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Draco's eyes slowly fluttered open, but then closed again at the bright sunlight that assaulted his pupils. He wasn't quite ready for that yet, and the light made his eyes pound. He moved his body tentatively - he felt sore, like he had been hit by a bus. He also felt the delicious warm flesh of his bed partner next to him. He felt that maybe a little kiss and cuddle was necessary before he faced the day.

Rolling over, but keeping his eyes shut to the traitorous sun, he made his lips connect with the lips of his lover. Her soft lips moved against his, and she made a moan that suggested she was enjoying it as much as he. Feeling more and more comfortable as the kissing went on, he moved so that he was snuggly cradled between the thighs of the girl beneath him. He felt her arms come to rest around his neck.

God, he hadn't had a bed partner like this in a while. She was so soft, like the finest cashmere, and she was demure. Not at all like Pansy who wanted to be in control at all times and made very clear what she wanted him to do, and how to do it. No, this girl seemed very reserved and shy even. Feeling his morning erection pulse insistently against the warm heat of her sex, he decided he could maybe have one more romp.

He positioned the head of his penis at her entrance and pushed just the tip in. Feeling that he should probably know who he was screwing mandated that he open his eyes, sun or not. He lazily opened his grey blue eyes, at the exact same time that his lover had decided to, it would seem. Her eyes were a dark honey brown, and her hair was a tangled mass of curls...he knew that hair...he knew those eyes!

It seemed that she was having the exact same recognition of him at the exact same time. Hermione Granger let out a loud scream, as loud as she could. His head pounded with her screaming, and he tried desperately to get away from her. However, her arms around his neck prevented him from getting too far, and acted like a fulcrum on a lever, pushing his still erect penis inside of her. Her screaming died off and was replaced with something that sounded suspiciously like a moan.

"Get your...your penis out of me this instant, Draco Malfoy!" She was positively seething, but her pussy felt so tight around him.

He, however, obliged, and removed himself. He felt her inner muscles grab at him, not happy to see him go. "That's what would have happened, if you hadn't held me to yourself...stupid girl."

That was strange. Why hadn't she been able to let go of his neck. Looking at her hands, after he had rolled off of her, she noticed that her hands seemed to be tied together with what appeared to be a...Slytherin school tie. "Untie me!" She seethed. It was clear to her that he had been very untoward to her. However, he still removed his school tie from her dainty wrists.

"What the hell happened? My head kills, and I feel like I drank a gallon of firewhiskey." Pondering for a moment, his facial features lit up with an idea. "You must have gotten me trashed to seduce me! That explains it. Couldn't keep your little muggleborn hands off me, could you?"

"Number one, Malfoy, clearly, I was the one who was tied up, not you. Secondly, I was a virgin, apparently until last night - it was not my desire to lose it to a still bigoted pureblood, like you!" She finished triumphantly, with her hands crossed over her chest, hiding her breasts from his sight. It was then that he noticed the little sparkle on her left hand. "Is that...is that, Nana's ring?" he asked her, and she looked at her bewildered.

He grabbed her hand within his hands, and regarded the ring very carefully. This was the first time that she had even noticed the ring and therefore was very surprised with its existence. She examined it as well - it looked like it was maybe 2 or 3 carats, in an emerald cut. It was solitaire, which surprised her, and was inset with white gold. But the one thing that neither of them could argue was that it was an engagement ring. The thing that was even more shocking was the matching white gold simple band that was worn on the same finger as the magnificent diamond. Or perhaps that a matching band of slightly larger width was also adorning Draco's left ring finger.

"Granger. That is my Nana Malfoy's ring - I am going to ask you one time and one time only...how did you get it?"

"Malfoy, honestly, as if I would know anything about your Nana's ring - I don't know how I got it, why I am wearing it, or what we are doing here. I don't remember anything from last night." He muttered that it was the same for him. Just blank memories and a pounding headache.

Looking around the room, Hermione decided that they were most definitely in the Room of Requirement. She began pacing back and forth repeating, "I require something to explain what happened last night." Draco looked at her like she was insane, but jumped in surprise when a single piece of parchment popped in her hands. She sat down next to him on the bed. He had pulled the white sheets over his lap, but she had forgotten about her nudity and did nothing to hide it. He noticed that her fingers were shaking the parchment. It would seem as if they were in for some very bad news. "We got married. Last night," she said, shoving the marriage certificate into his hands.

He really didn't want to look at the paper, but he knew he had to. There wasn't much to the document other than what was expected. They had been married at 11:37 at night, at a respectable place, and there was no way he could argue his way out of this one. Reading the witnesses he hissed out one name - "Blaise." She looked at him in confusion, and he felt obliged to explain to his...wife. He wasn't sure if he would ever get comfortable calling Hermione Granger his wife. "Blaise Zabini and Ginerva Weasley were the witnesses to our marriage."

Hermione gasped next to him. "Now I remember! We went to dinner in Hogsmeade with Blaise and Ginny. They wanted to go on a date, but somehow I got dragged along. Big shocker when you were there as well. I started drinking because I was pissed off that I had to spend time with you, that Ginny would force me to do such a thing...I don't normally drink. Obviously, things got out of hand." Draco nodded in agreement. He remembered being very pissed off at his friend for forcing him to spend the night with his nemesis.

Hermione had a determined look on her face and stood up. She began searching for her clothes. She found her bra, lacy and green, and put it on quickly. When she found the matching panties, she started to slide them up her legs, just then noticing that her pubic hair had been groomed into a fancy, cursive "M." She let out a huff, and said "I am going to KILL Ginny." Draco couldn't help but smirk - he had very similar sentiments about Blaise at the moment. However, he found that the M was a very attractive idea, and he would have to talk to her about having it done that way permanently.

She was getting more and more frustrated by the minute, searching for her clothes, until she finally just shouted to the room "I need clothes!" and was instantly clothed into an outfit she found appropriate. By the time she was ready, she found that Malfoy was dressed and ready to go as well. They left the Room of Requirement together, and Hermione immediately began to march off in the direction of Gryffindor tower, intent on finding the traitorous ginger.

Draco chuckled behind her and stated. "If I know Blaise at all, Ginny is not in Gryffindor right now..." he trailed off and led her in the direction of the dungeons. They walked in silence, which Hermione found better because she too was nursing a headache from the heavy drinking. Before she knew it, she was being led through the Slytherin common room. The people who were up this early on a Sunday glared at her, despite the fact she was with the most influential Slytherin. Draco muttered an unlocking spell to the door that he and Blaise shared. Then he kicked open the door.

The two occupants in the bed were startled out of their slumber. "Granger and I will be waiting in the common room. You have two minutes to get dressed, and then we are coming in. We want answers, if you are decent or not." With that he shut the door, and counted down the seconds on the big grandfather clock that adorned the far wall. He was tapping his foot, and was trying to make as little eye contact with Hermione as possible. Well this was awkward.

The two minutes were up, and they re-enter the dimly lit room. Ginny was clothed and sitting on the bed, and Blaise was finishing up the last of the buttons on his shirt. He motioned to let Hermione sit on his made bed, and to his surprise, she did. Ginny was avoiding both his gaze, and her friend. "Sit." He said to Blaise, who was almost hyperventilating. He couldn't tell if his friend was seething mad or incredibly happy. "Tell us everything that happened last night, starting with when we left the castle. And don't leave out any details, even if you think that it will anger me." Draco seemed calm, too calm.

"Well, we knew that you both were too uptight about school, and what, with the war over and all, we thought you two might need a little loosening up, and so we invited you both out drinking. You guys wouldn't stop throwing insults though all night, and you both kept pounding the firewhiskey back - Hermione, you're a champ by the way for keeping up with this fucker -" Blaise cleared his throat seeing the furious gaze his mate was sending him, "and pretty soon, you got in a name calling match, and that was when..." he trailed off not wanting to finish the story.

Ginny picked up there, oblivious to what Draco would do when he was angry. "That was when Malfoy shoved the drinks off the table, and stood up and said to Hermione 'God, you are so fucking hot.' Hermione stood up too, and initiated a steamy hot kiss. You guys were at that for a while, and then proclaimed your love for each other. We had to stop you two before you started shagging on the table...that's when Draco proposed, and Hermione, you accepted. He grabbed your hand, and you both apparated away. Blaise knew were Malfoy would be headed though, and so we followed after, to Gringotts. Draco had already gotten a family engagement ring on your hand, Hermione, when we got there."

Blaise took over again. "We tried to talk you into waiting, but you guys wanted to get it done right then. So, Ginny took Hermione to get...ah, prepared, and to get a dress, and Draco, you and I went to get dress robes. Then we found the first respectable place to get married, and there you have it. You apparated away after you guys tied the knot...we weren't sure where you went until right now."

"I am personally glad that it happened! Finally you guys have seen that the years of animosity was just passionately veiled love. How was your first shag? I bet it was explosive!" Ginny asked, not really knowing when to stop. Hermione burst into tears, and Draco, unsure of what to do about her, just kind of patted her back awkwardly. Hermione choked out between sobs, "His years of calling me a mudblood was NOT his way of saying he loved me. How could you let me make such a life decision, let alone think that I wanted it?" She got out. Both Blaise and Ginny looked sorry. Obviously this was not going over as well as hoped.

At the moment, though, it appeared that they were saved. There was a sharp rap on the door, which Draco opened, only to be met with the face of his godfather, Professor Severus Snape. "Mister Malfoy and Missus...Malfoy, Headmaster Dumbledore wishes to speak with you both, and I am to escort you to his office." Hermione stood and led the way out of the common room. She knew the way to Dumbledore's office, and Snape and Malfoy hung behind, whispering to each other, about what she couldn't say. What a head trip to be called Mrs. Malfoy though...

She arrived at the office and gave the password, making her way up the spiral staircase. When she entered the office she saw that they had the company of one Narcissa Malfoy. She moved to speak to the regal woman, and Draco held his breath seeing her interact with his mother. She gave a slight bow of her head, "Lady Malfoy, it is good to meet you. I am so sorry for the mistake that myself and your son made in our inebriation. I know that I am not the kind of woman you would want for your son - I assure you that even though I did not sign a prenuptial agreement, when we have the annulment, I will not accept any of your family's money."

Draco was impressed with the way Granger had held herself in front of his mother, but he saw there was still an upset look on her face. Draco and Hermione took their seats at Dumbledore's insistence. "Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, what a pleasure to have you! Now, Draco, your mother was informed of what transpired last night, and quite frankly, she and I could not be more happy with it." Draco's shock read clearly on his face.

His mother cut in. "Well, I obviously would have preferred it if you had chosen to have a society wedding, but I am so happy that you decided to settle down with such a nice girl. You are very smart and beautiful, Hermione. May I call you Hermione?" Hermione looked at the beautiful older woman as if she had grown another head. "Lady Malfoy, you would want a girl like me for your son? Wouldn't you prefer a pureblood to a...muggleborn, like me?"

"Those were Lucius' ideas, darling. I don't care about blood purity at all, in fact I despise it."

Hermione was shocked to say the least. "Well, I am sorry to inform you both that Draco and I are not going to be staying married. We just really aren't compatible and we have never liked each other, so I think we will be pursuing an annulment as soon as possible."

Draco shifted in his chair uncomfortably. "Mrs. Malfoy, I am sorry to inform you, but there are no annulments in wizard marriages." Dumbledore stated. Hermione let that little bit of info sink into her brain, and didn't know what to say for the first time in her life. "Now, we called you here to let you know that you have been released from your classes for two weeks, for your honeymoon. Narcissa has been kind enough to give you an Italian villa on the sea for you to stay in for the duration of the two weeks as a wedding present. Here is the portkey you will be taking." Dumbledore motioned to the stuffed animal giraffe that sat on his desk.

The two teenagers finally stood up. Hermione was still in shock, and Draco was clearly uncomfortable to be spending two weeks alone with the girl. His mother hugged him goodbye first, and then she moved to hug Hermione. "I know you don't think it now, but I can tell that you and Draco will come to love each other dearly. I have purchased you clothing and it is waiting at the villa. Oh, I am so happy! Think of all the grandchildren you will give me." Narcissa was positively in tears now.

The students moved to touch the portkey, and as they did, they heard Dumbledore say "Arrivederci!" with a twinkling in his blue eyes.

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