical and even the Sandaime, Hiruzen Sarutobi, agreed with it. Minato was going to die sealing the Kyuubi within a young, preferably newborn baby. And it just so happened that Minato's wife was going to give birth to a child soon this evening. The plan was bound to work, as the Yondaime had recently mastered a forbidden sealing jutsu, and he was the only one who knew how to use it. The Sandaime, in an effort to save his successor, would be furiously trying to learn the technique over the next hours, but he wouldn't be able to. Minato would have to sacrifice himself in order to save the village from destruction.

That Evening

"She's dying."

Minato didn't understand why all of this was happening to him so quickly. What had he done to deserve such a cruel fate? One morning, everything was going well. His lovely wife had given birth to their precious first born, and the next, the Kyuubi was coming to destroy the village, and he would have to sacrifice his son and himself to stop the beast. And to put a cherry on top, Fate decided to kill his beautiful wife in the process, robbing his son of either parent.

"I-I…I don't understand!" Minato mumbled out, looking at the nurse with the greatest fear in his eyes. The nurse couldn't bear it anymore and she had to break eye-contact with the ruler of the village. The look of pain she was seeing in Minato's eyes was too much for her to take.

"She successfully gave birth to your son…B-b-but there w-was too much blood. She's already gone through surgery now but t-they said t-that…she has such little time left. She's holding on for her own life now…" The nurse lowered her head, unable to give any more information to the village leader.

Minato quickly brushed by the lady and stormed into the room, anger filling his entire being. However, as quickly as the anger came, all of it vanished in an instant when he saw his wife lying sickly on the bed before him, looking as peaceful as ever and holding their newborn child.

"K-Kushina," the word quietly escaped his lips. The red-haired woman slowly opened up her eyes and looked up at him, the blue orbs instantly brightening upon his arrival.

"Minato-kun, look! He's so wonderful and energetic. And he looks just like you!" Kushina exclaimed happily as he walked over to the side of the bed. She peacefully sighed as she cradled her first-born son against her chest. But suddenly, the will of fire came upon her and her motherly instincts consumed her logic.

"No!" she screamed, holding the baby away from Minato as he reached out to touch it. Despite her loud voice, the baby in her arms seemed to merely laugh and giggle at being moved around so quickly. "I won't let you use him for the sealing! I won't allow it. Not my son! Not our son!" she continued to yell at him, tears swelling up in her eyes.

Minato tried to explain to his now enraged wife what they had discussed earlier that day. "Kushi-chan, you have to understand, I told you before that…"

"I changed my mind!" she yelled again, tears of sadness streaming down her face. "Why does it have to be our family? There is so much happening to us now…why can't you take another young child?" Kushina asked her lover.

Minato sighed. They had been over this before. He looked sadly into the eyes of his lovely wife. The beautiful eyes that were once so full of energy were now almost lifeless and filled with grief, which was all slowly fading away. "How…How can I?" he quietly answered after a moment of silence. "How can I ask another parent to sacrifice their child for the sealing? How can I look into the eyes of a mother and tell her to give me her child for the Kyuubi? How can I tell someone else to do a duty that even I am not able to perform?"

Kushina frowned. He had given her this speech before, though it wasn't nearly as painful to hear as when she was holding her child in her arms. She coughed loudly, feeling her own energy seep out of her with every breath. She could feel death coming upon her as she grew tired.

"Then…please, Minato," she responded to him, looking down at her precious child. "Make sure he grows up happily…let the village know the sacrifice our family had to make, and let our son be a hero to this village!"

Minato now smiled at his wife, brushing her hair lightly. "Of course! Everyone will know him to be the one that saved the world from the Kyuubi! He'll be more famous than me, I'm sure of it!" Kushina smiled back at him, loving the idea of her son being treated well in her absence. Suddenly, she coughed again, this time feeling all of her energy escape her.

"M-Minato…I love you. I always have…" She told her husband, growing quiet.

He placed the sleeping baby aside in his crib, and he leaned in and gently kissed his wife. "I've always loved you too Kushina..." Minato was holding back tears as he looked upon the love of his life. He loved her so much, and he had known her since they were young. When they finally admitted they loved each other, it had been one of the happiest days of his life, second only to their marriage. And now, all of that, all of their happiness would soon come to an end.

Kushina closed her eyes and smiled as she rested her head in her pillow. That night, the man who would sacrifice his son, kill himself in the process and lose everything had to watch his wife slowly die in his arms.

When she finally stopped breathing, his head dropped, tears spilling onto her chest. He let out silent sobs of torment, the grief of the death hitting him hard. However, when he lifted his head back up to look onto the peaceful face of his love, resolve filled his being, accompanied by the determination to save the village.

"Rest in peace, my wife. We'll be together again, soon."

That Night

Madara laughed maniacally on top of the Kyuubi as it charged forward towards the village, which was now in sight. Finally, the time had come! After all the years of his suffering and plans for revenge, his would bring Konoha to the ground!

Anbu began to appear around him, spitting out various complex jutsu in order to slow down the Kyuubi. He didn't have to worry, for the powerful coating of chakra that surrounded the Kyuubi protected it from any sort of attack that the Anbu could muster. Madara twisted his head to the right allowing a kunai to fly harmlessly by him. This only caused him to laugh louder as the Kyuubi swiped its paw forward, crushing the poor ninja who threw it, along with dozens of others.

The mighty Kyuubi in all his glory and rage began attacking Konoha. With its powerful nine tails swinging around, crushing mountains and uprooting trees, the demon was unstoppable. Its evil chakra swept before the entire village, leaving a sense of horror in the memory of all. Children cried, and the citizens were frozen in fear, gnashing their teeth.

All of the ninja Chunin rank and above were attacking the Kyuubi, doing all they could to hold it back. Anbu elites stood on the tree-tops casting powerful jutsu to the demon that was threatening their village.

Yet nothing was working.

Any hope of defeating this monster was lost the moment his presence was felt in full force. Not only that, but there was the silhouette of a man standing on top of the Kyuubi, casting his own powerful jutsu down upon the land. Just when they thought it couldn't get any worse, black flames began to erupt around the forest, consuming everything it touched. Suiton jutsu were frantically wasted in an effort to disperse the dark flames which were headed towards the village, but nothing was working.

There was only one person that could possibly save them all now…

One Jonin of the village roughly landed against a tree as he was knocked back by the demon. Others who were beside him were clearly affected by fatigue and pain. "Hold the attack and wait for the Fourth Hokage!" he shouted to his comrades. With that, he jumped back into the fight. A ninja covered in black flames flew by him, rolling around the ground in a pointless effort before he became deathly still. It was a nightmare.

"Don't let it get any closer to the village!" another Jonin yelled out, casting a fire jutsu up to the Kyuubi which pawed it away in annoyance.

With that said, and explosion of destruction that rivaled the Kyuubi appeared next to the gathered shinobi. A giant toad with and equally giant sword and smoking pipe appeared on the battle field, with none other than the Fourth Hokage on top of it. To everyone, he was a sight for sore eyes.


He came for one purpose; to use one jutsu. He quickly closed his eyes, meditating with the last few moments he had in this life.

"Naruto", he thought. "You deserve so much more than this. You deserve a full family. I'm sorry for what I have to do." Minato smiled as he gathered the chakra needed to perform the sealing jutsu.

Fighting the fox head on would only lead to his death, which the village couldn't afford, or it would lead to him no longer having enough chakra to use the sealing jutsu.

"Looks like this is it, Gamabunta, my old friend." the Hokage sadly called out to his summoning partner. Over the years the two had formed a powerful bond while working together.

"Damn it Minato! Why do you have to be the one to sacrifice yourself?" the giant toad complained. "You're a great ninja, and it was good working with you... I hope that I will meet your son when he learns to summon me. Otherwise I'll be stuck with Jiraiya." the toad chuckled.

"Farewell, Minato…"


Madara chuckled upon the arrival of the Hokage and his summon. Perhaps he would have some fun after all! Killing lesser ninjas was only amusing for a certain amount of time, but the real fun came in fighting the powerful ones! Last time he was at Konoha, Hashirama had managed to drive him out to the Valley of the End, where they had fought.

Madara, realizing that he would lose, faked his death with a powerful genjutsu, managing to escape the fight. Hashirama was such a powerful ninja; he almost regretted killing the man, only because he wouldn't be able to fight him again. If that man wasn't from the Senju Clan, they might even have ended up being friends! Ha!

The more power he achieved, the less opponents were out there that could face him equally. For a moment, Madara wondered if this would be the last good fight he would ever have in his life. After he killed the Legendary Fourth, who else out there would be able to amuse him? Perhaps Hanzo of the Salamander…he had heard some interesting things about that man. And there were rumors that the Rinnegan had awakened in a boy in Ame as well…he would certainly have to check up on that. Child or adult, the Rinnegan was the strongest doujutsu there was, and whoever had it would be a challenge to fight. And, maybe his dreams of having his own Rinnegan, the ultimate doujutsu, would finally be able to come true…

Madara's crimson eyes glowed in the night, and he zeroed in on Minato, who was currently closing his eyes in thought. However, when they opened, the man seemed shocked to find out that there was someone on top of the Kyuubi.

"Minato Namikaze, the Legendary Yellow Flash of Konoha and Fourth Hokage," Madara called out to him, enhancing his voice with chakra so that everyone in the village could hear him. He laughed at the worried look he could see on the young man's face.

"Entertain me."

With that, the Kyuubi charged forward at the toad, catching them by surprise. Minato quickly began to fly through several hand-seals which Madara had never seen before, but he was unable to finish them as the Kyuubi was able to knock aside the giant toad first. Taking initiative, Madara jumped into the air, flying toward his opponent. Just as he was about to land, his eyes widened, shocked at what he saw.

Minato was no longer below him, but instead, he was right behind him, rearing his hand back to punch him in the back of the head. What speed!

However, Madara's eyes and body were able to match, and at the last second, he was able to twist his body around and block the Hokage's punch, who seemed surprised at the feat. What happened next could only be described as a blur to the fearful onlookers below. To them, the Fourth had always been much stronger than any possible opponent, so to see their leader equally facing off with another ninja frightened them nearly as much as the Kyuubi, who was knocking Gamabunta around like a play toy.

"Minato!" the giant toad bellowed out after pushing the Kyuubi back with a powerful blast of smoldering hot oil. "Hurry before it's too late!"

Minato quickly nodded and in a flash of yellow light, he returned on top of his summon. Similarly, Madara landed back on the Kyuubi. Going through his seals quickly, Minato zeroed in on Madara and the Kyuubi, the former confused at the seals Minato was putting together. Suddenly, Madara's eyes widened and he shouted down at his summon to charge at them.

As if Madara could sense his own doom, he and the Kyuubi rushed to the toad in hopes of killing Minato before he could summon whatever unbelievably powerful force both the Kyuubi and Madara could sense.

But they were too late.

The Yondaime finished the necessary seals and in a brilliant flash a light, he activated the jutsu. The last thing he saw of his opponents was a screaming Uchiha and a Kyuubi with the faint image of a Sharingan in its eyes.

And then they were no longer among the living.

Minato fell on his knees on top of Gamabunta, smiling at his accomplishment. He had saved the village, and quite possibly, the world. He grinned as he heard the roar of cheering coming from Konoha below him and as he thought about his beautiful wife who he was about to meet and his first born son, until he fell over, dead.

Hospital Room

Sarutobi's nodded solemnly as he saw a visible chakra enter the room. He wasn't exactly surprised to see a faint red haze enter the seal on young Naruto's stomach, but he was curious as to why the seal didn't glow and twist itself like Minato said would happen.

However, the Sandaime's sharp eyes widened when suddenly a black chakra entered the room as well, floating toward Naruto before it entered the seal on his stomach. Then, just as Minato had described, the seal twisted itself several times before it glowed brightly for a second, gaining the attention of every other doctor in the room who apparently didn't notice the floating chakras.

What in the world was the black chakra?

The Sandaime sighed, promising himself to question that later. His biggest fear was that Minato's plan would fail, or that he would be killed before he could cast the jutsu, so he was relieved that at least the village was safe.

"It is finished." he announced to the medic-nins in the room. On cue, the baby who had been giggling moments before began to cry, closing his eyes tight and swinging his arms around.

As the doctors began to attend to the baby and carry him away from the sealing chamber, nobody, not even the Sandaime, noticed that when the baby finally calmed down and opened his eyes, they glowed a deep crimson for the shortest moment before they silently faded back to baby blue.


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