It was a grand setting, a ball room filled to the brim with people dancing. The chandeliers above filled the room with light emulating the gigantic room where over three hundred people danced with their partner. Many of them wore masks to cover their faces as they twirled their partners and brought them back to them. It was a ball one would see only in an event hosted by royalty.

The band was playing, a low cheerful tone of music and picking up at times. It echoed throughout the room. Tables lined with exotic food and drinks had been put up as the guests danced with one another.

In the center of the ball room where two people, the first was a male and wearing a black tuxedo. He had red hair and deep dark brown eyes and in the eyes of many would be viewed as handsome.

The second was a girl with pink hair and emerald green eyes. She was wearing a long red dress that covered her body and was a beautiful specimen. The two looked at one another as neither of them wore masks to cover their faces unlike the other dancers.

The male did a polite bow to her asking her to dance and she responded with a curtsy. She brought her hand up and he gently took it and kissed it and took her hand as the two prepared to dance.

Their movements where graceful, as the rulers of the castle and hosts of the banquet danced with one another. He twirled her in a spin and pushed her out and then back in. The younger girl's body bumping against his. The two danced beautifully as he held a firm grip on her waist. The other dancers gave them center stage and didn't even appear to notice how at times one of his hands would trail up daringly towards her chest.

If they were real they probably wouldn't have noticed it anyway due to the power of hypnosis he had…

The girl let out a grunt as he dipped her downwards putting a bit of strain on her back as he with one hand pressed against her back kept her from falling to the floor. He leaned his head down and with a smile pressed his lips gently against her forehead. He smiled and for a moment she could see his sharp fangs that he had that she also had as well.

"You are a splendid dancer my queen." Sasori said to her as he pulled her upwards and brought her close to his chest. Sakura nodded as he ran a couple of fingers through her pink hair. If she was still alive as a human she could've sworn her heart would be beating at a million miles per hour.

Her lover and husband of the past few months smiled at her as they resumed dancing. Their movements where fluid and filled with grace. Sakura had dancing lessons and was skilled and Sasori was a master of the art as he had plenty of practice during his lifetime. He spun her around and he leaned in close and inhaled her scent causing the girl's breathing to stop momentarily.

"Do you enjoy teasing your queen my king?" She asked him and her only smirked. He had taken the girl a few months ago, turning her over making him what he was, a creature of the night and teaching her about the ways of his dark kind. She was reluctant at first but soon she grew she embrace the gifts he gave her. Her first meal he had seen to it was of that foolish boy who had torn her heart out before he met her. He enjoyed watching her rip out his throat and sucking him dry while he disposed of the little jezebel that was hanging around with him. And now they were with each other and rulers of the night.

Sasori dipped her again and ran his hand across her face. The girl looked up at him as he leaned down and kissed her fully on the lips. The girl gave way to his advances as he kissed her. Their tongues meet and battled for dominance as neither vampire gave way to one another. The girl let out a moan as he pressed his tongue inside her mouth and explored it, tasting as sweet and delicious as the first time they kissed. He also felt a stirring go up inside of him as they continued their kiss.

He suddenly broke the kiss and pulled her up. The cherry blossom breathed heavily as her hair had come a bit undone. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled the girl close placing her against his chest. Sasori turned his attention to all the other dancers and guests and let out a low growl.

"Leave us!" He ordered them all. Without as so much as a word they then started to vanish and disappear in a whirl of smoke as the lights in the room dimmed. All the dancers, the musicians, the food, they all disappeared and soon enough he and Sakura where the only two in the dark room as they had all been an illusion and conjured up by him while he and his queen where dancing.

Sasori then brought his hands lower and picked her up carrying her in his arms. He let out a chuckle as he stared at the female vampire. "You…intoxicate me like no other my love." He said to her. "I believe we are to rule over the night for many years."

Sakura looked at her lover and noticed that the room around them shifted as a dark purple smoke surrounded them. Soon she glanced around and found themselves in their private chambers. Candles that where lit filled the room and the room smelled intoxicating to her senses. There were no windows in the room and it was essential for them as the sun would scorch their skin off.

Carrying her over to the bed he placed her down gently on the bed. Memories of their first time came back to her and she shivered in anticipation. He reached up and being a bit impatient ripped off the tie of his tuxedo and threw it to the floor. His hands than reached towards her outfit and before she could protest he had ripped off her dress in a flurry leaving it destroyed and her naked except for a pair of lacy black bra and panties.

She pouted at him. She hated it when he was so damn impatient and didn't give her a chance to properly undress. And that was her favorite dress as well.

"You have ten more just like them my queen." He said with a grin revealing his fangs. Sakura let out a huff and decided two could play at this game.

She sat up and her hands went to his chest. Ripping off the buttons of the red shirt he wore with it she loosened it up and removed it from him all the while placing kisses around his face making him groan. She turned his attention to his well toned chest and licked it as she continued undressing him. Soon enough her lover's outfit was gone as well although she was more careful with removing them than Sasori had been with her and he was clad only in a pair of black silk boxers.

He pushed her down onto the mattress and let his eyes roam over her body. He licked his lips thinking of how much he was going to enjoy himself this night as he ran his hand over her smooth flat belly. The girl shivered at his touch and let out a moan as his hand went up higher to her chest. He leaned down and instead of his hand put his lips across her belly and kissed his way up past her belly and moving upwards to her chest. Kissing the tops of her developed breasts which got him another moan of pleasure from the vampire as she ran her fingers throughout his red hair. He nibbed them and caused her to yelp in surprise as he went to her throat area and planted more kisses. He then kissed her on the lips and their tongues again battled for dominance as they thrashed about each not wanting to lose to the other.

Sasori then pulled up, Sakura frowned at that and he smirked at her. Sitting up he then turned to the candles and taking a deep breath blew them all out. The room became even darker and Sakura had to adjust her eyes to the darkness. She looked around but she couldn't see him.

"Sasori, where are you?" She asked wondering where he was as she had found it he enjoyed popping up out of nowhere and surprising her. She looked around the darkened room. She suddenly saw him appear in front of her and he cupped her chin.

"Miss me Blossom?" He asked her and captured her lips again. The surprise move knocked her down as he pushed her back down on the bed and got on top of her. Grinning he planted kisses all around her body much to her delight as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back.

Sakura arched her neck back and let out a moan as he kissed her. "By Kami you know how to pleasure a woman and make her feel good Sasori." She said a dreamy smile on her face.

He chuckled in response. "Having near three hundred years of experience I have become a master of knowing where and how to pleasure a beauty such as yourself."

The two continued their love making as their bodies fitted each other like two puzzle pieces. Their breaths and pants increased as they made love as sweat started to form on their bodies. At times one would shift their position so that either he or she would be on top and in control over for the other to gain the advantage in their quarrel.

Sakura bounced on his stomach playfully as she had her hands on his chest. She reached down and kissed his stomach and her nails ran across his chest. Her nails where sharper now and left a few marks but they healed easily enough. The elder vampire watched on in approval of her tactics as she bit him a couple times on the shoulder and greedily sucked up the drops of blood. She was starting to know where and how to bit and gain precious blood their kind needed. She licked her lips and kissed him roughly. Sasori responded by shifting positions and turning her over onto her back as he got on top of her. She needed to know that he was the teacher here and she was the student. He studied her body with a grin, he valued true art and her body was simply flawless.

Sakura feeling a bit bold reached into his boxers and stroked his hard member. Sasori looked at her a bit surprised at her action and she could only smile innocently showing her fangs.

"Naughty little vixen aren't you?" He asked her and went to her bra and undid the clasp that held it together revealing her breasts fully to him.

"I think you should be punished." He said and then began sucking on her left breast causing a cry to erupt from the girl's lungs as she grabbed his hand as he sucked on her nipple. She let out a loud shriek of joy as he devoured her breast sucking on it and running his tongue on it. He then turned his attention to her right breast and pleasured that one as well causing her cries to get louder. Her shrieks where music to his ears as he continued working on her breasts.

"Mmm! Ooh! Aah!" The young vampire cried out shaking her head as her master sucked on her breasts. She could feel herself on the verge of erupting as he continued teasing her. She was also unaware of his hands heading downwards and to her remaining garment she had on.

Sasori looked at her face and could tell she was enjoying herself. A grin appeared on his face as he knew she would enjoy this. Reaching her panty line he tugged them off down past her legs and taking them off. Removing them he saw that she had her legs together and saw the small tuffle of hair that guarded her opening. He gently reached over and stroked them and the girl moaned and spreaded her legs giving him access to her center. He entered one finger into her and the girl cried out and he smirked and entered another one.

The girl cried out and moaned again as he had his fingers inside her opening. He could feel her fluids and he began a series of removing them and putting them back in.

Sakura looked at him a glass look in her eyes. She felt weak as she was under his control. She nuzzled against him as she mentioned for him to continue. Sasori felt himself ready to end this. He reached towards his boxers and removed them. Sakura blushed when she saw his member. He was definitely a man no doubt about it.

"Are you ready my queen?" He asked with a purr to her and she nodded. He positioned himself in between her legs. She took a couple of deep breaths readying herself and she nodded granting him permission.

With that he gave a great thrust into her.

Sakura cried out loudly and her upper body twisted and her face was mixture of pain and ecstasy. She was still new to this so he went easy on her at first. Her body gave a great squirm when he delivered another powerful thrust into her.

"Oh God!" She screamed and clutched his head.

"Do you wish me to-"

"No, please don't stop!" She begged and he complied and thrusted again. Her toes curled with excitement as she was getting use to it.

It continued for several long moments. Sasori pumping himself into his young queen while she cried out in excitement. A tear went down her face and he gently licked it up and kissed her letting her know that any pain she was feeling would only be temporally.

"OH Yes! Faster! Harder!" She shouted as she clutched the sheets and he granted her wish. Soon her cries where filled with nothing but joy and pleasure as both vampires felt it coming.

"S-Sasori I think I'm…"

"I'm almost there myself Sakura." He responded to her as each could feel it.

Finally, he gave one final thrust and the two exploded at the same time in as a wave of ecstasy and pleasure came over them as they reached their climax. The two lay on top of one another. He was still inside of her and he had put his seed in her. With a little bit of luck she would soon bear a child and continue their race.

Neither bothered to move for the next couple of minutes. Sasori managed to remove himself from her much to her disappointment and he lazily stroked her belly. Sakura was in no condition to move and even if she could she doubted she wanted to. She just wanted to remain here in this state of bliss.

Sasori closed his eyes and then heard the dinging of a clock on the wall. It read five A.M. and that blasted sun would soon be up. He looked at his love and knew it was time for sleep.

Getting off of the bed he went to a desk nearby the bed and opened it and pulled out and put on a dark robe. A light pink robe was also there and he pulled it out as well. Sakura saw his actions and sat up and allowed him to slip it over her shoulders and then tied the knot. Her body was stiff and sore as hell. She would need a long sleep to recover after that.

But it was well worth it in her opinion.

"It's time for us to sleep." He said to her and she nodded. She was uneasy about sleeping in a coffin still but Sasori had fixed that problem and decided that the bed would be fine for them to sleep in as he had outfitted it with the same abilities and restoration powers that a coffin had. Reaching towards a lever he had installed on the bed he began to crank it.

Above them what appeared to be a top of a coffin appeared overhead and descended upon them. It covered the bed and would protect them as only they would be allowed to open or close it.

The two removed the sheets and climbed into the bed and wrapped their arms around one another. Sakura yawned and laid her head on his chest. Sasori ran his fingers throughout her hair.

"I love you Sasori." The young queen said to him and closed her eyes.

Sasori whispered his response into her ear and closed his own eyes joining his dark lover.