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"Just one brief moment of pain Cherry Blossom, and you and I shall rule the night together forever as King and Queen." The red headed figure said as he ran his fingers through the soft pink hair of the girl he had seated on his lap. The girl that was forced to sit on his lap as one powerful hand held her down shivered and turned her head not looking him in the eyes.

He smirked as he stroked her hair. "You are so beautiful," He said as he whispered into the girl's ear and he could hear her heart beat increase. "What a fool that Uchiha was, to abandon you." He then chuckled. "Well one fool's loss is my gain."

"Don't talk about Sasuke that way." She said coldly to him. The girl was refusing to look him in the face as she knew the tales that the man…No not a man, the undead creature that he was could do if he made eye contact.

The red headed man let borrowed his head into her neck and inhaled her scent. So intoxicating it was, he had never inhaled such a scent in his three hundred years of life, although he looked like he was under twenty years of age in truth he was three hundred and sixteen years old. He and his kind where destined to keep their eternal youth. His race in his youth had been dominant but he was now one of the few left.

Something he intended to fix and what luck that he would discover this beauty, heartbroken and easy prey to his charms which he after generations of practice had mastered. He didn't want to just rip out her throat and suck her dry, instead he decided he needed a mate and queen and had chosen this lovely girl that he had now.

"I won't let you kill me Vampire!" She said angrily and he smirked as he with his free hand drew innocent circles on her back with not so innocent intentions.

"Cherry Blossom you cannot outfight me, you may be trained as a ninja but you are no match for me. Your skill and spirit I admire as you where difficult to capture but you have only one fate as of now." He said as they were in his chambers, far from Konoha or anyplace she knew. For all she knew she could be anywhere in the world although she guessed she was somewhere in Suna. "To be my queen as I take you this night." He said as he whispered into her ear.

"Never!" Sakura Haruno grunted and tried to squirm free but he held her still. An amused smirk was on his face as if he enjoyed watching her squirm.

He couldn't wait until she was squirming underneath him.

"The boy that you loved…he cares nothing for you, you know that. I wonder where or who he is with now? The blond girl?" He with his sharp ears heard Sakura grit her teeth. "Or maybe that shy girl from the Hyugas?" He could tell he hit a nerve. "Or maybe he's with that red headed girl that wears glasses and obsesses over him as much as you do, what was her name…Karin?"

"Shut up! Just shut up!" Sakura shouted as she tried to break away from his grasp but he tightened his grip on her preventing her from escaping.

"I must say…watching you get worked up like this is stirring something inside me I haven't felt in quite some time." He said with a dark chuckle.

"I hate you!!" She shouted as he could see her fighting back tears.

"Do you really hate me little Blossom, or do you hate the one that tore out your heart and stomped on it like it was nothing?" He asked.

She didn't answer she instead looked down at the floor. She felt his hands wrap around her developed body as the seventeen year old was turned and she kept her head down to avoid looking into his brown eyes which had lead many a victim to his fangs.

Sasori smirked and ran his fingers through the pink locks of hair. "Sasuke doesn't think of you as a potential lover, the only thing he sees you is as a tool for him to use and then discard when it's of no value."

"And you're better? You kill people so you can continue living and keep blood pumping through that black undead heart of yours." She asked and he shrugged.

"True but I know true value when I see it. And you Sakura are the one I want." He said as his fingers reached her chin and tilted her head up so that green meet brown. She tensed up yet didn't feel the pull of his eyes, he wasn't hypnotizing her.


"The Uchiha was a fool, you know that and I know that. I can tell a fool when I see you and for discarding you maybe his most foolish thing he's done." He said as he stroked her back. "But I, no, The two of us shall reign and rule the night forever. I don't intend to make you into a meal, you're beauty is too good for that. Instead I shall take you this night and we shall rule together." He said with a smile.

Sakura looked at him. "And what makes you think I want to be your queen? Do you think I want to spend all of eternity waking up in a stuffy coffin?"

"I assure you my coffin is big enough to fit us both, and provide enough space for whenever we are in the mood. This bed we are seated on I don't really use." He said with a grin revealing a pair of sharp fangs.

The girl blushed and hit him in the chest over that remark.

"All I am asking is that you accept, it will hurt for the first moment but by the time the shining ball of hellfire has sat tomorrow your transformation into my queen will be complete." He said as he kissed her on the forehead. The girl tensed for a moment as he did so. His hand she felt was going down and stroking her thigh.

"You make my skin crawl you know that?" She said as she didn't like him touching her.

He leaned her close to her ear and inhaled her scent again. "That is not the only thing I could do…" He whispered. "And trust me; you'll enjoy what I could do to your skin." He then licked her ear sending chills down her spine. "I know very well how and where to please a young woman such as yourself.

Sakura felt herself shivering, but she wasn't sure if they where shivers of fear or excitement.

"You fear me don't you blossom?" He asked with a smile to her.

"I-I don't f-fear anything." She said unconvincingly.

"That's not true." He cupped her chin again and forced her to look at him. "You fear that you will never know what it is like to be loved, you fear that you will be by yourself for eternity, and you fear as well that you will die and no one will remember you. Is that not what you fear?" He asked.

Sakura gritted her teeth and tried to turn away but he held her firm as his icy fingers held her in position as her emerald eyes stared into his brown orbs.

Suddenly Sakura felt herself starting to lose control and realized what he was doing. He was using his hypnosis powers to take control of her. She could not let him do this or else her fate was sealed!

Sasori stated into her eyes and he watched amusedly as she struggled. Most people who went under his hypnosis barely lasted ten seconds but she was fighting with everything she had refusing to come under his control. A smile was on his handsome face as he watched; no doubt she would be a perfect queen for him to have.

He kissed her gently on cheek as he wrapped his arms around her well developed body. He could sense that her spirit and will was slowly starting to fade away. Willingly or unwillingly, he would turn her into a vampire.

"P-Please don't…" He heard her speak as she shook her head trying to free herself. "Sasori d-don't do this."

"Why not my sweet cherry? Do you not understand the gift that I am going to give you? We shall be together forever, no matter what, I know you desire love and I can give you that. But the only way we can be together is if you let me do this. We shall remain young for eternity and shall always be together. Let me love you Sakura." He said as he whispered into her ear.

"B-But I c-can't-"She was cut off when he kissed her roughly on the lips. She squealed in shock and his tongue entered into her mouth. She felt his hands roam over her flesh as he kissed the girl. Her eyes where shut tight from the bruising kiss he was giving her. The vampire's kiss was shocking and at the same time to her, wondrous as she never felt the sparks going through her body, not even when she finally got the chance to kiss Sasuke.

The kiss was broken up suddenly as he pulled back and gently stroked her lips. "I take it you have never experienced anything like this before have you my soon to be queen? He asked with a laugh and she slowly nodded her head. "Don't worry once I claim you we shall commence where we left off." He then removed part of her hair giving him access to his target.

Her beautiful neck…

"Sasori," She said and he looked at her. "Why do you want me? There are more girls out there that I think would be better than me for your queen."

He chuckled again. "Do you really believe that I want just any girl little one? I could have had any girl to choose as my queen for the past two hundred years after most of my kin was wiped out, but there was none who I could find to be the perfect one. But you, you are the perfect specimen. And I want you, you are beautiful, smart, spirited, and possess a great will. You just don't see it. Look past the little girl that you was and embrace the woman that you become."

"I understand what it means to be alone Sakura, I've been alone for the past two hundred years with no one with me. Ripping out the throat and draining the blood of some fool to keep living. More than once I thought about having the sun scorch my skin right off, but I didn't give up I knew I would find the right one. You underestimate yourself and your worth. I find myself most fortunate to have you right now."

Sakura looked at him. She never thought he had been alone for the past centuries. Maybe he wasn't so different than she was. "Sasori…"

"Yes Blossom?" He asked her.

"If I become your queen, will you love me?" She asked him and looked into his eyes. "Will you love me for real? She said as she felt his arms wrap around her.

"I would not have chosen you to be my queen unless I did Sakura." He said to her and grinned revealing his sharp fangs. "So have you made your decision?"

The pink haired girl was quiet for a moment. Silence was from both for a couple of minutes as she held her head down.

"Yes…" She said suddenly and raised her head to look at him. "I will become your queen and be your mate."

Sasori chuckled and licked his lips. "Very well, Trust me Sakura you will not regret this." He kissed her again and this time she responded by kissing him back. Their lips meet and their tongues intertwined with one another. A moan this time escaped the girl as they battled for dominance over the other.

He then broke the kiss and grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her head sideways. She looked at him and slowly she nodded as she gave him permission. He inhaled her scent and smiled as he saw a perfect spot for him to leave his mark on her.

"Like I said this will hurt but only for a moment. In twenty four hours you shall be reborn as my queen." He said and then suddenly with lightning like reflexes sank his teeth into her. She gasped out loud in pain as he did so and started to feel herself go weak. Her body was shaking and she felt everything going dark with every passing moment. Soon her entire body went numb and the pain she had felt was disappearing. Everything around her was growing darker by the second and despite her best efforts felt herself unable to stay awake.

Slowly, her eyes closed for the last time as a human as her heart stopped.

Sasori pulled himself away from her and gently licked up the small trail of blood on her neck. He looked at her and even though she was for now dead she still was so beautiful. Carefully he picked her up in his arms.

"My queen now is the time to sleep. In Twenty Four hours a new life shall begin for you." He said as he carried her to a coffin and opened the lid. Carefully he placed her inside and could already sense the changes starting to happen. He kissed her cold lips and then closed it.

Sakura was unaware of where she was when suddenly the lid opened up and was moved aside. Slowly she raised her head and saw a familiar hand offering to help her up. She slowly reached towards it and the hand lifted her up and into the room.

"So you are awake, the transformation is now complete my queen." Sasori said to her as a day had passed.

"So I am now a vampire just like you?" She asked as she could feel the changes inside her body. She now had a pair of fangs just like he did.

"That is correct, and as you know to keep our eternal youth we must feed on the blood of humans at least once a month to continue living. You shall have to feed soon." He said to her and she nodded as she felt that she was a bit hungry.

"But first," He said and scooped her up in his arms surprising her as he carried her and walked over to the bed. He laid her down on it and got on top of her. "I intend to show personally you just well I can pleasure a woman." He said with a grin revealing his fangs.

Shivers of Excitement and Joy went through her spine as he ripped off his outfit and undressed her. She then realized that being a vampire wouldn't be so bad after all.

The next night in Konoha two bodies were discovered, one was identified as Sasuke Uchiha the other being of a red headed girl known as Karin. They both had the exact same injury and cause of death. A wound to their necks.

As if someone had bitten and ripped it off.

Up above on the rooftops of a building where two people. The first a red headed male with brown eyes pressing his body against the second one. A female with pink hair and green eyes who let out a cry of joy at what they were doing. Blood was on both of their lips from the meal they just had down below. The two lovers would rule the night and reign over it bringing fear and terror to those that would cross their path.

Sasori Akasuna and Sakura Haruno, King and Queen of the Vampire race.