For Momo-chan! Sorry it took so long. Happy Valentine's Day!

Of Mudkips and Secret Bases

May smiled as she tied the bow around Mudkip's head. The baby Pokemon chirped and tried to look up at the adornment. She had redecorated her secret base off the coast of Mossdeep for Valentine's Day, with red balloon's and Luvdisc posters on the walls. She hoped it might inspire Archie somewhat.

Her gift for said man came to her during their battle a few days before. She had noticed the lack of Water-Type Pokemon in his team when he sent out his Mightyena and Crobat. Then, she remembered other battles when she had been determined to destroy him, and the only Water-Type he possessed was a Sharpedo.

This in mind, she had left her Swampert with a Ditto at the Day-Care Center, and returned later to find an egg. She had told Archie she was going out to train, and spent two days walking around with it and challenging people to battles. At the end of the second day, it had cracked, revealing a little Mudkip inside.

As she fed it breakfast, she thought about how Archie had gone out early to look for a present. He didn't even wake her up when he silently left the tiny secret base. She knew he didn't like Valentine's Day, so the fact that he had even gone out to get her something was enough. She wanted to see the result of his shopping day, which was sure to be interesting…


Archie stood on the first floor of the Lilycove Department Store. The last time he moved was to scratch his head, and that was twenty minutes ago. Clerks came over to provide assistance, but he declined.

He had to do this on his own.

The former Team Aqua leader scanned the shelves of merchandise. He picked up an Ether. May loved Pokemon and battling, but it was too simple and not at all romantic.

Archie scowled at the word.

Romance didn't suit him. Tough and molded by the seas, the closest he got to romance was when he cooked for May. But Valentine's Day forced romance upon him. Lovers exchanged gifts as a sign of affection and devotion.

He had scoffed when May had told him this, and said he didn't need to set aside a day to prove his love, but the look in her innocent blue eyes brought him to this godforsaken megastore. He stepped onto the elevator and went to each level. TMs, battle items…nothing seemed remotely romantic.

When he stepped out onto the fifth floor, he cringed. Pink clouded his vision, stuffed Pokemon lined the walls, and there was the distinct smell of femininity and estrogen.


Despite being a strong, little, spitfire-of-a-Champion, May loved decorating her secret base with Pokemon plushies and a colorful posters and mats. But what didn't she already own?

His eyes fell upon it.

He may not have been romantic, but he knew his girl.


"You first," she said.

May put her arms behind her back, the Mudkip cupped between them, and she smiled wickedly. The two stood facing each other, Archie's present also behind his back.

"We will do it at the same time," he said. "One…two…three."

They revealed their gifts and after a minute, began to laugh. Archie took the baby Mudkip from her and sent her a quizzical look.

"I was going to give you a Wailord, but the bow wouldn't fit," she teased as she took her present. "I just figured any type of Water Pokemon would be perfect."

Button-eyes of the plush Mudkip up at her, and the live one tilted its bow-clad head at the stuffed Pokemon. She placed it next to the Torchic and Treecko, completing her collection.

"You did good, Archie." She walked over to him and kissed his cheek.

He turned his head and caught her lips, the Mudkip between them chirping.

When they parted Archie said," Never put me through this again."


Well, since Archie is a big softie, he'll do anything for May.