Disclaimer: I do not own The Cain Saga, or Godchild; they belong to Kaori Yuki. And this one-shot is for my Best Friend. So Happy Valentine's Day sis.

10 Ways to Say I Love You on Valentine's Day

Now, there was a problem, it wasn't like Riff couldn't handle it, but it concerned Cain, his seventeen-year old master.

I'm just digging myself a grave, he thought to himself as he did his chores around the manor, but how do I tell him that I love him? He asked himself as he finished his duties.

In another part of the manor, was Cain thinking of a plot to let Riff know, except he knew that Riff loved him, and wouldn't even drop him a hint. Interesting…yet fun and dangerous. Cain couldn't resist and let Riff do it the old fashioned way, so he came up with a list.


Hidden Truth


Plan an escape

Act like you don't know

Play along




Remember that I love you

It was that simple, yet now, Cain had to hide the list somewhere that Riff could find it. He knew that Riff could figure it out, and he was looking forward to it.

Riff found it alright…in his room. He followed the 'list' and found Cain in the sitting room, waiting for him.

"What took you so long?" Cain asked as Riff walked in.

"The list. Are you kidding me?" He asked in return.

"No, just a simple way to say I love you, and you know it," Cain retorted as Riff stood in front of him, and kissed him.

"Well I know now, and Happy Valentine's Day Cain, I love you," Riff answered and smiled.