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Okay, so welcome to Spottedpaw's Return. She returns, she leaves, and then in a way she returns again. But once again, Redstar, it's different than the other way.
Claimer/Note: Wizards of the Seasons is my own creation. This chapter features a scene based on that series, with the characters Sparrow, Leafy, Chidy, and Eagle. They are wizards. And yes, Sparrow really can hack into any computer, but it's his special power and someone 'borrowed' it. Thanks Spottedpaw.
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"Noooooooooooooooo!" Spottedpaw cried.

"Calm down, will you?" Cinderpaw growled, unfazed by the she-cats random reappearance. The angry gray she-cat jumped on Shadow Yoshin's back.

"I'm back from my break! What did I miss?" Yoshin asked, walking out of the bathroom.

There's a BATHROOM in here? Hot dog!


"She lives!" Lavapaw exclaimed.

In the point of view of Shadow/Spottedpaw13...

"Ugh..." I moaned. What did I DO last night?

"She lives!" Lavapaw exclaimed.

"Didn't you fall out of the story?" I asked weakly.

"Spottedpaw appeared. Then strange things happened. Like a bathroom."

"Hey, Spottedpaw, how's being dead going for you?" I inquired. I love that word.

So do we.

Shut up!

"Not too bad. I'm here to save the day," Spottedpaw announced.

I never asked. "And how are you going to do that?" I wondered out loud.

"She apparently stole Sparrow's power," Saria explained. "Who's Sparrow?"

"He needs that!" I protested.

"I need it to hack the words!" Spottedpaw retorted.

"They're a living, breathing, inanimate object! You can't hack that," Yoshin pointed out.

Shadow Yoshin slapped Cinderpaw with his tail and walked away. "Bathroom break."


Meanwhile, in a book that hasn't been written yet...

"Sparrow! Maybe we can use this computer to find him!" Leafy shouted.

"I'm two feet away from you," Sparrow reminded her as he began hacking into the computer his sister had pointed out.

Chidy blinked. "Who are we looking for?"

"This stinks. I just temporarily lost my power to hack into any computer,' Sparrow muttered.

"Greeeeeaaaaaaat," Eagle groaned.

Back at the plot...

"Whatever, just go," I decided.

Can we have lines now?

"Sure," Pain replied, feeling like talking. "How are you?"

Not too bad. Wait, what's that yellow cat doing?

"Oh, nothing," Pain told the words.

But Spottedpaw actually WAS doing something. While Pain distracted the words, Spottedpaw sneaked over to the computer of words and began hacking.

Hello, I am Bob. I like to eat broccoli for breakfast. This yo-yo is blue. Youtube will eat your brains! Pink Gameboy colors are pink. I'm high above the sky!

"Focus!" Cinderpaw snapped.

"Aye," Spottedpaw responded. She began pressing random buttons until the computer vanished. "And now I leave. Bye!"

Cinderpaw sniffed as Spottedpaw disappeared. "I might actually miss her."

I laughed. "No, you won't, Cinderpaw. Turn around."

Cniderpaw turned around towards the entrance of the attic-thingy to see two confused cats standing there.

One cat, a she-cat, was completely white with blue eyes.

The other cat, a tom, was yellow-furred with a white under-belly and amber eyes.

"I'm Sparrowpaw, and this is Skipper," the she-cat mewed. "You summoned us?"

I nodded. "Welcome to our OC group."

"Dun dun dun," Lavapaw added for no reason.

Shadow Yoshin left the bathroom. "WHAT DID I DO LAST NIGHT?"

Whoops, I skipped a few things. Oh well.

I became my own editor, took out a few things, changed a couple of things, and added a few things. Yes, I randomly changed to my own point of view. It was fun.


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