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Seven years had passed. Sometimes it was hard for Hermione to think that so many things had happened in such a small amount of time. She was surrounded by giggling children, as she sat on the patio with two of her dearest friends, Ginny and Daphne. Many things had changed in the years that had gone by.

Draco and she had accomplished so much, she thought. She looked over at her husband and smiled. He was smoking a cigar with his two friends, and the husbands of her respective friends, Blaise and Theo. Blaise had proposed not too long after Henry was born, and Blaise and Ginny had gotten married a few months later in September. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were thrilled, and the Weasley boys eventually came around to the idea of having a snake in the family.

Although Draco and Hermione had discussed waiting to have another baby, they got a surprise when another little bundle of joy was conceived around the same time as the Zabini-Weasley wedding. They were even more surprised to find that Ginny was expecting as well, one month after Hermione. At least they were partners in pregnancy this time.
So, the following May, just before Henry's first birthday, Draco and Hermione welcomed Theseus Abraxas Malfoy into the family. They chose Abraxas to honor Draco's grandfather, who had died of dragon pox, the disease that Hermione was now working full time to prevent. Theseus was almost the exact opposite of Henry. Where Henry was blonde, Theseus had brown hair like Hermione, and his eyes were Draco's devastating gray blue.
The following month Blaise and Ginny welcomed Nero Zabini into the family. He was an adorable little boy, and he and Theseus quickly became friends. Nero was almost an exact mini Blaise, with dark, almost black hair, and bright blue eyes, with an olive complexion.

Theo had proposed to Daphne that summer, and they had been married in December. Ginny announced that she was expecting again that spring, and by May, Daphne and Theodore were also expecting one of their own. Draco and Hermione decided to wait - for real this time. The Zabinis welcomed Bianca in November. She had Ginny's completion and brown eyes, with Blaise's dark brown hair. Oliver Nott was born on Valentine's day the following year, and he had sandy blond hair, so common in the Greengrass family, but with Theo's bright green eyes. He was truly an adorable baby.
It wasn't until the following December that Hermione breached the topic of having another baby with Draco. She never thought this would be the case, but she really wanted a daughter as well. They began trying soon after, and the following August, Hermione got her wish. Adonia Luciana was a perfect cherub of a baby. She had Malfoy blonde hair but with Hermione's curl and Draco's gray blue eyes and aristocratic nose. Hermione knew all mothers must think this, but she honestly thought that Adonia was the prettiest baby ever.

She wasn't the only one who thought this though, for as soon as little Nero Zabini had one look at her, he boldly declared that one day he was going to marry her. Hermione had to hold Draco back, reminding him that Nero was only three! He finally backed off when Hermione promised him that Adonia wouldn't be allowed to date until she was sixteen.

Now, here they were celebrating Adonia's second birthday and she was still breathtaking. Hermione chuckled thinking about how Adonia already had Draco wrapped around her little finger, and she didn't even know it yet. Draco surprised her every day with how wonderful of a father he was. He was kind and attentive with the boys, being stern when he needed too, but not being skimpy on the praise either. He also was an excellent intellectual equal, and they were able to tackle the pureblood fertility potion shortly after graduating. He was now working on his own projects, but he always found time to help Hermione with her's as well.

Yes, Hermione thought, life couldn't get much better than this.

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